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SENSING SPIRITUAL MELAKA - MAPFest 2016 Features On-Tour Global Art Installations this November

MELAKA, 21 October 2016The eighth Melaka Art and Performance Festival (MAPFest) returns to the majestic city of Melaka from Friday to Sunday, 25 – 27 November 2016, 10AM to 10PM, with world-class artists lined-up to showcase their internationally recognised works. More than 40 artists from 10 countries will muster at St. Paul’s Hill to paint the skyline of Melaka with multi-disciplinary art display like contemporary dances, visual arts, multimedia arts, paintings and video arts, just to name a few. All events and performances during the festival is free admission.

MAPFest, was established in 2009 by Festival Director Andrew Ching and Creative Director Tony Yap, and has since grew into a well-received and much anticipated event by locals and the global art community. Artists from Australia, France, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, India and the United States of America will gather in the prominent UNESCO World Heritage Site, showcasing their global sold-out shows and newly arranged collaborative art performances.
Australia's Max Drowling
“Over the years, MAPFest has brought some of the best art and performances to our audience and fans. The overwhelming support created a solid foundation for us to pursue our passion in promoting Melaka as a hub for various art disciplines. We knew that our efforts all these years paid off when we were informed that the global art community is supporting our cause,” said Andrew.

“In recent years, MAPFest was recognised and has received several awards for various categories by numerous local and international awarding bodies. We believe the festival has contributed to the growth of the art scene in Melaka and Malaysia. We will continue to undertake this path with hope that more corporations will join us to support the festival financially or in-kind, to share our passion and to cultivate budding artists. Public and private sectors are welcome to join us and play a more active role in uplifting the art industry.”
France's Mic Guillaumes was in his elements
The eighth installment is set to elevate the festival with greater engagement, allowing visitors to conceive the art spiritually. Creative director and performance artists Tony Yap said that over the years, works presented in the festival were a stepping stone for the audience and fans to understand the fundamentals of art. “MAPFest has developed a philosophical vigor. The festival is now a rich ground where artists from different disciplines, background and levels of accomplishment can find a punctum for creation, collaboration, exchange and creative experimentation. Thus reminding ourselves of why we exist and the inexhaustible enthusiasm way for life is propelled through art.”

“We believe that the festival has reached its maturity for the public to further explore in art education. Only by examining the depths and the spiritual aspects of every work, will it allow us to immerse ourselves into understanding the true context and purpose of every art.”
Naked Peel by Christos Linou...
One of the highlights of MAPFest 2016 is ‘Naked Peel Part 4 (The Metaphysical)’ by Christos Linou, a twelve-hour interactive cross-disciplinary dance installation that investigates cultural migration, racism and sexual stereotyping. The work was inspired by a Greek Cyprian orange peel recipe, reflecting the hardship of migrants to build a family in foreign countries, insulted with words of racism and sexual taunts. The artwork was developed by Linou during his Masters study in Melbourne University, and has since performed around the globe. A sequel from the first three parts will be staged during the festival.
Memori "PRAHARA" by Kingkin Ayu Bondan Banowati

Indonesia’s trio – Kingkin Ayu Bondan Banowati, Indi Nidia and Ismy Dwi – will perform a dance routine titled ‘Kidung Prahara’, a performance that depicts the importance for Javanese women to conceal their feelings, and portray themselves with manners.
Malaysia's Local Artiste Chong Keat Aun
Home-grown performers including Lee Kien Fei, Rithaudin Abdul Kadir, Yii Kah Hoe and Chong Keat Aun and Kiea Kuan Nam will also participate in the festival.

MAPFest 2016 will be featuring various solo and collaborative performances over the 3 days festival. Main highlights include the MAPPING Programme, where performances are site specific and performed in various locations within the vicinity of St. Paul’s Hill; Cerita Pendik 1 & 2, a two hour solo or group performance by artists to showcase their individually unique art; and the finale, Eulogy for the Living, a two hour collaborative performance by all artists, directed by Tony. Other activities including free forums and workshops will be open for public participation.

“Themes of spiritual transformation create a frame for works of art. We inspire one another, support each other and encourage humble distinctions.” Tony added.

For more information and announcements, please visit :

Website      : 

Instagram : @mapfest

Enquiries can be e-mailed to

MAPFest is founded and organised by Arts and Performance Festival Melaka Sdn Bhd, initiated by E-Plus Entertainment Productions (M) Sdn Bhd, and supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Visit Malaysia Year, Jabatan Warisan Negara, Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah (MBMB), Bandar Warisan Malaysia, Tony Yap Company, Perbadanan Muzium Melaka (PERZIM), the Australian High Commission, the Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia, the Embassy of France, Alliance Français de Kuala Lumpur, Institut Français and Embassy of Japan in Malaysia.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

PRESS RELEASE - BDB MARATHON JITRA 2016 Inaugural running event sets to welcome running enthusiasts from across the country

KUALA LUMPUR, 14 October 2016 - The quaint, little town of Jitra will come alive once again when 2000 plus runners run through its roads, experience the atmosphere and scenery running through paddy field areas with the beautiful scenery and Jitralocals hospitality.

BDB Marathon Jitra 2016 which will take place on Saturday, 12th November 2016 will be flagged off from Tasik Darulaman in Jitra as early as 5am for the Full Marathon category by Y.Bhg. Dato' Izham Yusoff, Group Managing director of Bina Darulaman Berhad. This inaugural event is brought to Jitra by Bina Darulaman Berhad (BDB) as title sponsor.

The BDB Triple Challlenge 2016 aims to attract running, climbing and fitness enthusiasts both locally and internationally to experience the lush attractions Kedah has to offer while partaking in a world class event in conjunction with Discover Kedah 2016 

BDB Marathon  Jitra is the third of a three-part series of events under the BDB Triple Challenge 2016. The first event was BDB Climb & Run Langkawi which was held on 4th June 2016 had given participants a chance to explore a different side of Langkawi while for the second event, BSB Extreme Jitra which took place on 17 September had witnessed participants running, climbing and going through 10 challenging obstacles at Tasik Darulaman. As for BDB Marathon Jitra, this event hopes to see participants running in the heart of Jitra while practicing healthy lifestyle.

Dato' Izham Yusoff, Group Managing director of Bina Darulaman Berhad said, "BDB is thrilled to see the tremendous enthusiasm and support for all our past events, BDB Climb and Run in Langkawi and BDB Extreme Jitra in September. Our involvement in the BDB Triple Challenge 2016 aims to inject positive energy into ous society and foster a sporting, healthy community. We hope to continue organising similar events in Kedah for the benefit of the community and the state, as a whole.

We are also happy thay Firefly, our community airline, is keen to sponsor 14 complimentary flight tickets for domestic and ASEAN destinations (Singapore, Langkawi, Penang and Johor Bahru) worth of RM 12,600 as prizes for all the winners. It is a privilege for Bina Darulaman Berhad to be associated with a well-known airlines that is willing to contribute significantly to BDB Marathon Jitra 2016. This sponsorship is also seen as a platform for Bina Darulaman Berhad to work closer with Firefly for future events."

Firefly Chief Executive Officer, Ignatius Ong said, "We are very much delighted and optimistic that this partnership between Firefly and Bina Darulaman Berhad will benefit the community of Kedah and look forward to more partnerships with BDB."

The Marathon is open to all Malaysian and non-Malaysians, aged 18 and over. The categories, flag off time and prize details are mentioned below:

The race offers a total cash of RM 13,000 for all the first, second and third placing of all categories. Runners in the Full Marathon, Half Marathon and the 10km categories will be given a timing chip each to measure their personal record. Registration is still open for the public at

Thinking of its participants, BDB Marathon Jitra has come out with special packages on hotel to give them the opportunity to experience the magic of Jitra town without unnecessary stress, enjoying the race and the emotion that it will give you. Do check out BDB Hotels packages, designed with runners in mind which range as below as RM 49 per person for twin sharing room (minimum 2 persons) including nutritious breakfast and also RM 70 per person without breakfast. To add on, our official hotel partner is also offering 15% discounts for food and beverages for participants. Direct booking now at 04-917 2008.

For more information on BDB Triple Challenge 2016 is available at and BDB Triple Challenge aslo shares their photos at

Oh more thing, you  can have a look at the promo video for BDB Triple Challenge here too yaa...

Here are the official running tee design from Brooks including Finisher Tees for Half Marathon and Full Marathon too. Fancy medal design for all the finishers. What are you waiting for folks... Come and join me running through the quaint lovely Jitra town together...=D

P/S: There is also BDB Kedah Photo quest 2016 that will be going on from 10 until 13 November 2016. A total of RM 40,000 worth of prizes for the winners awaits. Do submit your application before 25 October 2016 via email .

Thanks Ms Lotfi Ismail for the invites. =D

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Double Trouble X-Trail PD Duathlon 2016 - My First Duathlon Relay Ever! #duitwild

The serene Hutan Simpan Sungai Menyala, Port Dickson - Fascinating!
Hi there! It's me again... Happy long weekend to all my fellow readers and followers out there. Still not too late to wish Salam Awal Muharam @ Ma'al Hijrah to all the Muslims all over the world.

I would like to share my not so recent race report @ review on this special event that was close to my heart. Do you want to know why? Because I was deeply involved from the very beginning until towards the end of Double Trouble X-Trail Duathlon 2016 
It's truly an honour to represent Marathon Baker during the soft launch and press conference...
Months before the event, the organizer approached me as the middle man to liaise with Marathon Baker to be one of the co-sponsors for this unique inaugural event. After several meetings, we were agreed to be part of this awesome event. I was excited and could not hardly wait to participate. I already told my team mate to save the date and get ready for the event. We registered as a team Crankworx Vs Divas with the early bird rate. Must support my friends' event. Plus I've never run at Hutan Simpan Sungai Menyala, the only lowland forest that was near to the sea in Peninsular Malaysia. So I was so looking forward to hit the trail there.
Welcome to our humble sales booth here.... So cosy...
Fast forward to the Saturday before the event day. I drove to the venue and reached there quite late. Collected my team's racekit in a jiffy and hang around Marathon Baker's booth with Shaz, Zet and Ariff. Apparently Ariff Syafik got the co-sponsor's free allocated slot. Yayy. the more the merrier Team Marathon Baker here... =)
Shaz, Zet and Ariff were busy entertaining the customers 
Collected my racekit for this event. Loved that Marathon Baker choc peanut flavours inside the goodie bag. 

Hehee... Sempat lagik pose masa collect racekit nih... Credits to bro Baha for this pic...
Met some familiar faces here while waiting for Hamdi to arrive and check in his mountain bike. After my team mate arrived, I gave his racekit and went for a dinner with Team MarathonBaker. Thanks Zet & Shaz for the awesome treat. It was a good opportunity to catch up and chillax a bit with them. After that we went to check in to NST Holiday Apartment and called it a night. Ariff and I managed to hit the swimming pool for a quick dip. Felt so refreshing after a long day in the sun. Keke... Bed time afterwards... Zzzz...

Ben & Dian for Mixed Relay categories, Arina the volunteer for this event
Me & Achan, the bike Marshall.... 
Woke up early the next morning and was surprised to see it was raining already. Expect some slippery and challenging trail run on that morning. Hehee... It was still drizzling the moment we reached the venue. Thank goodness it was just a 5 km trail run and it was a relatively flat route. Lucky me keke 🙊

Deposited my stuffs inside the hall and went straight away to the loo for a quick No. 1 business. There were so many participants were already queueing up at the gents. Perhaps the organizer should provide more portaloos outside to facilitate the crowd. 
Boiy, the Race Director was giving the brief before the event started....
Still drizzling at this moment while we waited fpr the flagoff... 
After the national anthem Negaraku and du'a, the participants were being flagged off around 7.45 am. It was a wet and wild run in the drizzle at first. There were so many people running along the route. We had to run across some open space with less canopy towards the first small bridge.
Off we go folks... Let the game begins eh... 
The trail was awesome. Had to be really careful while running some slippery part. Then it was a downhill run all the way. Then I felt my tummy was rumbling and discomfort. Thanks to my spicy dinner. LOL.  Had to contain while running towards the finish line. It was not cool at all hahahaa. Finally reached the transit area and now it was my relay partner turn to ride. Yeahhh! All the best Hamdi! =D



From what I heard from other riders, the cycling part was tough enough. Although it was a 30km ride, most of the route was single path and technical too. Plus it was so muddy and slippery all thanks to the heavy downpour the night before until the morning.
Go Medi Champ Go!
Cranked it up like a champ bro! 
I went to the loo first while waiting for my relay partner to arrive back at the transit area. It was a long wait hoho. Bak kata orang Melayu, penantian itu satu penyiksaan. Kihkih...

Run like a hurricane bro Medi!
Not long after that Hamdi reached the transit area and off I went to run the final leg. But now it was a 5km reverse trail run. My legs were still fresh but the it was already shining bright. Not that hot actually. I just kept on running and tried to overtake other runners. Stopped at the WS before I continued running. Plenty of drinking water and isotonic for all the participants. Awesome.
One selfie on the open trail in the second loop keke...
Thank you to the awesome volunteers manning the water stations....
It felt like forever to reach back to the Finish Line. Hahaa. Finally after 40minutes++, I crossed the finish line. Yayyy. Total 10km trail run for today.

Run like a Diva, Just enjoy the trail run hehee...
After I took my finisher medal, I went to join my partner for some photo session together before I had my lunch pack. Just in time for lunch as I was already starving hahaa... Once I finished having my scrumptious chicken rice for lunch, I went back to the hotel to freshen myself up and check out. I went back to the venue to help them pack things out.
Delicious lunch food packs... 
It's a Free Flow Drinks for all the participants.... Love it!
My Relay Partner after The Race... Congrats to both of us eventhough he was covered in mud all over... Hahaaa!
With Zet, the Founder of Marathon Baker herself... =D
All in all, it was a very well organized event. Not bad for an inaugural trail duathlon. Friendly volunteers, plenty of drinks, food packs, awesome event tee and finisher medal design, lucky draw session too. Congrats to the organizer for a smooth event. Everybody went home happy, including me... kekkeke....

Catch of that day.... Sleek design....

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

MHWH NIGHT RUN (Putrajaya Edition) 2016 - Running Through The Rain

Ocean of red swarming Palace Of Justice, Precint 3, Putrajaya last 30 July 2016
Hi there folks! Once again I would like to apologize for this delayed race report due to some inevitable circumstances hehee... Pure laziness actually hoho...
Hahaaa, sempat lagik pose pose bersama finisher tee HM saya yang pertama walaupun tengah sakit kaki nih
This race marked my 30th Half Marathon and what a better way to celebrate it other than running in Men's Health Women's Health Night Run by AIA Vitality in Putrajaya. I still remembered BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon 2011 was my first Half Marathon. Lured by the sexy red hot chilli finisher tee, I was determined to complete it. The satisfaction was beyond all the chaffing, blisters and painful feet. I could not walk anymore once I crossed that FL... LOL! Ok enough with all the throwback moments... hehee...

When I knew that there was special half price for both categories on the Facebook, I immediately contacted the person in charge for bulk registration. So lucky to sign up for the race at an affordable price hehee... Must be thrifty and selective nowadays... Lots of races every weekends you know...
Fast forward to the event day. I went to join the ULTRON 5F Running Movement which was being held in KLCC Park on that Saturday morning. It was fun to run 5km around the park with all the participants. This was my first time running here for this year hehe... Felt so good... Later on I went to Avenue K to pick up my DOOF Hubble... Thank you so much DOOF Industries for this free Hubble worth RM175... Ideal for chillaxing either outdoor or even indoor... More infos about it later ya... 
Thank You DOOF Industries for your generosity and not forgetting me still hohohi....
 It was a gloomy Saturday with thunderstorms and torrential rain in the evening. I came a bit late due to some urgent stuffs. By the time I reached Palace of Justice, it was still drizzling. The queue for racekit collection is still quite long. Runners had to queue up in the rain. Some with umbrellas while others were wearing rainjackets. Once I managed to collect mine, I just head to the car for a quick final preparation... Put my visor on along with a headbuff, just in case the drizzle will turn into heavy downpour.
Runners patiently waiting in the REPC queue despite the pouring rain...
Looks like I was the only MarathonBaker product ambassador running this Half Marathon  hoho...  Let's have some fun!
Went around and lepaking at ULTRON booth. ULTRON was proud to be the #GoldSponsor and #OfficialApparel for this race. Saw some familiar faces around here. Hangout for a while and off I went into the gantry when they announced that 21km runners are ready for the flagoff. 
Free Deep Tissue Massage amd Taping Services for those who wears ULTRON running apparel & limited number only
I started running from the back. No more drizzle during the flagoff ceremony. Thank goodness but the road was already drenched wet. We were running towards PICC and were being diverted to Lebuh Wadi Ehsan as usual. I just kept my pace slow and steady for the first 4km. Once I reached the first U-turn point, I increased my pace a little bit. Still manageable, I tried to maintain it until I reached 10-11km. We had to run towards the abandoned dark highway route similar to Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon's before I reached the 2nd U-turn. 

I stopped at the WS for a drink and munched some banana. I even had one ball of Runbananaz too... It was cooling to run at some stretch. Thanks to the heavy rain. I continued running as I could sense that the Finish Line was not far already. However the cramp threat started to screw up my pace. I had to slow down a bit just to contain the "threat". At some point I just power walked to get rid of the cramp attack.
Victorious! Credits to Ariffin Duta Foto for this snapshots! Loving it..
The final 3km felt like forever to reach! So I huffed puffed and shuffled my way and tried to run whenever I saw the photographers hohohi... Finally reached the FL in 2hours 48mins 58secs (gun time) 2 hours 47minutes 44secs (nett time). Yeayyy!! This was my best timing for a HM this year. Thank goodness I used to do long run here in Putrajaya, covered most of the same route.  So I took it as my final long run before the most anticipated Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon (SCKLM) on the very next week.
After I took the finisher medal and goodie bag, I went straight away to hang around with my running friends. Took some pictures with MARDI Runners. Boomerang too LOL! 

MARDI Runners @ We Are Runners Trio - Raja Del, Captain Rashid & Yours Truly...
Group photo wefies and photosession is a must! Credits to Ariffin DutaFoto for the pic...
Daud, Captain Rashid & Yours Truly - Credits to Raiju Runners for the pic...
All in all, it was a very well organized event, good mini carnival ambiance at the venue, got several pacers too for 21km category, plenty of drinking water, isotonic and bananas especially for slow runners keke... Except for the long queue for collecting the goodies bag which I did not have to wait long since they opened another line... Lucky me fuhhh... The finisher medal design was ok and interconnected with the previous medal... Plus this time around they clearly stated the distance on the back of the medal, unlike the previous Penang edition 😍✌️️
Lady Running for Putrajaya Edition....
My Precious 30th HM Finisher Medal...
Results were out already... I`m at number 627 tuh keke....
Till then, toodles!