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My Inaugural Kedah International Mount Jerai Challenge 2013 - I'VE SURVIVED... AWESOMELY NASTY!!!

Me and Dr Amin, a half marathoner/blogger/doctor from Kedah... Finally it's nice to meet you, Doc! 

Happy Wednesday folks! Before all this running bug bit me in the... ermm let's just say my curvaceous bottom, I've once joined an Adventure Club activities during my matriculation year, circa 2000/2001. We went hiking up the majestic Gunung Angsi in Hulu Bendul, Negeri Sembilan. The feeling was awesome. I would never thought I would be bitten by a trail bug after the recent hiking Mount Nuang. Therefore I was determined to take this challenge, especially after reading Deo's review on the first two events in Mount Datuk and Mount Berembun. Pretty much intrigued to experience it out myself and tried to push my limit as well. Looks like I paid such a high price for joining this insane super tough route.. T..T

Before the race, I did some homework and studied the map and elevation of the route. First thing that crossed on my mind, oh it's not as high as Mount Nuang, so should be doable then. Later on, I bought my 2nd trail shoes after my 1st one failed to support my feet efficiently after my Nuang maiden hike. I've chosen Skechers GoTrail after reading all the positive and promising reviews from the reigning Kings and Queen of Skechers, i.e. Nick Arthur, Yvonne aka Piffles, Jamie Pang and Stupe. Along with the shoes came this fancy foldable Skechers' water bottle, once I signed up for the membership. Ideal for my Jerai Challenge, I said.

My precious GoAzul and GoHydrate! Love them...

Still in the super excited mode, I went out for the break in of my new GoTrail aka GoAzul right away after work. I ran at MARDI Jungle Trail on Tuesday, 11 June. Completed 7.27km and felt great. I fell in love instantly for these shoes. The grip was awesome possum, light weight yet was very supportive indeed. Further reviews on GoAzul later okay. My 2nd trail was done on Thursday, 13 June. I did 9km on the MARDI Trail and found the super insane steep incline I've never seen before in MARDI. My right quad felt slightly sore after the run. Gosh! So, overall, I managed to clock in 16KM of mileage for this new shoes before the event. And I thought that would suffice. Apparently I was dead wrong... T..T

This is one of the steep decline in MARDI Trail. Wait until you see another Mother of All Incline! 

My 1st break in MARDI Trail Run.. Completed 7KM run and felt great! 
I started my journey to the Northern region on Friday, 14 June after work. Luckily one of my running buddy, Azrul Adnan aka Roy, the proud owner of #KuihSiputBonda family business, was willing to accompany me along the 5 hours journey. We reached Lembah Bujang Archaeology Museum around 9pm after almost getting ourselves lost in Semeling. I collected my racekit, thanks to my new running blogger friend, Dr. Amin for helping me and I had a scrumptious dinner, just rice with ayam masak merah. Boy, I ate like there's no tomorrow! LOL.. Yummilicious totally!!!

Arrived at the destination, so tired and hungry like hell... @..@
The COTTON Event Tee (I was expecting a DRIFIT one like in Mt Datuk n Mt Berembun, Urghh!), Unlucky Bib Number..
After that, I went straight away to my uncle's house in Aman Jaya, Sungai Petani. I was so freaking exhausted and hit the sack asap. Around 5.40 am, I woke up and prepared myself up. Reached the starting venue around 7.20 am. I saw some of the runners were having their nasi lemak and kuih muih for their breakfast while others were already warming up religiously up and down the venue. I was having the jittery feeling when I saw so many fit runners with a very minimalist gears for their trail run. While I on the other hand, will be running with this bulky Deuter backpack with 3 water bottles filled with drinking water, one with ORS and one with Gatorade. Looks like it a wake up call for me to buy a hydration bag (3L at least) for my next trail/mountain run. Cheapo much of me haha...

Ready or not, here comes Momma!
Dayat, Roy, Idot, Me, Izman and his friend before the run... Smiley faces!!! 
One last smiley face before the flag off.. Fat Boy Can Run Trail too... LOL!
After the national anthem Negaraku and some du'a were performed, the Male Open and International category were flagged off on 8.15 am sharp. I had to run on the narrow path towards the first stream, more like walking before the bottleneck occurred before the stream. We were required to cross the stream one by one on the small wooden bridge. Then it's showtime Synergy! @..@

Me leading the crowd? Only in my dreams... Hahaa... The first obstacle, running stream! 
I was huffing and puffing on my way up. The undulating inclines were started to be tormenting enough for my calves muscles. I could already hear them screaming out loud in pain! Super nasty inclines!!! Hahaa, poor thing! Circa 400m of elevation, I was stung by a lost bee. I did not see it coming and this bee stung my thigh. Ouch! Hiking was not getting any easier from now onward. Reached 600m of elevation and I managed to take a breather. I started to see the view from up here already. I hiked through this Enchanted Forest aka Roasted Forest, where everything was heavily burnt and the soil was black too. From this point onwards, the hikers had to give way to those International Elite runners and other local runners who were already making their way down from their checkpoints. Gosh, so freaking fast, it was only less than 2 hours!

Bekas sengatan lebah.... Throbbing pain on and off.. T..T
Still smiling despite the super nasty inclines and being stung by a bee on the way up...  Enchanted Forest is alive!!!
I reached my Check Point 4 (8.5km) after 3:05 and took a break by refilling the almost empty bottles. Then I started to descend from the elevation of 1100m. And then things started to get pretty ugly from now onward. As I made my descend, I had not one, not two, but 4 series of cramps all over my legs! 3 times on both of my quads muscles, while another one were on my left hamstring muscle. Painful like hell. I now regretted for not having a proper warming up before running this trail... Sob2... Thank goodness I brought along a Gamat hot balm to be applied on the cramped muscles. I tried to soldier up and kept on walking during my 4th cramp as it was already 4:30++ and there's nobody left in front of me. Running alone in the trail was pretty creepy I told you. Need to descend fast although the declines were super nasty steep but I did not care less!
Muka mintak nyawa sangat ini... Humidity issues and sweat like a Oink2 too!!! 
Finally I reached the 17km finishing arch in 5:21:38 after running through the super nasty inclines and declines, two streams and muddy terrain. Fair enough for a trail newbie like me.. =D Even though it was already beyond the cutoff time of 5hours, I still received the finisher medal nonetheless. As I arrived, I saw Idot and other runners were already having their Nasi Ayam for lunch. I obliged by taking the meal although I was not feeling that hungry at the moment. It turns out that it was the best Nasi Ayam I've ever tasted, although the sambal was pretty spicy. Hahaa... While waiting for the closing ceremony, I went for a shower and changed into fresh clean clothes. Thank goodness, I did not had any chaffings, twice in a row. Thanks to Vaseline, my bff right now.. Ahahaha...
Catch of the day, my precious finisher medal, not so good finishing time and smeared mudcakes on my GoAzul.... 
Overall, it was a good event, aside from the underwhelming cotton event tees. There were plenty of marshals and JPAM personnel along the route. There were also some Firemen and Rescue Team standby at the last CP4. I had so many fun too running/hiking along the way with a very breathtaking view along 900 - 1000 m of elevation. Will be looking forward to redeem myself next year to do under the cutoff time, sub 4:30 perhaps? Hehee...

One last group photo of us trail huggers before going back... Congratz Idot for the lucky Salomon trail shoes! 
That's all for now, looking forward to do the last grand finale of the National Mountain Circuit Series which will be held in Mount Nuang, Selangor. Looks like I had to revisit and train myself there soon, any takers want to tag along? Hehee...

Eh, I almost forgot that I went for the most anticipated monthly event, the le Sabuns Ultra LSD. It was held on the same day as Kedah Mt Jerai Challenge. Luckily it was held on 9 pm. I drove back just in time for the group photo session and warmed up for the training. Running along the famous KraziRunners was my privilege that night. These ladies were strong determined bunch I tell ya. At first I wanted to do 10k run to topup my previous 17KM mileage in Jerai to make it 27KM, but my legs muscles were super sore and
I had to satisfy with doing 8KM only to get that 25KM mileage of the day =D.
We are one BIG Happy Family that night, too bad Rashid was not in the picture... Sapa suruh datang lambat, hohoho!
Love the icy cold juicy grapes from Kak Lina aka Femes Bunny Runner, homemade banana cake drizzled with Nutella from Kak Nannoor the Glamorous Marathon Mom and other bananas, fruits and deserts from other runners as well. More like a picnic for runners to me..Yummeh! Hahaa... It was really nice to catch up and hangout with them that night.

P/S: Here's my Garmin data for further reference... =D

Till then, sayonara!

Friday, June 14, 2013

16KM Mizuno Wave Run 2013 - My Dreadful "Zombie" Moments... Blerghh!

Mission Accomplished.... Zomba pon zomba lah... Hehee... My Lemau Run Ever!!!
Hello there, Happy blessed Friday to all of you, my fellow readers and followers, my beloved brothers and sisters in this Running community. Thank you so much for reading my humble shabby so-so blog. I just wan to share with all of you out there on my recent running event. So, here is my chronology, as usual... Just bear with me ya!
Running vest for the day... Super comfy totally! Nice lucky number too... =D
Announcing my new Baby GOrgeous Mellow... Matchy2 sangat! Papa loike... The review will be coming up real soon
I went to Port Dickson to attend my cousin's solemnisation and wedding reception on Saturday, the day before the event. Afterwards, I rushed back to collect my racekit along with Rashid and Azim's at POJ, Putrajaya. It was a bloody scorching hot Saturday evening. The racekit collection was a breeze, in and out in less than 3 minutes, since it was already 3pm. Love the flouro Yellow running vest, matched with my new Yellow Mellow GoRun 2 from Skechers too.. =D  I got dehydrated easily even though I was there for a while only. Had to blame the hot sunny weather in Putrajaya. Went home to rest my feet after the long day in the sun.

Fast forward to the Sunday's morning. Woke up circa 5am, getting prepared and get ready to go to Putrajaya with my usual accomplice, The Speedy Demon of Mizuno Wave himself, Rashid. Must highlight the Mizuno Wave shoes thingy here ya, huhu... We went to perform our Subuh prayer at the Iron Mosque, Sultan Mizan Mosque and managed to hand over Azim's racekit to him after the prayer. Fuhhh...

It was already 6.20 am when we reached the starting point. Deposited our bag safely just in time. I managed to do some light warm up and stretching only before we were honked off on time, 6.30 am. At first I tried to target to finish this 16k run within 1 hour and 45 minutes only. Little did I know that I'll be having this lemau blergh moments later on in my run.

The first incline on the bridge... Oh dear I looked slouching while running... Not a good posture!  I`m struggling ... 
The first 4 km route seemed new to me as I've never ran along this route before. As I entered the bridge, suddenly I felt the urge to do both businesses and forced me to stop at the Taman Sri Empangan toilet. i decided to do no.1 business only since I was running out of time already... Had to soldier up and tahan sajala... LOL!

The route afterwards felt familiar to me since it was the Putrajaya Night Marathon HM route. The only difference was this was a Day version of it. Hehee... The weather was overcast throughout the day. Looked like it's gonna be raining later on. Circa 8KM, I took one energy gel since I started to feel the hunger pang. Normally I took a bite on my Gardenia bread before any running event. But on that day, I refused to eat anything because it might stimulate my bowel movement during the run.

The only picture of me running HAPPILY and CHEERFULLY... Hohoho... This was because I noticed the camera...

After 10 KM, I started to slow my pace not because of my old injuries strike back, but I became sooo freaking tired mentally and started to run it halfheartedly. To add salt to the wound, there was NO more isotonic drinks provided after 10KM onwards... Gosh! It shattered my motivation even more... The only thing that was on my mind at that moment which kept me driven to finish this race asap was the MILO Van at the finishing line. Like seriously... LOL! T..T

My Precious Zombie Moment - My legs wanna run but my mind said NO! T..T 
Almost there, almost home! (Credits to Baman)
There I was running like a Lemau Zombie, especially the last 2 KM... Could not muster any strength in the tank and the urge to do no.2 business kept on bugging me still. Urghhh! You should see my pictures during that stretch towards the finishing line. It was windy and cooling but it didn't help much to boost my spirits. Finally I crossed the finishing mat in 1:52:37 (net time), 1:55:00 (gun time), got the 740th place out of 1438 runners in the Men's Open category. Not that bad lah kan... =)

Sequences of me running towards the Finishing Arch - Xpandang kiri kanan dah, just wanna finish it so badly! 
Then it was time to pick up my goodies bag, Oh my I could already see the rendition of Energizer Nightmare Run 2011 in the making already... O.O Not enough manpower of volunteers perhaps to cater the huge number of 16km finishers this year. But we runners were a very patient bunch, I must say. So we kept on waiting patiently for our turn to get the goodies bag sequentially, plastic bag < finisher medal < Nestle Fitnesse < Perskindol < Tous le Jous pastries.
Waiting for the goodies bag, looks like we were waiting for the 2nd flag off in the pen... @..@ (Credits to Khairi Muin)
Catch of the day... Pretty awesome possum! Timing pon ok la kan... Sub 2.. Syukur, Alhamdulillah...
Met with the superb Marathon Mommas aka KraziRunners (Kak Lina, Kak Hanim, Kak Nannoor and Kak Millie) after I took my icy cold sinfully sweet MILO drink. Managed to took some picture with them too... Then I had several slices of juicy watermelon and skipped the taufufah counter. It's time to take some pictures with my running buddies while relaxing around Palace of Justice and Putrajaya Holding area.

I`m the only thorn among these lovely roses... Kak Lina aka Femes Bunny, Kak Nannoor  aka Famous Marathon Mom, Kak Millie and Kak Hanim, our Sukan G Ambassadors to be... =D (Credits to Abang Zaini)
Rashid, Azim n Yours Truly - The Terrific Threesome of the day... Wished Faiez were there too...
We Are Runners buddies - Fadhil, Speedy Aafong, Me, Meg and Rashid...  

Savouring my must pose near the Finish Arch... =D
Izman Hawk and Me, We were sponsored by Garmin and Skechers, NOT! LOL... Hanya mampoo berangan sat... =P
Having light moments with the Ladies... Congratz to all of us ok... (Credits to Kak Betty)
Overall, it was a good running event, could be organized better, esp more isotonis drinks, lots of marshalls along the route, perfect weather to run, looking forward for the next year event... Change venue to UPM please ;D Until then, wish me luck for my inaugural Kedah International Mount Jerai Challenge this coming Saturday (Gosh, tomorrow occay!) @..@ Ttyl.. Adios amigos!

Ayam Goreng Mamak dilupa jangan... Self reward so-called... LMAO! 


Monday, June 3, 2013

7th Hat Yai International Marathon 2013 - Third Time's A Charm... Definitely!!! XD

Happy Monday to all my fellow brothers and sisters, running bloggers and my silent readers (if any), hehee... Since this coming June will be packed with lots of running events every single weekend, starting from next week, so I must give my sincere race review report on the recent Hat Yai International Marathon 2013 asap then. Fyi, I've been to Hat Yai and Songkhla twice during my studies in Penang before. I went with my friends by car. I would never thought I would be running on this wonderful city one fine day.  

It all started when I 1st tweeted about my decision to join the Le Sabuns Ultra contingent to Hatyai International Marathon after the posponement of BIM 2013 due to the GE13. Razinah immediately replied my tweet and agreed to join the bandwagon so I went straight away transfered the bus ticket payment and booke my room at Tune Hotel Hat Yai. It will be our official hotel for most of us during our Hat Yai trip. I even bought the flight tix back although it was  a tad bit pricey already, rm200. T_T

Actually I was looking forward to do FM in Hat Yai after reading Deo's blog about it last year. I knew it's gonna be a flat route all the way but I wasn't aware of how mental it's gonna be after the U-Turn loop around 24.5 mark. Let's not go there just yet, shall we? Must follow the sequence 1st... Sabar2, hehee =P

Thurday, 23 May 2013 - The Journey Begins...
The day has finally arrived. We've been chit-chatting in the fb chat room about our trip in detail as this is my 1st time running in Thailand and my road trip to Hat Yai. I was feeling half hearted to go for the trip on that day because I wasn't ready physically and mentally to run my 3rd FM there. With my under mileage  preparation n lots of back-2-back events the last 2 weeks before this really gave some pressure on my poor knees. To make things worse, My left eye started to get this stingy watery red blood shot on that Thursday morning. not a good sign for me! But nonetheless, the show must go on, I said to myself. So, ready or not, here comes Red Eyed  Momma! Hahaa...
My 1st road trip bus ticket to Hap Chai... LOL!

All 8 of us were the 1st team to depart on that Thursday night. Sifu Ultra Ray was the Chief in charge, followed by Ultra Kam, Kak Eena, Kak Nannoor n HGH, Abg Ibrahim, Aniza the mountaineer, Razinah the running doc (6 FMs to date woo, dun play2...) and yours truly. =D

Our bus was delayed almost 1 hour and it was a super comfy ride too, although it was a bit cold along the way. Luckily I had my green jacket on  and I slept like a baby when I took Inah's flu pill.
When I woke up, we were already arrived at the RnR stop before the Malaysia-Thailand border. It was around 5.30 am. Since it was a Vesak Day, many Malaysians thronged the Malaysia-Thailand Immigration counters at the border. It took us almost 10 hours to reach Hat Yai after a series of naps along the way. Gosh! ZzzZz

Friday, 24 May 2013 - Sightseeing Day
Luv the super comfy n spacious Tune Hotel, Hat Yai... Did not expect  this at all!
Once we've checked in early before 2 pm (RM 12.00), we went to have the breakfast aka brunch at the nearest Thai Muslim restaurant. The price was pretty steep. Thanks to Kam for his generosity treat. After that, I just relaxed at my room. I was so surprised to find that the room here was way bigger and spacious than Tune Hotels back in Malaysia! Super comfy too I bet!

In front of a Standing Buddha in the Vitarka Mudra stance up here at Hay Yai Municipal Park..
Here got  mini cable car too, you know...
After having plenty time to relax for a while, we went for a sightseeing ride around Hat Yai city on the powerful tuktuk. We decided to go to Hat Yai Park to see the Big Smiling Buddha shrine. It was an uphill climb and I could see the 360 degree view of Hat Yai from the peak. There's also a Hat Yai Cable Car Station at the peak that goes to another temple, located on the top of another hill. We took our sweet time on the hill by taking some pictures and relaxing since it was cloudy.
Sardinized in Uncle Jo's powerful tuktuk... Naik bukit macam Pajero woo... Smoking!  (Credits to Kam)
Le Sabuns Ultra delegates to Hat Yai, (from left) Inah, Ibrahim, Razif, Eena, Kam, Yours Truly, Aniza n Nannoor with the background of Hat Yai's  cityscape (Credits to Inah)

Come come, cheap2 kerabu... Only at Klonghae Market =D
My mixed seafood omelette... Best eaten while still hot... Yummeh! #ohmycalories! 
Later on, we went to the famous Klonghae Floating Market. Most of the women that cooked and sold the food on the sampans were Thai Muslim. I really love some of the unique Thai food that was very tasty and suited my taste buds hehe, although the price was getting more expensive, unlike my last visit two years ago. However, the Siamese mango sticky rice was the best selling delicacy at the market. Plus it was cheaper (RM3.50) and still creamy yummeh! *Drooled
The cheapest and yummiest Siamese mango sticky rice ever! 
 After I bought one of the mango sticky rice, we went back to the hotel and relaxed. I dozed off early that night after having my fried chicken with sticky rice, which I bought earlier on at the border. ZzzZ!  

Saturday, 25 May 2013 - Racekit Collection Day
We started our day with a hearty breakfast at Salma Restaurant, since all other restaurants were full packed with Malaysians having their breakfast. We were joined by the 2nd team consisted of Azri, Kak Lily and Erra. I had my Nasi Lemak Singgorah, the so called "must try" signature. Portion wise, it was quite small and I barely tasted the Thai chicken green curry. Not worth with the price. Should have eaten chicken murtabak instead huhu.... 
Nasi Lemak Singgorah, Nothing to shout about, cukupla buat alas perut jer hehe...
After that off we took a tuktuk to the Jiranakorn Stadium, located not far from the City Centre to collect our racekit. Since I've already registered online, I just went straight way to collect mine. I was given the running vest, bib number and a timing chip, which I requested to change to a running tee afterwards. I also bought an imitated running shorts and beach shorts too at a very cheap price. (RM 10-25) =D

We went to have our lunch in Kedai Pokok Mangga to savour the authentic Thai seafood delicacies. The clear soup Tom Yum was the bomb of the day, followed by the fried chicken, steamed Asian seabass and mango salad. The mouth watering tom yum reminded me of my trip to Phuket last year.... 
The big family during the luncheon @ carboloading... The legendary Azlan Aiman and his friends also joined us
Siakap stim, not that bad lah hehee....
Clear  Tom Yum Soup - not too spicy but sour to perfection...  Totally delish!!!
In the evening, we went back to the stadium for the carbo loading session. We were a bit late as there wasn't much food left. So I decided to have a Shiitake mushroom chicken soup. Not bad at all. We didn't miss the opportunity to take picture with the forever stunningly gorgeous Thida, the ever cheerful Thai Ultra Marathoner Lady. The atmosphere was lovely with some people were singing some Thai songs on the stage.

Kak Eena and I posing for the camera during our carboloading session
Le Sabuns Ultra Malaysian delegates with Thida... 
Sawadee... I was at the Land of Smiles, Hat Yai... Hehee

We just had a light non spicy dinner at Kelantan Restaurant before we headed back to the hotel and hit the sack early, around 9pm.  Need to wake up around 2 am to prep up for the event. I woke up and nervously preparing all the necessities, especially my ORS Lemon Fizz Endurolite drink.I was the last person to reach the hotel lobby. Sigh.. Kalut much LOL! 

Sunday, 26 May 2013 - The Third Attempt
 Around 2.45 am we took a tuktuk to the starting venue. After depositing my bag and done my no. 1 business, I entered the stadium to do some light stretching and warm ups. There was a brass band leading the runners towards the starting line. We were flagged off on 3.30 am sharp with the confetti being blast.  But before that, we managed to take some pictures together just to shake off the jittery feeling. 
Happy faces in the tuktuk before the run, did not know what to expect still... (Credits to Kam) 
Photoshoot with the famous forever gorgeous Thida before the run... Looks like everybody adored n idolized her so much, including me... Muahahaa! XD (Credits to Kam)
Selfish picture of us at the stadium... EPIC pic definitely... =D (Credits to Kam) 
Took picture with the forever inspiring Super Mohan Marathon... He's my benchmark  cut-off time... LOL! 
Brass band marching circa 3.25 am (Credits to Kam)
As soon as I started to run, I could feel this sharp painful sensation around my shins. Feared that it might be a shin splint, I stopped after KM 3 to do some stretching to relax my shin and calve muscles. Luckily it went away for good after that! I increase my pace to catch up with the rest of the team. I ran along the dark road towards Klonghae Floating Market area for the 1st 10KM with Kak Nannoor and a Chinese guy. I tried to keep up my pace constantly and found myself pacing with a Thai uncle from there onwards. 

Same route just like last year... Looks easy n doable in the map... =P
The 42.195km Route, not that far from Songkhla already at the U-Turn. We can even run to Songkhla from Hat Yai, literally... LOL!
The route was super flat with a slight incline around KM20. The water stations were abundant along the route, every 2km with icy cold drinks and some sweet ORS too. I was surprised to see slices of mouth watering juicy watermelons were being served at KM14 and KM18. Super delish too! The green and white jelly were yummy too... I had to stop at every WS to drink the icy cold frangrant sweet syrup too =D

I was doing just fine along the flat route and kept on pacing with the same guy until the U-turn loop near 25 KM. It felt like forever to reach the designated u-turn. Thank goodness I had a pacer with me. Then it was started to get hotter and sunnier. That uncle sped off once  we reached the u-turn, while I tried to sustain my labi-labi pace. Luckily I was running with my back facing the sun. I kept on running along the shaded tarmac along the dreadful Hat Yai highway. It's all about mind over matter right now. So I kept on chanting some zikr just to keep my spirits high and all I could think was to finish this run asap so that I didn't have to be toasted that long.
Me pacing with this steady Uncle. No conversation along the route. The company that mattered the most!
(Credits to Kam) 
After KM 30, I was running like a sloth. My pace went down the drain because it was sooo freaking hot and my only motivation at that moment was to reach the next WS to keep myself hydrated, refueled my drinking bottles and poured some icy cold water on my head to cool off my body temperature. There was this auntie that overtook me at that point. o_O Such a speedy veteran I told you. I tried to keep calm, focused and muster all the strength that's left in my tank. The final 2.195 KM felt like forever to reach too since it was super microwave hot already and I almost resorted to walk along the last kms. Looks like I won't be finishing it under 5:30. Sob2... 

My finishing pose... Looked so fat in this pic... Must wear a slimming colour vest next time... LOL!!! 
Finally I stepped on the finishing mat in 5hours 47minutes and 17 seconds, (5:43:33 according to my Nike+ Apps). Yeayyy, that;s a PB, at last!!!! My 1st Sub6 finishing for me... Thank goodness! I was so ecstatic upon taking my finisher medal and tee that I went straight away to take the cold drinks, nice rice with omelette and chicken briyani. I knew I have to eat even though I was not that hungry at that time... Hehee.. 

Thai Chicken Briyani for lunch... 
All the sudden I noticed my packet filled with my remaining Baht money was missing. Might have slipped up when I was taking my iPhone out to take the pictures and walked around the venue afterwards. OMG! There goes my RM170, gone with the wind... That's the price I have to pay on that day. Pasti ada hikmah di sebalik semua ini, I said to myself. Sabar jela Aizat... T_T

With my inspiration beautiful marathoner, Thida Songjaroen...
7th Hat Yai Marathon - Checked in my wishlist.... Next SCKLM 2013 lak! 
Malaysian contingent at Hat Yai Marathon 2013 - Congratz to all of us, especially Sis Eena for her podium finisher, No. 4 tuh!!! Power!!!  (Credits to Abg Zainudin)

Then it was time to take post race group picture and I was lucky to take a picture with Thida, the 1st runner up in her women's 30-39 category. She's super gorgeous and super smoking fast too... Truly inspiring! Hehee... Need to lose more weight then.. Hehee...  Oh my recovery meal for dinner would be oyster omelette.... Super sinfully oily yummy... T..T

Catch of the day, one running tee, one finisher tee, one finisher medal for the price of RM50, loads of fun along the way!
Overall, for me our Hat Yai road trip was a success! Rombongan Cik Kiah memang sangat happening abes, riuh rendah nonstop, especially in the sardinized tuktuk through 3 dayS around the city tour. looking forward to run the 8th HatYai Marathon here next year and Songkhla too, perhaps! Oh, by the way, I forgot to congratulate Sis Eena Amir and her pacer, Ultra Ray for her no. 4 podium finisher... Respect! Now it's time for me to chillax and self rewarded myself with my island retreat @ escapade in Tioman. Love sunbathing, jungle trekking to the Asah Waterfalls and snorkling at Mukut Bay.  It was really awesome budget trip indeed! Fell in LOVE with Tioman, totally.... =P

That's all folks for now, need to train like hell for this coming Mizuno Wave Light Run this Sunday... No lemau2 mood occay! SCKLM 2013 is just around the corner lot too... @..@ Toodles! 

Setelah penat2 berlari memang wajib la kita berehat2 dan pampered ourselves with a Island retreat!!!! Woot2...