Thursday, May 23, 2013

KL Tower International Sunrise Towerthon Challenge 2013 and MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day Run 2013 - B2B DONE AGAIN! =P

Hi there guys! Welcome back to my humble mediocre entry. I would like to tell my recent B2B events' experience on 19 May 2013 (Sunday). At first I only signed up for the KL Sunrise Towerthon because I would like to try something different this time around. Plus, from all the race report review that I've read, it is doable within 30 - 35 minutes top. So, I said to Rashid, why don't we give it a try then. So we have to do some stairs training afterwards hehe... Super jittery mode activated coz this is my first time, my Maiden Towerthon Run...=/

My Back-2-Back Event Finisher Medals, Totally Intensely Priceless! =D
And then came his crazy idea to do a B2B since he said Afnan, his colleague aka labmate will do the two B2B events on the same day. Theoretically it is doable within the time constraint, as the Men's Open category will be flagged off at 5am, while the MILO MBD Run will start at 7am. So, both of us decided to sign up for MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day Run too. Although the stakes were high but we were confident that we would make it for the 2nd event in time... Finger crossed, hehee... =D

KL Tower International Sunrise Towerthon Challenge 2013 (5.00 am) 

We went to collect the racekit at Telekom Museum on Saturday after the morning run and my squasy session with Nizam. The racekit collection was very well well organized and we were done in a jiffy (5 minutes). The goodies bag was awesome with plenty of vouchers (Starbucks and Krispy Kreme), a magazine (Shape or Men's Health), a packet of Adabi, running vest and timing chip. After that we went to Klang to send our friend to the LCCT before we headed home to call it a day.

My super nice goodies bag, not bad at all...
I went to bed around 11.30 pm on that Saturday and had to wake up by 3 am and prepared myself by 3.30 am after I remembered that I left my MILO running bib at the office. Boy, I bet the security guard was dumbfounded to see these two runners went to the office at this ungodly hour. After that, I sped off to KL Tower to search for a decent parking space. I need to park my car somewhere near the venue area so that we could just blast off to UPM for the MILO MBD Run after we finished the Towerthon. Looks like lady luck was on our side that morning. Thank goodness... =)

Rashid, Faiz (Ratu Menara KL) and I before the torture start!
 Around 4.30 am, we were already joining the aerobic and warming up session. There were so many runners at the venue. It turns out that it was a total of 1250 participants in the Men's Open category. We were being flagged off in a batch of 300 runners alphabetically. I was in the second batch and we were being flagged off by 5.15 am, while Rashid was in the 4th batch (5.40 am). At first, I had to tackle the 800m incline towards the entrance of the KL Tower. So I decided not to sprint all the way up and maintained my steady tortoise pace albeit I was already huffing and puffing on the insane incline. Hehee...

My running pose before I entered the KL Tower, Must focus hehee... Credits to Tey, Thanx dude!!!
There were so many photographers at the main entrance of the tower. We had to run on the escalator towards the stairs. I thought it would be windy along the staircase since I was greeted with a cooling fan or aircond at the entrance of the stairs. I was wrong. It was so stuffed, crampy and I almost suffocated along the shaft. I had to take 4 breaks at some levels for a breather. Some of the runners were seen resting at the stairs and in the resting point. I did not dare to look at the signage levels as I climb the stairs up because I did not want to be mentally down. Hahaa... I noticed that I was already at the 17th floor after 2 water stations. There's 5 floors left only, I said. I could see some parts of the stairs was wet, especially after the WS and luckily I did not see any vomit on my way up... @..@

As I reached the last WS at TH00, it was already 20th floor, my legs were already felt like a jell-o and my calves and hamstring muscles were started to scream in sore. It was already 30minutes. I bumped into Faiez Buer before that WS and he encouraged me to continue tackling the flight of stairs. He said we were almost there already My heart pumped like hell at that moment. As soon as I could hear the beeping sound of the finishing mat, I quicken my pace and tried to run a little faster and finally reached the summit in 33.03.35 minutes. I was ranked 550 out of 1250. Not bad for a plumpy voluptious first timer guy like me. Hahaa...

Once I was given the finisher medal, I did not waste the time to rest at the summit (TH01) and went straight away to the lift. I did not have to queue long for the lift and the lift was not crampy at all. Maybe because it was still early in the morning. After I took my nasi lemak and water bottle, I rushed towards my car to change into my MILO running tee and shorts before 6 am. Several minutes later Rashid arrived at the car park and I wasted no time and off we went to UPM. Made a pit stop at Serdang Rest Area for my no. 2 business. Rashid told me that some of our friends were stuck in the serious traffic congestion at UPM Toll exit. Therefore we decided to take the Kajang exit and park the car in MARDI. 

MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day Run 2013 (7.00 am)

So many runners even at 500 metres from the starting arch! Gosh... 
Me and Sazmie gave our cheerful face before the run

Rashid, I and Izwan at the back before we took off
We had to run frantically towards the starting point as it was already 6.45 am. I could see there were soooo many people in the starting pen already and the queue was soooo long so I decided to wait at the sideline first. We were being honked off by 7.06 am. The route around UPM was semi hilly and bearable.At first I had to zig zag my way through the oceans of MILO Runners. I noticed that I could not run any faster during the first 2 KM as I felt a bit exhausted and struggled to keep up with my pace. Looks like the Towerthon thingy really zapped half of my energy. To make things worse, my hamstring muscle was started to get a bit crampy too but still manageable. 

Keep on running no matter what, never walk yaa... That mantra I got from Kak Rom really work like a charm! 
There was 2 water stations along the route. I love the second WS as they provided me with the Power Bar orange drink. I could only muster some of energy left after the 5 KM distance marker and convinced myself that only 2 KM to go before I hit the finishing line. Hehee... I tried to overtake some of the walkers and made my way through the route. I realised that the running path was very narrow towards the end and somebody might get hit. I saw the ambulance passed me by too. Hopefully nothing serious happened on that day, I said.  
Almost there, almost at the finishing line... I ran like a Zombie already... Lethargic much! 
After the tormenting 7.5 KM run, I had to be satisfied with my shabby timing of 52.10.81 minutes. I was at the 638th position out of  2548 runners in the Men's Open. Hmm, I should have see this coming actually. I guessed that these two B2B events really took a huge toll on me. There's no win-win situation for me although I was crazy enough to be able to run these two simulatenously hehe... Oklah tuh as long as I so much fun during my MILO MBD Run. Hiks!

After the run, I went to take my goodie bag and dashed to the nearest MILO Van for the super sinfully delicious and  irresistable icy cold MILO drinks. Hehee, actually I drank a lot of them, lost count already. Hahaa! I even poured the MILO into the drinking bottle and brought home. Met with the rest of the runners for a photo session before we headed to the Nasi Lemak stall with our coupons. Felt like buying food on a Canteen Day just like in my primary school years. We had to wait long for our breakfast meal because the caterers did not prepare the food in advance. However it was worth the long queue as the nasi lemak was super yummy! Hands down. 

Picture of the day with Aafong in the background,. She finished in 28th place. Super LIKE!
Now comes the photo session while having our breakfast. Met so many familiar faces despite I did not see some of my running friends from #GengKakiLari and Pacemakan since there sooo many runners on that day, almost 7590 runners to be exact. My verdict, both of the events were very well organized, plenty of water stations with isotonic and plain water. I got 2 packets of nasi lemak from these 2 events. Looking forward to climb the merciless KL Tower next year to seek for my PB. Hahaa... I had so much fun from both events.. 

Rashid, Kak Lina and I... You looked stunning in your chili red GCAM vest, Sis! =P

WARs happy happy face... (Walaupon I`m the slowest bunch.. hahaha! Like I care...)

Met Mohd Ridwan Mustafa, my Twittermate, Congratz on your Top40 finishing dude... RESPECTO!  

Papa Padel and Baby Ayra posed with the finisher medal. Hopefully she'll be bitten by the running bug soon, just like her parents. =)

Wish me luck for my 3rd FM this coming Sunday's Hat Yai International Marathon 2013. Still under mileage even during this tapering week. Hopefully I'll hit a PB this time around with my old knee injuries at bay. Like they say, third time's the charm? Insya Allah... =D

Wish Me Luck Guys! Fat Guy Can Run Fast Too... Ngeh2!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

LSD POJ + Maiden Nuang Hike + Deuter Trail 7K Fun Run = Super Packed Back 2 Back 2 Back Insane Weekend!

Owh hello there to all my fellow readers, followers, my brothers and sisters in Runninghood... Have a Happy Productive Tuesday to all of you. I would like to share my 1st impromptu back 2 back 2 back madness activities during the last weekend and how I reap the benefits from it indirectly. Hehee... So, here we go!
Jangan lupa dapatkan #KuihSiputBonda Azrul Adnan aka Roy... Bagus untuk runners ni... Sesuai dimakan selepas LSD! 
Squash & 23K LSD POJ (Friday, 10 May 2013)
As usual, me and my colleague, Nizam has planned to play squash every Friday evening after  work, around 5.30 pm. We just played it for fun and polished our rusty skills after the long hiatus. But still, I sweat bucket loads. Gosh! So, after 7.15 pm, I drove to POJ since I've promised to do my last LSD before the Hat Yai Marathon with Kak Nannoor, Razinah, Izman and Baman by 8 pm. 

Let's hit the wall, shall we? Ada gaya Azlan Iskandar x? LOL... Brangan giler! 
Thank goodness, it was a pretty windy cooling night for us to do LSD. I saw many runners gathered around near POJ not knowing that they were there for a night run, photo session and for a cause, to show their support too. Kak Suzie and Arman was there too, so I was told by Razinah. 

Me and Kak Nannoor targetted to do 25 - 30km LSD, while Razinah planned to do at least 15k. I followed Kak Nannoor easy peasy pace during the LSD session, while Izman and Baman did their LSD run at their speedy chatty pace, my goodness! Razinah could not keep up with both of us since her knees had not been fully recovered from her recent Mount Kinabalu hike via Mersilau Trail. In the end, I have to be satisfied with my 23k, while Kak Nannoor and her 20k, Baman (18k), Izman (15k) and Razinah (14k) since it has already started to drizzle a bit by midnight. As expected, I saw our living legend Sifu Ultra Ray was doing his LSD at his blistering speed of light pace. Full respecto! 

Done with my LSD run, I went home and dozed off right away. Circa 5 am, I woke up and went to fetch my hiking companion at Klang to go for my 1st hiking ever. The last mountain that I hiked before was Mount Angsi, located in Negeri Sembilan in 2000. Earlier on, Zinov invited me to join him and his fellow running buddies to run the trail in Mount Nuang. I agreed to join but I'll just do the normal hiking since it was my 1st time to hike this majestic mountain. Plus it was the highest peak in Selangor (1,493m)! Yosh...

Mount Nuang - Maiden Hike (Saturday, 11 May 2013)
We gathered at the starting point at Kampung Kuala Pangsoon, one of the three trail trails going up Mount Nuang summit. Me and my friend started the hike first around 7.30 am, while Zinov, Kam and Khairi Muin took their sweet time. At first the trail was runnable with a mild incline along the way towards Camp Lolo, the famous camping site but we decided to just keep on hiking since it was still a longggg way to go.
The first incline, spotted a few hikers were ahead of us...  
 Zinov and the gang overtook us when we were resting at the 2nd cement hut. We heard the torrential sound of waterfalls near Buluh Minyak rest stop (W6) and tempted to take a dip since it was getting hotter and humid. I slipped and fell into the stream as the stone was very slippery when I asked my friend to take my picture... Adei, basah sudah stokin ku... 
Pose2 glowing after soaked my trail shoes at the water falls... Hahaa... Need to change new trail shoes asap!
We managed to reach Camp Lolo shortly after that and decided to move on as it stated on the signage that it was 1.2 km away but it will take 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach Camp Pacat. With our high spirits, we soldiered on the steep inclines of slippery vine roots and muddy trails. Luckily it was not wet and super slippery. Zinov and his Ultra compatriots were seen making their way down  when we were still braving ourselves and kept on hiking up. Super fast indeed! @..@

Camp Lolo straight ahead.... Not that far though... 
 As we could almost see the sky clearly through the trees, I knew that we were about to reach Camp Pacat in no time. However, I totally underestimated the toughness and humidity of Mt Nuang offered as we were running out of drinking water, isotonic drinks and food. My friend was started to feel lethargic and running out of energy as his stamina was pretty low. We decided to call it a day and headed our way back. I had to descend slowly since he's started to feel extremely tired and dehydrated. We had to take several breaks along our way down. He even dozed off to recharge back his energy as we were hiking on an empty tank. I kept on motivating him to keep on moving faster as I could hear the soothing torrential sound of waterfalls near Camp Lolo was getting closer and closer. It was a bliss to sip the icy cold water and we immediately took our dip there to cool off the body temperature and quench our thirst. Thank goodness! \(^O^)/
Almost there, yet so far away... The altitude was super challenging with all the humidity issue
After that the we continued our journey back to the base camp and stopped again at the 1st waterfall near W6 to take some pictures and soak in the soothing waterfall. Once we were more refreshed and started to feel the hunger pang, we kept on hiking down. I had to stick close to my friend since his legs started to cramp and had to walk slowly. (Tulah liat jogging and exercise bagai lagi, kan stamina dah ke laut..) I brought his backpack since he's getting very very tired. It was getting scorching hot around 2.30 pm. Luckily I brought my cap and shades with me. Finally we reached the base camp around 4 pm. It took us almost 9 hours altogether for our inaugural hike. My calves were very sore after the awesome hike. Sakit tapi nikmat LOL! I guestimated that we managed to cover around 10-12km on that day... Looks like I will have to revisit this Sleeping Beauty once again for my unfinished business, to conquer the summit. Game on Nuang! =D

Deuter Trail Fun Run 2013 (Sunday, 12 May 2013)
I almost forgotten about this trail running event until Rashid told me that he'll be sleepover at my house on that Saturday. This is because I could not join this event at first, since it coincided with the actual date of Borneo International Marathon and GE13 date (5 May). After they came out with the new date, I immediately signed up especially when announced that the first 700 entries will be given a Deuter pouch bag worth RM55.00. Although the registration fee was a bit rip off for a 7KM Trail Fun Run, but the running tee was a very good quality one. Love the design too. 

Luv the blue colour... It matches my running shorts too... Ngeh2...
On that Sunday morning, we took our sweet time to prepare ourselves, since the event started at 8 am. At first many runners were worried about the microwave heat from the morning sun. Luckily it was slightly overcast and we were running mostly in the shades of the trail. Every runner was given a yellow lily wristband each for a safety reason, perhaps. Hehee... We were flagged off 8am sharp and we were running on the tarmac for almost 2km before we headed for the 1st incline. As I entered the trail route, I had to overtake some of the runners who were started to walk in  as the route was very narrow, only one person. And I fear that it will be getting more congested once the women and junior category started to pour in soon. 
Deuter Trail Fun Run Route... Love the winding ups and downs trail route.... Want more of this please! *Adrenaline junkie mode activated
I really enjoyed running along this trail. Love the undulating ups and downs trail. All the inclines were insanely steep that I was forced to walk once. I could never get bored running in palm oil estate trail with a breathtaking view of Putrajaya Lake from far. It felt like going for a roller coaster ride along the route. Means more adrenaline pumping actions too for me. Almost tripped twice when my legs were getting jelly. And I stepped on a sharp root @ stump and felt the pain since I was wearing my Pure Flow 2 road running shoes only. Looks like I have to invest in some trail running shoes before my Mount Jerai Challenge Run next month. GoTrail is on my mind right now. 

The most anticipated picture of me running on the EPIC Putrajaya Trail Bridge ... I'm all hyped up!!! =D
We were served with a drinking bottle, which was not convenient at all. Must be their 1st time organizing this kind of event. After 5km, I could hear the loud sound from the main stage and I knew the finishing line was not that far anymore. So I fasten my pace doing the downhills like mad yet cautiously. Felt like a superhero at that moment with some kungfu steps. Hahaa... Then we were ushered into the final stretch of the route, eight challenging ant hills. It was meant for the extreme mountain bicycle route. I have to tackle all those eight steep bumps on one go as it was such a thrilling experience as I was afraid I might slipped down. Hehee...

As you can see, my facial expression in this picture... Super cuak I tell you.. Totally priceless... Hahaa!!!
I finished my trail fun run in 51 minutes for 6KM . Not bad at all since I've been tormented by the merciless Nuang before this event. It seems that I've been prepared for this run without me noticing it. Thank goodness. Hiking Mount Nuang was a good call after all. Hehee... Fuhhh... 

Well, after the race, what else to do other than taking lots of funky post race pictures together with my friends. Many familiar faces were spotted around the venue. Met Khairi Muin, KingKadok, Idot #gengkakilari and Speedy Dayat. 

One thing about the event, there was no isotonic water being provided after the run. Just zam-zam drinking water and mineral only. The unique finisher token could have been a little bit heavier because it looked pretty cheap piece of wood. Other than that, it was a very well organised event, with lots of marshalls, volunteers and photographers along the route. Almost got lucky during the lucky draw... Sigh hehe... Looking forward for more trail running event like this next year... Double loops (12K) perhaps? Hehee.. =D  

We Are Runners Must Take Pose... Erk, what was I looking at? Hot chicks? LOL...
The "All You Can Jump Your Heart Out" Pose... Hehee
Me and Rashid menempel2 masuk picture bersama Kadok, Idot and her girlfriends.... Huhu...
Met with the legendary super fit Khairi Muin (Read: NOT Khairy Jamaludin LOL!) again after the Nuang rendezvous
Congratz Rashid for being the Top 20-ish... Belas2 katanya... Super laju orang tua nih...Even on trail! 
My "Must Show The Yellow Lily" pose... Kurang kemachoan I, Muahahaa!!! 
Fruits of my labour for the day... Love the shocking pink-purpleish lightweight pouch bag... Will use it soon in Hat Yai! 
Next review, my 2nd back-2-back running events last Sunday, more insane and intense nonetheless... Boleh nanges woo.. T..T 

Till then, toodles! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Wonderful Malaysia Women Marathon 2013 - My 1st Experience As A Pacer =D

Sisters We Made History! moment with all my lady runners.. btw I love my tea bag! =D
Hello there fellow readers. my beloved brothers and sisters of Runninghood. Yeah I know this race report was soooo over-due, expired already since it is already May 2013 but better late than never, right? Any how, I must share my unforgettable experience running in MWM 2013, The First Women Marathon In South East Asia as a pacer with all of you. 

The official launch ceremony
Ever since I heard about this inaugural event, I was so psyched up and would really like to contribute in any way in making this event such a successful running event for the active ladies in Malaysia. The opportunity came when a cousin of my colleague, Miss Nadea Sukarno offered me to be her pacer for Half Marathon. It was an honour for me to be have a pacee like her. Little did I know that she was a triathlete and she has also finished several FM events before and I knew it's gonna be a tough run for me to keep up with her blistering pace... Especially when I was still recuperating from my inflamed ligaments (both knees) but I vowed to be a good pacer. Plus, it was all about being selfless and in support of the empowerment of the running ladies in Malaysia, in conjunction with the International Women's Day and also will be doing my 11th HM run too... =P
Wonder Woman, my favourite super hot superheroine... Fuhhh!!! 
My golden tiara was incorporated into my headband... =D
Since this is a Women Marathon, I chose to wear something fancy, something girlish yet looking strong. Hence, I chose to run as a Wonder "Fat" Guy (I'm not a Woman, obviously LOL!) with my golden tiara, "silver" bracelets and golden Lasso of Truth, inpired by the famous DC Comics Superheroine and one of the Justice League member, Wonder Woman. Pretty cool, huh? If I were to run an All Men's Marathon, Captain America or Thor would be in my consideration... #justsaying (Read: DC and Marvel Freak!). Me and Nadea wanted to run fancy since there's a prize for the Best Dressed Couple. Nadea had to run in tutu since all her AirAsia colleagues were wearing it too.

Pacer Race Kit, Nice Lucky Number Hopefully... Awesome bag too...  The pareo, hurrmm, no comment... =D
Ms Switzer, Karen Loh, our Race Director and  Selangor Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim during the PC.
She told me that she was busy with her work schedule, so I offered myself to pick up our racekits on the Friday, 5 April 2013. The process went like a breeze in no time. I realized it was the official opening of the MWM when I heard the gimmicks of the launch. I was stoked when I first saw our respected legendary, Ms. Kathrine Virginia Switzer. She looked way younger and still maintained elegant than her biological age, 66yo. Must be the miracles of running that really defy the ageing process. One of the highlights of her achievement was very inspiring when she was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in 2011 for creating a social revolution by empowering women around the world through running. I said to myself, how I wish I could have some pictures with this her, a renowned  legend in the running world. 

Fast forward to the D-day. Well my race report will be incomplete IF and only IF there's no element of drama on the running day itself. For the first time ever, Rashid and I woke up late, OMG! (Read: 5am!!! Mujola tersedar bila Nadea call aku... *Sigh) @_@ Panicked like hell, yet still managed to get ready just in time since we have already prepared the running stuffs the night before. I drove to i-City like a maniac F1 driver. We arrived around 5.45am and started to run circa 6 am, 30 minutes++ late... Goshhh! So sorry, Nadea for kept you waiting since her bib number was still with me. T..T 

The running trio, Pinky Rashid, Nadea the Tutu Gurl and Me... Lucky Nadea coz she had 2 pacers aka bodyguards along the dark route....  =P

So the three of us, we ran in the darkness of the wee hours. Af first it felt like we were doing a normal LSD run minus the HM pace. There was no other half marathoners in sight until the first roundabout near Shah Alam Stadium, circa 10 KM. After 10 KM, my old injuries kept on bugging me, which forced me to decrease my pace and I could not keep up with Rashid and Nadea's pace. From that point onwards, Rashid was her "accidental" Pacer, since his pacee, Dr. Fong was already too far to catch up with. 

Me running at the front of the Blue Mosque... Credits to Abang Zaini, Kak Lina's hubby
Wonder Guy In Action.... =D
 The route took me along the picturesque landmarks in Shah Alam like the majestic Blue Mosque, Raja Tun Uda Selangor State Library and Royal Selangor Theater made my run on that day felt almost effortless. The sky was overcast throughout the morning, thank goodness. They were running about 1-2 km in front of me until I lost their sight totally once I reached the uphill route near UiTM Shah Alam main campus. 

MWM 2013 HM Route.... I ran half of Shah Alam, literally... At last... =D
Along the route towards Section 7 (KM 17 - 18), I saw the FMVs aka Krazirunners like Kak Nannoor, Kak Millie and her pacer, Ultra Kam, Razinah, Idot and her pacer, Izman and last but not least, our Fames Bunny, Kak Lina running strong and happily on the opposite side of the road. I could never imagine how did it felt like doing FM on a hilly hot route in Shah Alam. I must admit the inclines were ass-kicking nasty, especially for full marathoners. Full Respecto! 

Congratz to my pacee, Nadea for finishing strong... So sorry for the late start and could not keep up after 10 KM 
It was getting hotter around 8 am as I could see many lady runners were making their way back to the finishing line. The last incline towards the finishing arch was the nastiest of all and the photographers were forcing us to keep on running even on the incline so that we looked good in the pictures. Hahaa... My goodness! I crossed the finishing line in 2.29.11, 8 minutes after Nadea's timing of 2.21.26. I was so proud of my pacee for finishing it strong. 

For the first time ever, I got to drink the icy divine sinfully sweet Milo repeatedly sampai lebam since there was no queue at all. The Gardenia's bread, bananas, apple and Fitnesse cereal breakfast served were sufficient and awesome. While waiting for my silver pendant to be engraved, it's post-run photo shoot moments for all of us. 

We Are Runners goofying with the Nando's Chicken.... Just look at Rashid. He  tried to devour the poor mascot in one bite only... LOL! 

Tahniah Kak Bett & Kak Hanim for finishing your HM (Siap PB lagik tuh!) and Kak Hanim, for your Sub5 FM...  Tunjuk ajarku Sifu yer... Super lajuuu!
Pose2 bergambar dengan FMVs, Kak Millie dan Kak Suzie... Dua-dua abes dalam 6jam15minit... Ohsem job ladies!!!
Out of sudden, my dear friend Yus told me that the living legend, Ms. Switzer was still around for me and Rashid to take picture with. I was in ecstatic. I just could not believe that I was very fortunate to meet and greet the legend in person. She loved my Wonder Woman shirt, stating that people once called her the Wonder Woman too. Yayyy... It's like a dream come true for me. She was super friendly and smiling all the way. =D

Ms Switzer is my Wonder Woman... She's fearless in running and stayed fitter than ever.... Goshhh!!! <3<3<3 

That's all for now. I've done my 11th HM here in my hometown, Shah Alam. Running as a pacer really taught me to be selfless and gave my best to pace Nadea. Who cares about the timing. What's more important is knowing that she completed her HM strong in this inaugural historical running event. Her tenacity really inspired me to train well for my future FMs and dualthon perhaps, since I don`t know how to swim... T..T

Special thanks to all the hardworking volunteers at every Water Stations, the marshals that manning every junctions and roundabouts efficiently even on a microwave hot day. Not forgetting Sifu Ultra Ray for being the Chief Volunteer and his fellow associates. Despite it was an inaugural event, it was well organized. Perhaps we can replace the pareo with a custom made kain batik? Much better then... 

My first dog tag aka Silver Pendant engraved with my name on it... Very cool indeed... Feeling Wolverine-ish! 
 Till then, to all the runnings sisters out there, be proud and let's rejoice yourself because you were part of the history this year! Looking forward to see more and more women out there to take up running and practiced an active lifestyle. Thus, if you want to stay looking young, you must keep on running...  Rahsia awet muda foc lagi... X caya? Ask Rashid, the living proof... LOL!!! Ho-yeahhh! 

Done with my Pacer job, now I'm off to my Invisible Jet Plane for my next mission... LOL!!!
P/S: For more details, do visit the Krazirunners blogs below for their FMV journey ... I told you, they are the true Marathon Mom @ Divas... Ada style lah... Definitely truly inspiring!!!  =D

Kak Millie, Kak Lina, Kak Nannoor (FMVs No More) and Kak Bett (HM)