Monday, September 23, 2013


Are You Game?
Hi there fellow readers, silent or outspoken one, my brothers and sisters in runninghood. Happy Monday y'all.... My apologies for keeping you waiting for my next entry... Being super busy recently, with all the workloads and other planning ahead.. I would love to share my not so recent experience in participating Viper Challenge 2013, dubbed as Asia's Biggest Obstacle Event. It was really the most mind boggling and nerve wrecking event I've ever participated so far. It really tested my physical and mental to the max, I tell you... And I'm glad I've conquered the feisty nasty serpent challenges!

First of all, what's Viper Challenge?

Viper challenge is a 20km Obstacle Course Challenge, which is predominantly filled with man-made obstacles that will put both heart and spirit to the test. It is Asia's first and largest obstacle challenge, like no other. Imagine obstacles Designed to take you out of your comfort zone, you will enter the challenge either as an individual warrior or as part of a team...  Whichever way you enter, you will finish understanding that cooperation and teamwork will be the likely factors that will help you to get across that finish line, without it, you will find it difficult to succeed. Even individual Warriors will depend on others participating in the course alongside them for a boost at times

Me and my running buddies from WE ARE RUNNERS (W.A.R.s) group decided to register for this event as a team. Padel as the team leader, Dr Fong as the assistant/manager, while I and Fadzil as the other member. Fadzil was replacing Murni at the very 11th hour since she could not make it.

(Credits to Afong and Padel for all the wonderful pics)

On that morning of the event, Rashid and I departed early to fetch Fadzil in Taman Melati first before heading straight away to Sepang International F1 Circuit (SIC). It was the torrential rain with some thunderstorms that welcomed us that morning. I had a feeling that I might have to run in the rain and obviously the obstacles will be getting more and more muddier due to the heavy rain.

From left: Me, Padel, Afong & Fadzil

Team WARs before the flag off of the last batch. Still chirpy still happy  and full of energy!
Rashid started his slot at 7.20 am because he entered as an individual while the rest of us started our horrendous gruesome journey by 8.00 am. I soon found out that we were the last batch to be released on the second day. The first obstacle was very easy. We had to crawl under the fishing net. The second and third one required us to climb over the wooden wall with different height. The second wall was a bit challenging because it was higher and teamwork was much needed here to push your teammate to climb over the wall.  
Looks easy, right? Just crawl underneath the fishing net...
The fourth challenge was the most coolest of them all, like literally. We had to dip our body waist deep in a tank fiilled with ice cubes cold water and went underneath a wooden plank midway. Boy, I could not feel my balls anymore. LOL Half of my body was numb and I was shivering like hell... Brrrr!!!

Padel, Me, Fadzil and Afong after the muddy barb wire crawl. Pardon for the muddy smudges images of us!
Fadzil in action to cross the slippery muddy balancing pole...  He made it.. Can you spot me? =P
Padel, our team leader took the bullet for the rest of the team by completing the monkey bar... Bravo! 
After that we had to go through many more countless obstacles like barb wire crawl (I hurt my knees during the nasty crawl that really triggered my old injuries!), dusty trench crawl turned into murky muddy at the end of the crawl, balance beam (I fell off this one and hit my elbow on the solid soil, Ouch! mujolah xlebam dll.), steep hill slide, trye run, tyres hill, incline wall, cargo net, hill rope climbing, haystack wall, tried to do the monkey bars over water but it was so damn slippery and my upper body was so weak, so I had to skip that obstacles, takut terjatuh dalam air lumpur teh tarik tuh sebenarnya... Boohoo! Noted to myself: Need to sign up for the gym asap!

Members of WARS with some of our running friends and strangers united mid way...
Took our sweet time posing on top of the haystack wall
My Skechers GoTrail shoes were drenched most of the time but I seemed to enjoy every moment of it. The hilly route was awesome and running under the hot scorching sun at 1230pm was EPIC! We were roasted to perfection after the grueling 4 hours and 30 minutes (almost 5 hours ok!). I found out there were two different tones on my arm and legs after the Viper Challenge... Gosh!
WARS In Blue... =D
The super nasty giant hilly slide! Love the G-Force, just like a going down a roller coaster  weh!
After the slide... Coated with mud all over us... 

Fadzil's back were badly slashed by the sharp stones hidden underneath the canvas. Even his shirt was torn.
He received a shot for it but never whined about it all on that day. Totally anak jantan indeed! lol
Most of us in my WARs team suffered some scratches and bruises at the back, especially after the giant hill slide. "Thanks" to the sharp stones underneath the freaking hot canvas. Luckily I survived it without any scratches. Cuma satu bisul je pecah dan tersemburlah darah pada baju saya yang tebal ini... LOL! I really love the ending of our run. All five of us were holding hands in hands running together towards the firemen hose shower at the finishing line. It was worth with all the insane challenges we've endured!

Many thanks to our drinking water sponsor, SYABAS!  
Overall, it was very well organized event. Plenty of drinking water, albeit Syabas tank and Revive isotonics drink too. (Psst: The drinking Syabas tank felt like a Evian nonetheless  at that moment!) They really listened to the complaints from the 1st Day participants and improved their WS and plenty of medical volunteers around too. However, they still failed to serve us any mineral or isotonic drinks since it was super duper blazing hot by that time. They only provided us with Milo drink, ice-cream and the finisher medal, cert and finisher tee. I`m so thirsty, ice-cream or Milo won't be able to quench our thirst, ok!? 

The Famous Five WARs with out finisher tee... Note that Afong got some sunburn mark on her face already. 
This is my must pose after the gruelsome challenge... Now I know the sky is the limit! Bring it on!
Next review:  Fascinating River Jungle Marathon 2013 aka Full Marathon #5. It was a full marathon full of emotions... Needless for me to say... Sigh... T_T

More of my Garmin data can be reached right HERE ya... =D



  1. caya lah bear....aik...bear pun takut sejuk??

    1. Hahaa.. Sejuk gilo weh! Bole kena hypotermia ok... Kebas separuh badan, sure bole cramp punya... =P

  2. Well done. Tak serum lepas tu ek? ;-)

    1. Serum? I mean serik right? Hahhaa... X serik sebab rasa nak masuk lagik tahun depan, harap2 dapat fit kan lagi badan dan build my upper body strength in time.... Utang monkey bar belum lunas lagik nih... T_T

  3. P.s. Sila post report dgn pantas. Basi kang.

    1. Should learn from the best, just like your blog, highly efficient and super speed updates... =D

  4. Nicely written hhehehe. Finalmente. Lengkap, semuanya dh ada kt sini. Nti aku letak link ni kt blog aku hehehe

    1. Aku lupa address blog WARs, sila letak dalam blog ko yer link ke blog tuh... LOL


  6. Good job! I love Viper obstacles more than Reebok. hmmm. Anyway nanti I link je this post to my next entry boleh ka? hehe. Your entry is great & covers everything...#sayamalas

    1. Me too, Sis! I had to admit Viper was more challenging and epic awesome! Would love to try it out next year too... Train harder n smarter....

      Sure2, sila lah share this blog iyaa.... It would be my pleasure... Your blog femes yer... =D