Friday, May 27, 2016


Little Planet ULTRON - how fascinating! Credits to Max Lim from Runwitme
Once the date for the 4th edition for 5F Running Movement by ULTRON was announced,  I immediately signed up for it. Because I missed joining the 2nd and 3rd editions which were being held in Taman Tasik Cempaka Bandar Baru Bangi and Taman Saujana Hijau Putrajaya. Plus it was the last edition before they took a break during the fasting month of Ramadhan. Would not want to miss this one for the world. And I really really missed running at Taman Tasik Permaisuri before. The hilly parts, the flat around the lake part and the number of runners, joggers and walkers alike coming here. Either with family members, friends or individually. So it brought back sweet memories back then.

On Saturday morning, 21 May 2016, it was still raining when I woke up. Even though it was a drizzle but I was hoping it would stop raining circa 7 - 8 am at the venue. Prepping myself and I left home by 6.50 am.

Once I reached the parking lot near the main playground, I saw Capt Ariff Blaze was looking for the venue. At first I just wanted to jog my way to the rendezvous point but I decided to show Ariff the actual venue.

We arrived when everybody was already there waiting for us. 26 participants turned up on that very cloudy wet morning, including my old running friends from We Are Runners (WARs). Long time no see folks! Quite a crowd of running enthusiasts, I must say. Many familiar faces were present during this 4th edition event.
Warming up dulu apa-apa hal pun eh!
 As usual they started the routine with a warming up session, lead by Capt Abu Bac. Then off we went running the normal loop around the lake and up the hilly part and went down towards the starting point.
Captain Rashid & Dr Chin Siok fong were running in front of me!
We Run So We Can Take Selfie/Wefie! Pic courtesy of Capt Rashid Mat Rani
Taman Tasik Permaisuri's running track was  still under renovation and some facelift. So you had to be extra careful when you ran on the punctured track. The holes were pretty hazardous.

Once we finished running one normal loop, around 3.5km, now it was time for the most anticipated fun part. Playing games time! Yayyy... Let the game begins!
Clin, Joanne and Arina for the photo...
 But before that Ms Joanne Kay, the founder and CEO of ULTRON gave her welcoming speech and announced that there will be some prizes for the Top 2 Winners.
Get Ready Folks! Let's have some wet, wild and fun together! =P
It was called, "Semakin jauh, semakin sayang" or we called it the "Distance makes the heart grow fonder" hohoho. The participants were divided into 6 Teams. Basically all they had to do was to pass the water balloon to the team mates on the other side. Once the team mate received the water balloon safely, they had to take one step back and threw it back to the 2nd team mate. The team with their water balloon burst will be disqualified.
Near, Far, Everwhere You Are... Let's Enjoy The Fun Exciting Game!
I was on the same Team No.1 with Capt Rashid, PM and another guy ~ I forgot his name was (yikes - sorry!) but familiar face though. PM threw the balloon so high and fast but Capt Rashid could not catch it properly so the water balloon fell and burst beside me. Therefore we were the first time to be eliminated from the game. Sigh... Tough luck =P

The other team were tossing the water balloon carefully despite the distance between were growing apart. Some of the balloons were so difficult to burst even though they fell hard on the ground. Very durable! Belon kebal nih hoho...Then it all came to the final two teams to determine the Champion for this finale round. After several toss and catch, Team 3 was the last team to burst their balloon! So terror one!

The winning team received ULTRON Micro-Dry Champion running tees while the 1st runner up team received the Australian made neck wraps. Congratulations to all the winners! You did great! Woot2!
Team Champion! Good job guys!
Team No. 2! Kudos folks!
For the rest of the participants, they did not go home empty handed. Instead each one of us received ULTRON e-voucher worth RM10 for every purchase of ULTRON merchandise and running apparel. Thank you ULTRON!
Do It Like Aizat Pose.... LOL!
After the prize giving ceremonies. It was time for the group photo session. We took lots of pictures with Joanne and the three Team Ultron Captains. They also did that Pose Gaya Aizat. LOL! Thank you guys for admiring & acknowledged my unique signature looking over the horizon pose... Hohohi!
Group ULTRON 5F Running Movement photo!
Team We Are Runners Reunite!
Later on, it's time for a group breakfast! Me & WARs group went to the Pasar Tani and bought our breakfast meals. Joanne went along with us but she could stay for long. So we sat at the wakaf hut by the lake enjoying our breakfast together... Catching up on the latest stories on running events and all sorts. We were even planning our buka puasa get together at my house during Ramadhan! Erk that one I had to reconsidered it thoroughly first yaa...

Sarap luu... Alas perut jehh...
I stayed on and did another 4.5km walk - run - walk, sightseeing pace around the lake while waiting for Mis Fid from MisFydKrafts to come and deliver my SuperVillain costume hohohi.... Thanks a lot Fid for all your hard work. Could not hardly wait to flaunt it during Superheroes Race 2016 - Overload... =D
Pose2 santek kat old hanging bridge nih
Me & Fid during the fitting session hohohi....
That's all folks! Congrats to Joanne Kay and all her Trio ULTRON Captains for a successful 4th edition Running Movement. See you again in July as the 5F Running Movement will take a break during Ramadhan.
Great Job guys! Go Go Team ULTRON!
For more info and new updates on 5F Running Movement do follow ULTRON on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram . You can even sign up for the next Running Movement in July HERE.

Toodles! Thanks for reading folks... =D

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


BDB Triple Challenge 2016 brings triple excitement for adventure sports seekers.

Langkawi, 24 May 2016 - A breath-taking scenery along a journey filled with 160 types of herbs, 80 types of timber trees, 73 species of birds and 169 species of butterfly await adventure sport seekers at the upcoming BDB Langkawi Climb and Run 2016 occurring this June. 
I was at the press conference for BDB Triple Challenge 2016...
Taking place on 4 June 2016, the BDB Langkawi Climb and Run will see participants climb up a 3.1km journey up the Tangga Helang Seribu Kenangan (Steps of Thousand Memories) to a maximum elevation of 781 meters high while being mesmerized by the lush greenery of the Hutan Lipur Sungai Sembilang located in Gunung Raya which is the highest point in Langkawi, Kedah. The BDB Langkawi Climb and Run is arguably one of the most unique physical fitness in Malaysia as participants will experience climbing up 4,287 steps stair climb combined with a 15km downhill run towards the finishing line. Organised by Minds@work with Bina Darulaman Berhad (BDB) as title sponsor and Brooks as a main sponsor, with support from Kedah Tourism in conjunction with Discover Kedah 2016. 
"The BDB Langkawi Climb and Run is possibly one of the most unusual and challenging event in the world as climbing a route consisting of 4,287 steps at an altitude is not an easy feat not to mention the additional downhill run after the climb. But the breath-taking view as well as the pristine flora and fauna available at Langkawi coupled with the uniqueness of the challenge will definitely be a motivational boost for the participants, " stated Dato' Izham Bin Yusoff, BDB Group Managing Director.

Dato' Izham was giving the press conference accompanied by Datuk Zulkifli Bin Mohamad, CEO of Kedah Aman Makmur
It is the first in a series of events under the BDB Triple Challenge 2016. The BDB Triple Challenge 2016 aims to attract running, climbing and fitness enthusiasts both locally and internationally to experience the lush attractions Kedah has to offer while partaking in a world class event. In addition to the BDB Langkawi Climb and Run, the BDB Extreme Jitra and BDB Marathon Jitra will see participants running, climbing and going through obstacles in the heart of Kedah.

"We are truly excited with the BDB Triple Challenge 2016 as we want to showcase the splendours of Kedah to both the local and international community with our world class event. Many might not know the gems hidden in Kedah and the BDB Triple Challenge 2016 will give visitors the perfect opportunity to discover and explore Kedah," added Dato' Izham.

Also were present, Mr Damian Cheah from Brooks Running Malaysia. 
The BDB Extreme Jitra 2016, occurring on 10 September 2016, will have participants go through a 7km obstacles challenge course that are both man-made and natural at Darul Aman Park in the serene town of Jitra while the inaugural BDB Marathon Jitra will complete the BDB Triple Challenge 2016 set to take place on 26 November 2016. The Marathon is divided into four categories, 42km, 21km, 10km and 5km, expects to attract more than 5000 runners, features a combination of flat road and rolling hills with runners experiencing scenery of paddy fields and discovering the beautiful rural ambiance of Jitra as well as other parts of Kedah.
Mesmerizing Gunung Keriang
Unique Paddy Museum in Keriang surrounded by the serene paddy fields...
Known as the "rice bowl of Malaysia", Kedah Darul Aman offers a kaleidoscope of natural beauty ranging from amazing limestone mountains to luscious rainforest to serene paddy fields for tourists and visitors alike. And in line with the Discover Kedah 2016 campaign, a plethora of activities has been planned throughout the year in addition to the BDB Triple Challenge 2016. Several local fruits festivals, arts and cultural outreach programme and festivals, motorsports events and traditionalgames festival are just amongst the activities that will surely attract visitors and tourists from both locally and internationally. 

"Kedah has a rich culture and a very prominent history as one of the oldest civilization in Southeast Asia. Combines with the challenges and thrills that we have concocted for the participants, the BDB Triple Challenge 2016will not only benefit the communities in Jitra and Langkawi but the whole of Kedah in general as the BDB Triple Challenge 2016 will seea continuous flow of tourists and visitors to Kedah. They will experience the vibrant culture and attractive sceneries Kedah has to offer while engaging in healthy activities at the same time," commented Kedah Aman Makmur CEO, Datuk Zulkifli Bin Mohamad. 

The BDB Triple Challenge 2016is expected to boost Kedah's tourism, economic growth, and provide further opportunities for local businesses as well as the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Kedah. It is the first event organized by Minds@work, with Bina Darulaman as the title sponsor. 
Bina Darulaman Berhad (BDB) is an investment holding company responsible for the development of township, construction, road works, quarry, gold and leisure via its subsidiaries in Kedah. Incorporated on 7 February 1995, BDB has been a key player in Kedah's development contributing to many landmark achievements such as Bandar Darulaman, Trans Eastern Kedah Interland Highway (TEKIH), Langkawi International Airport, and Darulaman Golf and Country Club.

For more information on the BDB Triple Challenge 2016 is available at and for full list of activities for Discover Kedah 2016 is available at

P/S: You can also log on to for more details and registration for all three events. 

It was a great experience to be able to join the route review session before will all 15 running and lifesyle bloggers last month. Feel free to read all about my unique breathless experience HERE.
Let's counting the stair (Read: STARS) together shall we.. huhuhu....
After the press conference, Astro Arena interviewed me for sharing my experience climbing up all 4,287 steps of Tangga Helang Seribu Kenangan to the top of Gunung Raya and ran the downhill tarmac part not even half way hehee... Boy I was a bit nervous.... It's been a long time since my last media interview hohoho... Main hantam sajala eh! Hopefuly I've answered her questions correctly huhu...
My interview session with Astro ARENA....Fuhhh cuak bin neves woo...
So, I'll see you guys in Langkawi next week yaa.... Langkawi Aku Datang Lagik! =D

Thank you Ms Lotfi from Minds@work for inviting me to this Press conference session... 

Friday, May 20, 2016

Men's Health Women's Health Night Run Penang 2016 by AIA Vitality- It Was My Lucky Night!

Men's Health Women's Health Night Run is back! It's going to be a Trifecta Medal this year.
This was the first out of three series for MHWH Night Run AIA Vitality. They kick started the series in Penang on 2 April followed by MHWH Night Run by AIA Vitality in Putrajaya on 30 July and the final leg will be held in Nusajaya, Johor Bahru ~ 7 January 2017

Honestly speaking I was never a fan for any night run, especially on a hot and humid island like in Penang. Therefore I would rather run 12km than to endure the suffering 21km night run hehehee... 12km cukup lah kan ehh....

Prior to this event, three of us made a pact for a quick road trip to Penang. Daud, Rashid and I were already planning to run in Penang together since both of them won the AIA Malaysia Facebook contest for all 3 series run (HM). Plus it has been a long time I haven't come to Penang be it for a runcation or makanthon. The last time was during Asics PBIM 2015. So this road trip was hard to resist hehee... Lambaian nasi kandaq gituh...

However at the very 11th hour, Daud could not make it for the road trip. So it's just two of us, the Dynamic Duo went to Penang by Rashid's car. Just like those old days before but this time Rashid drove all the way. Yessss, I`m the co-pilot hoho...
Say Pasemboq Gelek!
We took the Second Penang Bridge because it's nearer to the Queensbay Mall & I just love reminiscing my PBIM 2014
We started our journey to Penang on Saturday morning and reached the Island circa 2.00 - 2.30 pm. Went straight ahead for our lunch in Kayu Original Nasi Kandar near Vistana. Boy, how I missed my sinfully delicious divine Nasi Kandar so much, especially the thick finger licking spicy curry. Yummeh!
The culprit of the day.... But super yummilicious!
 After that we went to check in at Apple 1 Budget Hotel. Luckily there were some  extra rooms for the night. We had to take the room for 3 person. The room was spacious, the bed was comfy and the price was reasonable. Although the wifi connection was so-so but who cares, right? It's just a quick getaway. Runcation la katakan... Chill chill sude....

Look see look see session around the race village.. hehee #TeamUltron2016
Once everything was settled, we went to the race village just to have a glance at all the sponsor and co-sponsor booths. For the record, ULTRON was the Gold Sponsor for this event. Met several friendly Ultron Ambassador Runners at the booth.Took some pictures with them...
Demi contest ku sanggup relakan jiwa ehh... Feeling Cover Guy ELLE sangat!
Lucky Wheel of Fortune Spin At AIA Vitality Booth...

Both of us went to the race village with Tokdad Romzi. We took part in some of the contests and games at the booths. Mongoose Publishing booth, Petron, Otterbox and Salonpas. Just trying our luck. I won a cute smartphone resting part from Otterbox. Yayyy!
Me & Rashid strolling at the Race Village... Kepochi here and there ehh... Credits pic to Tokdad Romzi
Went back to the hotel and preparing ourselves for the event. My tummy was not feeling well, rumbling. Went to the loo several times but still not that occay. Bloated most probably due to the sinful nasi kandar curry. That's not a good sign. I just walloped Runbananaz before the run.
I`m An Ultron Winner... Happiness Is My Middle Name hohoho!

Runners were already flooding the Race Village since 5.30 onwards...So happening indeed!

 They released the 5km fun run first followed by 12km and 21km runners. This was the first time I saw this kind of reversed flag off.

Went into the starting gantry and off we went by 8.20 pm. Bumped into Sandra Cheah during the 1st kilometre dash and I slowed down gradually later on because I went too fast too early hahaa...  Talking about over excited much.
Sandra Cheah and I after the run.... Nice to bump into you babe... =D
We were running towards the big roundabout and went up the flyover towards the other side of the highway. We ran towards the industrial SEAGATE area of Bayan Lepas. Running under the pass was pretty dark. Luckily the street lights were bright enough for me to see the route.

Upon reaching the u-turn point circa 5.5km @ 6km, my tummy started to acting up again. Felt so painful and uncomfortable. Really need to hang on and reduced my pace to walking while looking for the nearest toilet. Unfortunately there was no portable loo. Had to tumpang the nearby loo at the small seafood eatery. Cannot tahan anymore LOL! Felt much better afterwards oops TMI...

The return route was flat and straight all the way towards the FL. Most of the route was dark. I had to run carefully and look for any pot holes or uneven surface. Finally managed to cross the FL under 1h40min++ hoho... Super slow me! Hahaa... Damn you nasi kandaq hoho... Lesson learned... The hard way again...Sigh...
Awesome Triangle Finisher Medal for MHWH Penang Series although there's no distance at the back or front...
Once I reached the FL, received my finisher medal, banana n drinking bottle. Went to the next canopy to take the goodie bag. Quite a lot of stuffs inside here. I was impressed!
Catch Of The Night... BAD LAB Men's Skincare Products & Movie Vouchers from PETRON Malaysia.
Selfie with New Balance Shades won by Captain Rashid RMR is a must hoho! Congrats =P

To make the night run even more memorable, I received two SMSes informing that I won the men's care products from BAD LAB worth RM120 for the Quiz contest and Petron lucky draw. I received the free TGV movie voucher for two. Could not get any happier than this... Woot2! This must be my lucky night.... Alhamdulillah...

Captain Ultron Rashid and Joanne Kay, CEO of Ultron with her precious little princess Gemma....
Congrats to all of us, Azrie, Kak Lily and Tokdad Romzi! All 12km Runners...
After the run, we went to the room and freshened us up first before joining Tokdad, Azrie and Kak Lily for the supper at Nasi Kandar Beratur near Kapitan Keling Mosque. Had a hearty chat while eating and went back to hit the sack. 

Breakfast Like A King hohohi!
Next morning we went to Astaka Taman Tun Sardon for our breakfast. I just had to order the famous chicken martabak there along with wantan noodle hehee... There were variety of choices of food for breakfast there. So many people thronged here for all the delicious authentic Penang food like kuih serabai, roti parata, nasi lemak, nasi lemuni and gulai ikan termenung. 

All in all, I enjoyed my short runcation. Run - checked, Makan2 - checked.... I will be back Penang for more! Could not get enough of Penang whenever I was in town... heheee.... 
                                           Enjoy the video guys!
Oh, before I almost forget, the registration is still open for the MHWH Night Run by AIA Vitality in Putrajaya on 30 July 2016. What are you waiting for, folks? Come and join the fun... You can register for it HERE or and just follow Men's Health Malaysia or Women's Health Malaysia Facebook for more details and latest announcement yeah... 
We went home via iconic Old Penang Bridge... I'll be missing you Penang!