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Happy New Year 2015 to all my dear readers, fellow followers, on off visitors too! Welcome to my humble shabby blog...

I'm sure you guys had such a lovely holidays... A long one too if you took a leave today....

As always, here's my brief analysis for all my running events in 2014. Let me share with you guys out there all the unforgettable moments I've cherished during 2014...


I went to Melaka to run Skyhawk Nature Run, my first Half Marathon for 2014 (15th overall), after I DNSed MPIB Run the week after. It was the most unforgettable run last year for HM. Scenic rustic view, running through several lampungs along the way. Plus, the runners were spoiled with a generous free flow post-race treats. Too bad I couldn't repeat it this year due to some personal reasons.


It was the month of back-to-back Ultras (50km) for me. I went to Pak Chong, Thailand for my debut TNF100 Thailand 100km Duo category. Alongside my running buddy Razinah, our Team Genocide managed to finish the most brutal route, scorching merciless sun under 20 hours. Not bad for a ultra newbie team like us, right? Need to train way harder if we want to upgrade our distance to 100km Solo... Will have to give this one a miss this year... Lack of training and I`m still nursing my injuries.

 A week after TNF100 Thailand, I joined TITI Ultra 50km. It was my maiden 50km ultra road race. I'm really glad that I did my longest 51km run during TNF100 Thailand. We started running on 12 midnight. Luckily the weather was not humid at all at night. Pretty cold, especially around Titi - Genting Perez Jelebu. It got mental as the sun rises... The hills were alive then... So grateful I finished the race under 9 hours (8hours 50minutes).


Malaysia Women Marathon 2014 was held on 16 March. It was a super nasty hazy run for me as a pacer for my running buddy Razinah. We ran together again this time around. The distance had to be downgrade from 42.195km to 21.1km due to the unhealthy haze around Shah Alam. We were really tormenting our lungs and system on that day as I could still remember that we had to inhale so many chemicals, smell like toxic and smoke at some stretch. My head was spinning at some point hahaa... Crazy suicidal runners we were back then... Oh my precious lungs!

Really really fell in love with  King Of Bukit Larut (KOBL) 2014 so much. It was a low key event designed for crazy runners who would love to scale up the tarmac section of Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill) up and down. Loved the camaraderie, the ambiance and most importantly the super delicious free flow cendol and yummy spicy nasi lemak after the race. It's definitely a must repeat event for me this year. Save this date folks - 26 April 2015!

Pisang Relay Run was my 1st relay event for 2014. Dressed up a little bit like a gigantic Banana Viking Monsta for the themed run. Ran around Bukit Jalil Recreation Park twice for 6-7km in total with Rashid and Abu Bac, my terrific trio. Team BananaPawer had so much fun together. I won the best dressed category and a lucky draw too. I went home with a humongous light blue Roxanne, 2ndSkin tee and a water bottle. Never felt any happier than this. Thank you so much guys for your cheers and votes. Thank you DOOF especially for your awesome beanie bag!


Larian Keputeraan Sultan Perak was my first run in Kuala Kangsar, Perak. Been longing to join this event since 2013. It was a great event too. Cheap registration fees for a 15km run. The rustic scenery along Sungai Perak and Sayong was awesome! Love the traditional music performances like the Chinese lion dance, Indian horse dance  and Malay Serunai Gendang Silat performance by the river. Definitely screamed 1Malaysia to me. Had so many group photos afterwards. There was one this ladyrunner who would like to take photo with me even I was not wearing any fancy costume on that day - mode terharu sat eh... =P

Hat Yai International Marathon 2014 was one of my unforgettable experiences too. Especially the makanthon part, before and after the race. Kak Kiah delegates last year was amazing! Gme as the Chief de Mission did a good job. Will be expecting more runners to join us this year's edition. Super can't wait for Hat Yai International Marathon 2015 on 26 May! =D


Melaka River International Marathon was my 12th FM. It was held on 8 June. This event received so many negative feedback from the fellow participants due to many factor, especially no safety cones near the town area for runners. We had to zig zag and ran carefully among the crazy traffic. Won't be running here again. I hate it so much... Boycott weh! Urghhh too bad despite all the historical landmarks...


It was a month for me to rest after Melaka River "International" Marathon. My old injuries came back and I had to rest and did all those R.I.C.E stuffs.  PAC Relay Run X was held in the fasting month of Ramadhan. It was my 2nd relay run in 2014. Me and 4 of my running friends "Totisthoners" formed a team under Chap Ayam Runners. We had so much fun running around Lake Garden 3km 5 times, one each. Plus it was my first run after such a long rest.


Hosted a makan-makan aka open house for Raya at my humble crib for my running friends. Cooked some western clean eating dishes for them. Carbonara, pumpkin soup and some Ceaser salad too... Some brought fruits and desserts for us. So happening indeed... Thanks for coming guys and gurls!

Forward Oat King Sport Run Penang was my 19th HM. Taufik and I decided to run this event, which was being held on the 7th day of Syawal. Still in the festive mood, we decided to ran in Baju Melayu. There were not many Malay runners joining this event, many were still hollidaying at their hometown. So we kind a popped out from the rest. We were being interviewed by some Chinese newspapers journalists and were featured in the newspapers the day after. Didn't see it coming though hehee... Thanks to cik Taufik for the light popularity eh =P

Energizer Night Run 2014 was my Anniversary Run. I really need to run this event as I used to run it first back in 2011. Back then it was a Nightmare Run in Sepang International Curcuit. Thanks to the "adorable reliable" organizer. Last year, it was being held in the heart of KL, Merdeka Square. Love the fireworks show. Finished my 15km run with other runners. Met so many friends that fateful night.

Kuching Marathon 2014 was defnitely truly unforgettable. From the warmth hospitality, supportive Kuchingites to the flawless events. I really love running there. Will totally run there again this year. We had so much makanthon and sightseeing along the Sarawak River. Must go there early for the delicious mee kolok and TopSpot seafood galore.. Hehee...


I started my September run by joining Penang Ultra 84km Round Island Challenge. It was my 4th ultra event attempt after B2E, TNF Thailand and TITI 50 Ultra. Went to Penang by car with my accomplice partner, Azim Ashaary this time. Realising that I didn't train well and lack of mileage for this event, I soldiered on.I tried to meet the cutoff time for every CP and didn't manage to reach CP4 50KM before 8 hours. I bonked at 47KM. My feet were killing me literally. Even walking was so excruciating and the pain is unbearable. Rest a few time until the sweeper bus came by to bring me tand other DNFers to the FL. Lack of rest was a key factor too. Will train harder and bounce back stronger to conquer Penang Island on foot by joining Starlight Penang perhaps? =D


It was another EPIC fail back-to-back running events. Did my 21th HM BSN Putrajaya Marathon on the night before the SCKLM 2014. Next time I will not gamble myself running a HM:FM like this. It was really taxing my poor leg muscles... Oh last year route for SCKLM was super boring! The undulating rolling highways was really mental for slow runners like me... Need to focus more on SCKLM than PNM actually...

Me and my Team Gevoolicious actually joined KL Fabulous Food 1Malaysia Hunt. It was our first time joining this kind of treasure hunt, more like JJCM hunt for us. There were 9 Check Points that we have to go and eat the designated dishes, hot or cold. Must finish them all, clean! It's all about strategies and how to get to the venues fast and efficient. Didn't get the Top 30 though, 54th, I think so. The experience was priceless. Will be back next year to play smarter and faster ehh! U guys were awesome ho-yeah!


November was my 100KM Ultramarathon month. I was a proud finisher of Putrajaya 100 Miles for 100km category. The organizer did a tremendous job in ensuring this event was a success one. It was one gruesome, searing hot, mental route day and night. I was so lucky and felt so grateful to have Razzuwan Razali as my pacer, especially on the 2nd Half. It would a memorable event for me to cherish for a lifetime. Will I repeat it this year? Only time will tell... =D



I celebrated my 100th run in Run 4 It 8. It was held on 14 December. I'm so glad I just ran a 10km event. It was an overdistance run, 11.5km. Plus the finisher tee for 21km was pretty unflattering, just plain white... hehee...

What a better way to end my glorious year by running my 17th FM in Cyberjaya Putrajaya Perdana Twincity Marathon. The event was enjoyable. I finished my run under 7hours 13minutes. A bit under distance, 41.6km. Mostly flat route. Easily can make a PB provided if you are in a perfect shape and condition. Thanks to the organizer for the free slot. =D

So, the summary for Running Events in 2014 is as follows:

- Total:35
- 3 Ultras (TNF100 Thailand, TITI 50 Ultra and Putrajaya 100 Miles - 100KM)
- 8 FMs (2XU Compression Run Singapore, Melaka River Marathon, Hatyai International Marathon, Kuching Marathon, Bukit Jalil Park Marathon, SCKLM, PBIM and Cyberjaya Putrajaya Twincity Marathon)
- 9 HMs (Skyhawk Nature Run Malacca, Malaysia Women Marathon, KOBL, Sundown Malaysia JB, Forward Oat King Sport Run Penang, 2XU Compression Run Malaysia, BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon, Penang Run Series 2 -Seberang Perai Selatan and PJ Half Marathon)
- 2 Climbathons (Yam Tuan Antah, Negeri Sembilan & Gunung Bujang Melaka, Perak)
- 2 15KMs (Larian Keputeraan Sultan Perak and Energizer Night Run)
- 2 12KMs (ALPHA Run and Live Great Run)
- 2 Tenkeis (Oren Sport Run, Klang and Run 4 It 8, GM Klang)
- 2 Relay 3KM Runs (Pisang Relay Run and PAC Relay Run X)
- 1 Towerthon, 1 30KM , 1 23KM, 1 11KM, 1 Outdoor duo race (Kenaboi)
- 6 DNS
- 1 DNF (Penang Ultra 84KM: DNFed at CP 50KM)
- Total Mileage for Events: 961.56KM
- Total Mileage for Training: 718.6KM
- Overall Mileage 2014: 1680.16KM 


Note To Myself: Need to train harder and smarter to avoid any injuries and run happily in 2015  
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P/S: All the pics are courtesy of Kah Wai, RFF, Ms. Hong, Rashid, Gme, Azfar, Mr. Tan, Taufik, Mr. ET Tey, Azim, Ms. Eeda, Shamroslee, Abu Bac, Eugene, Sis Gai etc. Thank you for the lovely memories! It's beyond words!
Have A Happy Prosperous New Year 2015!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Catch of the day.... huhu... Awesome medal design, best finisher tee so far...
Helo there... Buenos dias! I know I know, this is a very very overdue entry on Asics Penang Bridge International Marathon (APBIM) 2014... I don't know why, but I don't feel like writing on this one this time around... So many cons, unpleasant experiences during this year APBIM... It's totally different compared to last year's edition... In short, we can call it a DISASTROUS running event of 2014. Ever! I'll tell you why in just a sec.

For your information, APBIM is my anniversary run for Full Marathon... Completed my 1st FM HERE in 2012 (just click HERE for more stories), celebrated my 1st year Anniversary HERE last year and this year it was my 2nd Year Anniversary FMV. I was expecting an extragavanza celebration this time around. Unfortunately it became one of my worst Anniversary Run. 2nd worst after Melaka River "International" Marathon. I don't think this year's APBIM has reached the "International" status... So much for breaking the previous MBOR in terms of numbers of participants for this year. They neglected so many aspects this time around. Too bad...

Let's set aside the negative vibes first, shall we and focus on the bright side. This year, I've decided to go to Penang with my fellow MARDI Running Buddies, Raja Del and Rashid. After all the more the merrier, right. We carpooled to Penang and stayed at Raja Del's uncle house there in Bukit Jambul during our trip. We departed on Friday night and reached Penang around 3am. Raja Del took the 2nd Bridge to the Island. That was my first time crossing the new bridge. Ever. Nampak sangat aku nih jakun... hohoho... Amazed by its mighty length and super sleek design. Really admired all the unique curves and  features. Luckily we didn't feel the obvious elevation, unlike the old 1st bridge. That's a relief hehee...
Amik berkat lalu Jambatan Kedua Pulau Pinang nih dolu... Lawa rupanyer!
Woke up around 8am, lazily. Still lack of sleep but Rashid was eager to do our so-called "annual ritual" run. So we headed to USM and ran past Vistana Hotel (we stayed there last year for PBIM, last minute thingy), went to the Stadium, took some pictures and posed here and there. There was even a Primary School Sport's Day were being held there. Then we ran towards Tasik Aman, took some pictures there too as usual.. Then we ran back towards Del's uncle house. It's our easy shake it off run walk run. Stopped over at Kayu Nasi Kandar restaurant for a light breakfast. Bumped into Pali here.. Runners was everywhere during that weekend. 

Larian fun fun snap snap pose pose sekitar USM Kampus Minden...hohoho! #memorylane
Kita Selfie ciked bersama abam sado letops nih Pali dolu! - Credits Pali
Later on we went back. Getting ourselves ready for a scrumptious lunch in Nasi Padang International Penang. The traffic congestion was crazy in Georgetown on that day. Too many runners and entourage perhaps. To make it worse, it was school holidays too. Luckily we had our chance to savour the delicious lunch. It's a must for us whenever we were in Penang. Nasi Kandar can wait eh!

Wajah-wajah tersandar kekonyangan setelah melantak bersama saka memasing lol! - Credits RMR
The star of the dish -Deep fried Stuffed Cencaru... Sinfully yumm! - Credits RMR
Once we were full and happy, we went for REPC. The sky was getting dark and it's going to rain any time soon. Actually they've already had their racekits via courier. So cheapskate of me. It looked like the queue for collecting my racekit was quite long under the scorching sun. They didn't arrange it according to the designated categories, unlike last year. Some were collecting it in bulk. Oh dear, it was not moving at all, so chaotic so I've decided to go to another lane. It was started to rain heavily and I finally received my racekit. Urghhh... It turns our that was the first sign of many unpleasant experiences to come, actually... Hmmmm...

Around REPC Saturday... - Credits RMR
We waited until the heavy rain subsided before making our way to have our early dinner. At first, we were thinking to have it at Kapitan Restaurant near QB Mall. However, the traffic congestion was super insane. Since we didn't want to waste our precious time in the crazy traffic, Del decided to go to Kassim Mustafa, Bayan Baru where they served specially prepared Ghee Rice (Nasi Dalcha), a famous traditional Indian delicacy from Kilakarai of India. Even though we were still feeling full from our heavy lunch, we had to eat something for dinner since we had to sleep early. So, I had the fragrant Nasi Dalcha with a fried chicken and mix of curry.

Kenyang lagik pon kena sumbat gak.... Sedap nih... Betol2 rare derr.... =P
After that, I went to purchase Gatorade, some bread and mineral water. Bumped into Sao Nawarat and her friend, who were having their dinner not far from us. What a lovely co-incidence. Took some picture and off we went back home. It's time to have decent night sleep before the HUGE 2nd Anniversary Run at 1.30am. I tried to shut my eyes coz I really need that deep sleep and enough rest. It's a must. Woke up around 10.40pm++ and prepped myself up. Del was generous enough to send us to the starting line since he will run his Half Marathon in 3am. 

Group photo first, guys n gurls! -Credits Run & Explore Photog
We Are Ready To Rock Penang Bridge! - Credits Azim
We were early this time around, unlike last year. Had plenty of time to deposit our bag, went to the portaloo to get rid of the "jitter" pee and went around to meet the usual suspects. Bumped into Ariff Syafik, Azim, Kak Ati, kRomzy, Gme, Shamroslee, Ridhwan, Meek Soon, Dr Shah also. Felt like a big reunion of runners there. Exactly after the mini fireworks show, the Men Open category participants were being flagged off. It took me 2 minutes to cross the starting line... The crowd was huge! 
Pic credits to Mr Tan Kim Lai & Meek Soon
I`m so freaking nervous right now! Wuwuwu...
It was a humid night to run first and foremost. I felt stuffy running with my Red Riding Hood on. Tried to maintain my normal pace around 7-7.30... At least maintained a sub 8min/km pace in order to finish within sub 6 hours. That's my target at first. But some how things didn't always happen the way we wanted it to be... Crossed 5km in 41:41, still a bit sluggish but still within my normal pace. Bumped into Syed Nazrul (FMV Runner) circa 13-14km. Paced with him for a while until my back pain started to mess with my pace. We had our pep talk for a while too.  Said hi to Gme on the opposite side. He's running vlazing fast in his magical SailorStar Wizard costume! Managed to keep a constant pace until 21km a(U-turn point) with 2:53:35 (barely Sub3) It was still a humid night.. Not that windy, except at the middle of the bridge on the open sea. All I could see was light posts and so many runners all over.

Yayyy Hairy Red Riding Hood spotted - Pic credits to Mr Kah Wai RFF

I kept on chasing for that 6hours orange balloon pacer after 21km onwards. Had to stop for a toilet break circa KM24. Cannot tahan, had to do it in the nature, at the roadside ehh... =P Then I continued my mission. Shuffled, huffed and puffed all the way until KM30. Plenty of drinks, isotonics and bananas for all. I crossed KM32 under 4:49:58. There's no way I could cover another 10km under 1hours 10minutes.  Around 32-35 km another nature call no.2 was really bugging me. I don't think I want to use the portaloo on the bridge so I soldiered on and tried to finish this asap. As I approached the final 5km, I've merged with the 10km runners. To my horror, I could see how difficult they were thronging the narrow two lanes bridge to get to the U-turn point. Saw Aizat Razak, Pali, Cruz running on the other side, saying hi and cheered to tired old me... Thanks guys!

Luckily the crowd was still bearable and runnable. I kept on running and had a slow run along the final stretch. Finally I crossed the Finishing Line (over distanced 42.56km according to my Garmin) under 6:25:38 (nett time). Syukur, Alhamdulillah... 16th FM under my belt. Not my best time but I took it gladly. Especially when we ran in stuffy hot costume like mine... hehee...The FL was so narrow, no separation for each category. It was too crowded and so confusing actually... Bad bad idea...To make it worse, all FM finishers would have to queue up under the hot sunny Sunday to collect their finisher tee according to the their sizes. Luckily mine was size L so the line was not that long. I was queueing up at M size lane before coz there's no one told me to queue up accordingly. Saw this one runner argued with the volunteer about the long line. After that, all FM finishers were treated with cold Milo drinks, 100 Plus, Yakult and some snacks... I didn't take those snacks... Too tired to do so. I decided to go and collect my bag at the starting line. 
Yeahhh baru sampai nih weh! Fenat gilos - Pics credits to Pn An Drenaline
Bersama Otai2 Marathoner & Kaki Ultras - Lokman Keme dan Fath... 
Being interviewed as soon as I reached the FL.... I couldn't think straight n still gasping... Hope I answered correctly... =P
Met so many familar faces along the way. Took pictures with them. Rashid told me that he had to wait quite long to retrieve his bag back although they've tagged the bags with numbers and all computerized sorts. Didn't wait for long coz it was getting hotter. Once we were ready, we headed out towards the carpark. Still had to walk 1-2km or so to reach Del's car. Hehee... The traffic congestion was so chaotic around the venue. No wonder all the shuttle buses couldn't reach the venue in time, as being promised by the organizer. 
Smile for the camera yeahh! - Credits to RMR
Pose2 dengan Ishaqrudy and his friend.. Tumpang sat hohoho! -Credits to Ishaqrudy
All in all, I had a good run actually... What a great memorable road runcation too after all... But the venue was not convenient for an "International" level marathon. So many runners were complaining about almost everything. Some even determined to boycott it next year if they still wanted to do it on the 2nd Bridge. I would rather ran Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon next year than this forever record breaking marathon (Read: Profit-oriented maybe). Other than that, the volunteers were super friendly and helpful... Thank you so much for all your selfless sacrifices and contribution throughout the race.
Kami Dah Nak Pulang... Lawa btol casa impian nih... 
Till then, sayonara!