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THE RUNNING DIVA MALAYSIA 2016 #bukansekadarselfie ~ So Divalicious ~

The Running Diva Malaysia Run 2016 (TRDM) was held on Saturday 12 March 2016. The venue was at Kolam Renang Universiti Malaya. It was their inaugural edition organized by Tixtac Malaysia & NM Galaxy.
First of all, I was so glad and honoured to be appointed as their Diva Runner "Ambassador" along with Elizabeth Tan as the Diva Celebrity. Thanks to the organizers for their opportunity and trust. Did not see it coming though. I was so flattered. Truly I am.
 There were 3 categories provided for TRDM 2016, which 5km Diva Fun Run (non-competitive) , 10km Prince (competitive)  and 10km Princess (competitive).

I took my racekit from their office a few days before the event. Met Mr Ariff Syafik and Muazan there. Thanks guys!
Unfortunately the beautiful forever gorgeous Miss "Knock Knock" Elizabeth Tan @ Lizzy could not make it to grace the event for the meet & greet session because she was feeling unwell. So under the weather. You should see for yourself how bad her voice sounds like in her official Instagram. Poor Lizzy! Get well soon yaa... But still the show must go on!

On that very day, I arrived quite early and parked my car not far from the Stadium. I decided to wear my brand new King Royale Crown and the golden bling2 hood from MisFydKrafts. The headgear was pretty heavy too. Love the intricate details and hard work being put into such magnificent masterpiece! Thanks Mis Fid!

Once I reached the venue, I said hi to Zet, Shaz and Cikgu Syed. For your information,  Marathonbaker was proud to be one of the co-sponsors for this event. We had our own booth for sales and promotion. Do follow us on Facebook, Instagram and even on Blogspot ya guys... Got some promotions and flash sales from time to time... =D
Marathonbaker selamanya dekat di hatiku.... My Familia....
 Warming up session was being done at the car park area before the 10km Prince & Princess category. There were many runners joining the session too. It was still dark then.
10km runners were warming up by stretching themselves.... Pic credits to TRDM
Some of runners wanted to take pictures with me before the run. Hihi... Adei I was so shy one huhu.. Thank you guys! We were being flagged off by 7.10 am. There were quite a number of runners joining the 10km category. We ran towards the Sprint highway exit and that was our first loop. Went back up and off we go tackling  the dreadful Bukit Cinta. Heheee...

Huffed and puffed my way up and enjoyed my downhill run there. Yayy! Lots of photographers were spotted moving along the route.
Adorning MisFydKraft Creation - specially made for this event.... Pic courtesy of Running Magazine Malaysia
Afer that we turned right towards another loop up the mini incline. How cool was that! You could see and cheered some familiar faces along the loop. So cool!

Gave some high fives to several runners along the way up... Felt so good motivating each other - Pic credits to TRDM
Stopped at the WS somewhere around 3km++ Later on we ran past the normal route and went to the next loop at the end of PJ Exit. Still flat here. It was already 4km++ by then. Now we had to run all the way up to another loop on the right side. Managed to exchange high fives with some of the runners along the loops. In the spirits of runners encouraged each others. Sometimes I felt like gracing my subjects in my own way LOL...
Run Arthur Run! Almost there already.... Pic credits to TRDM
Once I reached the 6km distance, I saw Cikgu Syed & Zet were distributing Marathonbaker's Runbananaz samples to some of the lucky runners. I was running towards the last loop before we headed back to the FL.
Felt like flying when I ran downhill... Thanks to this King Royale Cape hoho! - Pic credits to Running Magazine Malaysia
 But first we had to endure the fume from the standing still traffic in Universiti Malaya compound. Thanks to the security for controlling the traffic flow. As I was running, there were people kept on cheering me. Some even called me Arthur! Like King Arthur LOL...
Smiled while running is mandatory folks - Thanks Mr Addy for this picture!
I could already see the Finishing Arch was not that far. Yayyy! Finally I crossed the FL around 1h20min++...
The race village was so happening. The runners were hanging out around while enjoying themselves. Free flow 100Plus drinks and drinking water. They were waiting for the lucky draw session after the prizes giving ceremony. Lots of runners were taking selfies, wefies and groupfies.
The Princess and The Prince.... Nice to meet you Indah!
Wefie dulu bersama Ucu Aman, Afandi, Hanim, Ishaqrudy & Kak Seri wajib k - Pic credits to Running Malaysia Magazine

With all the runners lingering at Marathonbaker's booth.... Congrats to all!
That really suited TRDM's theme tagline #bukansekadarselfie or #notjustaselfie. I went around to take some wefies, selfies groupfies with other runners. Felt like a Celebrity already hoho! Ah well, just for a half day event why not la kan... Kuikui...

Group photo with all the Bursa Runners.... So nice to meet you guys!
With the Zumba Queen herself, Hanim & her cowboy suit.... =D

Post race photos with all my loyal subjects was a must hohoho... =P
Being called up to the stage to give away the 2nd runner up prize to the 10km women's category. That was my first experience hehee... Bukan selalu diberi penghormatan sebegini hehee...
After the prize giving ceremony, our plan to had a surprise birthday celebration for Zet Marathonbaker on the main stage was successful! She was speechless when I brought her the birthday cake with all Marathonbaker Family. We sang the birthday song for her along with other runners... That was truly unforgettable moments! Happy belated birthday Zet! XOXO 🎉🎉🎉🎂

It's a Surprise Party For the Diva herself! =P
 All in all, I had so much fun meeting new friends and familiar faces during TRDM. Some of them were my Instagram friends that I met for the first time. Nice to meet you guys in person! Even Mis Fid came to meet the Marathonbaker Iron Ladies,  Zet & Shaz there. That really made my day.

Thanks Mis Fid for coming by.... Susah2 aje since you were pretty busy on that Saturday hehee....
Kebetulan pulak ter-sedondon dengan tudung kuning Shaz... hohoho!
 Thank you TRDM 2016 for having me to be part of the event. Congrats to all the finishers, organizers and co-sponsors for the smooth and well organized event. Love the finisher medal design and purple running tee for Prince category... Yeayy!
Cool medal design by Nexus Medallion... Me likey!!!

Thank you so much to all the volunteers, marshalls, crews, photographers, and medical team for all your dedication and selfless works. U guys were great!
A group photo with all the paramedic team... Cayalah korang....
The Whole Production Team of TRDM 2016...
Looking forward to join TRDM 2017 @ Melawati. Coming Soon! Stay tuned for more updates and further announcements folks! Once again I was being featured in their cover photo in Facebook page! Awww blushing already nih uols... LOL... 😝✌️🙈 Feel free to follow their Facebook The Running Diva Malaysia for more details....

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