Thursday, May 12, 2016


 ULTRON® has fast becoming a known performance sports wear brand that is worn by those who are actively cool and endorsed by sports institutions and praised by professional users from all disciplines, ULTRON® understands what is needed to be the best. #MicroDry #OfficialApparel #SupportLocal

Recently, ULTRON® launched HAND-ME-DOWN RUNNING TEE FOR THE DOWN-AND-OUT Initiative. #UltronCares is a community project that works with a group of dedicated volunteers to distribute pre-loved apparels to these less fortunate homeless person and those in need . As we all know clothing is a basic necessity to all of us. 

Physically, clothing serves many purposes: it can serve as protection from the elements. It protects the wearer from rough surfaces, rash-causing plants, insect bites, splinters, thorns and prickles by providing a barrier between the skin and the environment. Clothes can insulate against cold or hot conditions. Further, they can provide a hygienic barrier, keeping infectious and toxic materials away from the body. Clothing also provides protection from harmful UV radiation.

I was so grateful to be able to give some hand and involved in this distribution drive. With some other volunteers and the CEO and Founder of ULTRON® herself, Joanne Kay, we gathered in front of SeGI Collage, Jalan Hang Lekiu last Monday. 
They were already queueing up to receive their free meals from Happy Caring Hearts Crew around 10.30 pm P/S: The picture was purposely blurred to protect their identities
The volunteers were handing out some biscuits to these people... Bless your souls...
I managed to arrive there around 10.20pm and joined them. For the record, this was my first time joining this charity distribution drive. Mix of emotions running through my mind during that time. Excited, thrilled, nervous and moved... All jumbled up together. Just go with the flow, I guessed...

Furthermore, I intend to give all my pre-loved running apparel that I no longer wear and did not get the chance to wear it. After 5 years of joining more than 140++ events, there were some running tees & finisher tees that I would love to give away. However I did not know how or where to channel the donation. Hence the timing was just perfect with this community project. 
Joanne, Max Lim from Runwitme and other volunteers were sorting out the pre-loved clothes accordingly.
Once we gathered all the pre-loved running tees that we brought, we had to sort them out again according to the designated sizes, from S to XL. We had to to do it a bit far from the crowd first to avoid the chaotic or uncontrolled crowd. 
The crowd started to pour in one by one.
The volunteers were handing out the pre-loved running tees to them according to their sizes - Pic credits to Runwitme
Joanne was showing the right running tee size for the person that queued up
Once everything is ready, then it was time for the distribution. Each of the volunteers, 5 of us, was in charge of handing out the pre-loved apparel according to the sizes. Joanne personally distributed the S size tees while I gave the M size tees. Each person was allowed to take one t-shirt only. Some wanted to have a singlet or a long sleeves tee. They were queuing up nicely so that everybody could get his/her own sizes. Thankfully the drive went well. Smooth and silky.

Although some of them came back for the second round, we still gave it anyway. However we were running out of tees sizes especially for the late comers. Only S sized tees that were available. Felt so sorry we could not give the proper size anymore. 
Just look at the crowd during the Free Meal Charity & #UltronCares distribution drive - Courtesy of Runwitme
More than 100 pieces of running tees and vesst were being distributed on that very night. 

By looking at their happy faces upon receiving new under used running tees, it really touched my heart. It seemed that they really need it more than we do. That makes me started to count my blessings and never take things for granted from now on.
Jess from Happy Caring Hearts Crew was sharing with the #UltronCares volunteers about her experience & programmes
They slept on the piece of cardboard as their mattress every night. Therefore they never had sufficient amount of clothes due to theft. That's the clothes that will protect them from the cold rainy days and night. 

I could see some of the under privileged people wear their new running tees immediately after receiving them. That showed how importance was the pre-loved running apparels to them. Fresh clean clothes were luxury enough for them. 

For those runners who would love to contribute and donate your unwanted pre-loved apparels, you could do so by bringing it to ULTRON® retail outlet in NU Sentral, Kuala Lumpur or you could join #UltronCares to be one of the volunteers during the distribution drive. Come and experience it yourself. Your contribution meant the whole world for these people in need. Come and support this initiative for a good cause. On a brighter side, you could clear up some space from your wardrobe too.

#UltronCares initiative will be held once a month. For more details and latest announcement, do follow ULTRON® Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Oh before I sign off, here's a THANK YOU message from Joanne: 

"A project close to my heart.
I believe I can only reach out so much as 1 person. But by putting my beliefs into a brand, the voice is amplified. Humanitarian advocacy at its best when you do it TOGETHER. 

Also, I have always made a personal vow to give back to the community or help the under-privilege when I am able where possible. This is my promise. 

Tonight, under the #UltronCares initiative, I will be personally handing out these preloved clothing donated by the public to our NU Sentral store to the homeless on the streets.

Thank you to those who contributed your preloved clothes, it would mean alot to those in need. To those who are able to spare sometime tonight at 10pm, do join us at Jalan Hang Lekiu for the distribution drive. 

We would be doing this once every month, so if you are unable to join this around, there is always next month. However you would need to look out for the announcement on the dates"

Check out this article by Fiona @ Modern Mavens about #UltronCares HERE. It was indeed a great write-up  to refer to.


  1. Thanks for the mention Aizat! Bravo to you for being there physically. Next time drag me along :P

    1. Sure Fiona, will do... Just stay tuned for more updates from Ultron Facebook & Instagram. They will inform us from time to time. It's a life changing experience for me...