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F&N Teams Up with Fizo Omar And Mawar to Strengthen Treasured Taste Moments and Provide Great Savings for Consumers this Ramadan

F&N "Aroma Kasih Sayang" Campaign with Fizo Omar and Mawar as the Ambassadors
Bangi, May 31, Tuesday With the Ramadan season just around the corner, F&N teams up with celebrity couple, Fizo Omar and Mawar Karim to launch itsAroma Kasih Sayang” campaign at FIZOMAWAR Kitchen today.
During the talk show with Fizo Omar and Mawar, hosted by Angah Raja Lawak.
The Official Launch of Aroma Kasih Sayang Minisodes
Aroma Kasih Sayang, simply translated as The Aroma of Love” was conceptualised with the aim to strengthen bonding moments for family and friends particularly during the holy month of Ramadan. True to its promise of delivering treasured taste moments, loyal consumers of F&N can expect delightful rewards including great savings, new recipe creations and also 5 exciting YouTube minisodes featuring Fizo Omar and Mawar.

Having enhanced the aroma and taste of food and beverages for generations, F&N Sweetened Condensed and Evaporated Creamers has inadvertently bolstered many heart-warming relationships. At the launch event, Fizo Omar said, I started working with F&N on Cabaran Raja Tarik back in 2014 and Citarasa Teristimewa Thailand Bersama F&N in 2015. For Aroma Kasih Sayang, I will be joined by Mawar and we are both elated with the opportunity to continue creating more memorable moments for Malaysians.

 Some of the poses by this super sweet celebrity couple during the soft launch campaign

Explaining the significance ofAroma Kasih Sayang”, Ms. Eileen Chan, Senior Marketing Manager of F&N Dairies said,For this campaign, we wanted to focus on what we can give back to our loyal consumers and foster family togetherness through treasured taste moments during Ramadan. Consumers will be able to enjoy great savings on F&N Sweetened and Evaporated Creamers. In addition, Fizo and Mawar, together with F&N, have created new innovative recipes such as the Ayam Masak Merah Lasagna and Jagung Milkshake to delight loved ones during Ramadan.  The YouTube minisodes meanwhile we hope will inspire consumers by providing a peak into how Fizo and Mawar go about their busy daily lives whilst still making time to appreciate delightful meals created with F&N products together. Indeed, having Fizo and Mawar on this campaign is such a joy as F&N’s core value of caring is so well captured on screen.Eileen added.

 Some of the recipes using F&N Sweetened and Evaporated Creamers during the minisodes

Commenting on their experience on the filming of theAroma Kasih Sayangminisodes, Fizo and Mawar shared, The experience was truly a special one for us as a number of our close friends and family members made cameo appearances. Mawar added, Following Citarasa Teristimewa Thailand Bersama F&N, Fizo was so inspired by F&N product’s versatility and quality, we started to use only F&N in FIZOMAWAR Kitchen and at home, Im just so delighted that we are able to serve only the best to our family and friends and spend sweet times together with them.”

Scrumptious local and Thai delicacies lunch buffet...
Sedap giler briyani kambing + kentang goreng nipis + kuih keria + cucur badak...  Fengsan weh!
Delicious Mieang Kham from FIZOMAWAR Kitchen
Icy cold cendol is a must during a hot day!

True to the promise of creating cherished memorable moments, guests at the event will be treated to a sumptuous lunch with local Thai delicacies and drinks from FIZOMAWAR Kitchen co-created with F&N Sweetened Condensed and Evaporated Creamer, a stunning duet-pulled tea performance by F&Ns Teh Tarik King, Norazlin Bin Mat Janus and his good friend, Chef Zack as well as game and photo booths. In addition to that, guests will have a chance to win exclusive Fareeda headscarves with just a purchase of two cans of F&N Sweetened Condensed or Evaporated Creamer. Eileen concluded on the highlights of the event, “In keeping to the spirit of giving during Ramadan; F&N will also be making available a special packaged offer for a jelly cake and two cans of F&N Sweetened Condensed or Evaporated Creamer for only RM10.00. All proceeds from this sale will go to Rumah Pengasih Warga Prihatin Kajang.
It's all for a good cause folks! Do support this charity sale too, especially during this coming holy month of Ramadhan

 Teh Tarik Duo Performance by F&Ns Teh Tarik King, Norazlin Bin Mat Janus and Chef Zack

Oh I had so much fun during the soft launch, there were some interesting activities going on in the F&N canopy in front of FIZOMAWAR Kitchen in Section 8, Bandar Baru Bangi. There were stack and win under 10 seconds game, photo booth and some sales at the promotion prices in order to be win the exclusive ""Fareeda" headscarves during the lucky draw session. 

 After the official soft launch, it was time for the Q&A session with the media. The celebrity couple, Fizo Omar and Mawar answered some of the questions from the media. Mostly about the 5 minisodes and their planning in the future. I am so looking forward to try out the anticipated Ayam Masak Merah Lasagna recipe once the minisode will be released on the F&N Dairies YouTube channel and Fizo Omar's Facebook in Ramadhan.

The 5 minisodes featuring Fizo Omar and Mawar will be shared on F&N Dairies YouTube channel during the month of Ramadan. For more information on F&N’s Sweetened Condensed and Evaporated Creamer, the Aroma Kasih Sayang campaign and recipes, please visit 

Last but not least, a group session with this lovely gorgeous friendly celebrity couple was a must! For the record, this was my second time meeting with Fizo Omar after my first encounter was at Unit Agropreneur Muda, Ministry of Argiculture and Agro-Based Industries Malaysia (MOA) 2 years ago, heheee....
Bersama selebriti fofular yang sangat gojess nih, FIZO OMAR & MAWAR... Feeling retis sat eh! =P Thanks to Lotfi!
I will leave you guys with these funny bloopers during the making of the 5 minisodes yeah... Enjoy the video folks. =D


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