Thursday, January 5, 2017

Kuching Marathon 2016 - NIGHTMARE Run on Meow Street!

Hahaa, I know I was way too late to post about all the fiasco that happened during Kuching Marathon 2016. Let's just do it chronologically, occay? 

I signed up for Kuching Marathon 2016 way before they announced the actual date for SCKLM 2016. Knowing that I had to go all out for SCKLM and might not be able to recover well for Kuching M, I just tried my best to finish within the COT, which is 6h30m. That's my strategy hehee... 
NGAP SAYOP beanie hat!
Before I go to Kuching, I went to collect my simple yet sweet Ngap Sayot beanie hat from MisFydKrafts. I just want to keep it simple and runnable despite the high humidity in Kuching hehe... Remember, we have to finish within the COT. Thanks Fid! XOXO

A welcoming must took pose hehee...
Went there on Saturday morning. There was quite a drama before I reached the airport just in time for the flight. Once I reached Kuching Airport, Izwan Mambo was already there waiting for me. Thanks pok!
Nang nyaman ilak laksa Sarawak tok.... Sik bulak bah hehee..
Starving, we went to have our Laksa Sarawak Special as our breakfast at Mom's Kitchen. Met Gjull there along with my old dear friend Dr. Ardif Damiri and his friend Dr. Ezam. What a small world, Kuching, I mean! Muahahaa...

I brought along several boxes of Marathon Baker homemade energy bars for all my beloved loyal customers, mostly Sarawakian runners. What a better way to deliver the lovely natural energy bars by waiting at the REPC. There were so many runners queuing up on Saturday. 

Thank you so much to all Kuchingites & Sarawakian runners for your endless support towards Marathon Baker!

Met so many new and familiar faces there. Everybody wanted to take photos with the nice backdrop and props. I just sat there and distributed the homemade energy bars to my customers. 

Food glorious food! Never fail to please my taste buds hoho...
Once everything is settled, we went for lunch at Swee Kang Jln Haji Taha. Still I did not order any rice dishes. Instead I tried some Sarawak delicacies like mee belacan, umai agar agar and kangkong sotong. Not forgetting White Lady! So delicious and refreshing!

After that we went around delivering the remaining boxes to the customer's hotels and Mambo dropped me at the hotel. I took a rest for a while and managed to doze off. Woke up when I received some messages from Marathon Baker Founder, Zet. She invited me for a dinner and giving me some MB bars. Finally I found Nasi Ayam Penyet in Kuching huhu... Thanks for the treat babe!
Dinner for two with the Founder @ Baker herself... It was such an honour, Zet huhu...

Went back to the hotel and tried to sleep early since we'll be running by 3am! Yikes... 
Checked in here, such a cozy place to stay in Kuching!
Woke up around 2am, prepped myself up just in time before made my way jogging from my hotel to the starting line, about 2km++... Frantically looking for deposit baggage, paid RM5 for the service and off I go joining the crowd. 

We're being flagged off by 3am sharp. Went to the same route as last year. Mostly flat course for the first 18km++. It was a bloody humid early morning. I was drenched in sweats. I managed to drink some water & isotonics at KM15/16, barely actually. Then the "Nightmare" started right after KM18...
Can you spot me? Hahaa... Dam n that was a longggg queue....
They ran out of drinking water and isotonic from KM18 until KM27! Imagine that we had to go to the nearest Shell in Samariang to purchase small drinking water bottle. Cramp started to attack while I was queueing up at the Shell. Dammit, I took several salt pills to overcome the threat. After that I kept on going to cover the time loss. Shuffled my way to discover more and more disastrous waterless Water Stations. I still remembered I heard the volunteers apologized for there's no water left for the slow runners like me. Must get going despite I was running out of water too... 

Luckily I saw many runners went into the JPAM building on the right side of Bako Road. They were scavenging some drinking water from the water dispenser. I just refilled my bottle with the tap water because I did not want to waste anymore time there. Hehee... Air paipsi pun sodap...

Finally after KM27/28, they served you with isotonic drinks. Fuhhh felt like I was running on a Sahara, it was quite mentally challenging hahaa... 

By that time we had to run the rolling and neverending stretch towards back to Kuching city. Cramps were started to accumulate and threatening me down. I just kept on jogging no matter how slow I was.
Once we entered the industrial zones, it was already bright. Managed to sip some energy gel at KM34 WS with isotonic drinks. There was a firefighter's engine to shower the FM runners. The sweeper vans was around when I reached the highway part towards KM36/37 indie water station. I had a refreshing coke there with a couple of Cadbury milk choc. So divine! That's the boost I needed!
The moment when I took some Cadbury chocolates & sipped a drink or two at this indie WS... TQVM!
Continued running untill I saw the last incline before I ran towards the city. Jogged myself up and ran all the way down gingerly. We had to make a loop in front of DBKS building before running towards Kuching Chinatown Padungan Street. Seriously it felt forever to reach the FL. It was already 6h30m++ but I was determined to finish what I've started. Didn't really care about the finisher medal and tee (Not a fan for white colour tee btw - blah). It's all about finish strong and in style. 

Once I could see the FL, I just gave my all and sprinted my way towards the final 300m. Yess... I did it within 6h48min I think..
After the run, I took the fin medal and tee. Was looking for some water to quench my thirst and they gave me one big bottle. Took some photos with all the running friends. Later I found out that the organizer has decided to extend the COT to 7hours after the NO WATER at the several Water Stations fiasco.
Group photo with Gjull, Rosman & Ashree..

Wefie with Raf & his hot chicks...

With She Musa
Collected my drop baggage and joined the rest of the runners for photothon and makanthon hahaa... 

Mee rebus satay for the breakfast
Super Agent MB Tharmen in his fancy traditional Iban custome
31st FULL MARATHON done and dusted hehee =D
The very next morning, I just went for a stroll (Read: Recovery walk) along the Riverfront towards the famous Mee Kolok Hj Taha in Satok.. Definitely worth walking for hehee! Bumped into Nana here... Thanks for the ride home babe!  Went to tapau several "Kek Lapis MIRA", the signature icon of Sarawak and ikan terubuk masin. 
Victory leap! Yeahhh....
The must have mee kolok Haji Tahar... Yummm!
Farewell Kuching! I'll miss you dearly! Thanks for everything...
E-Cert KM 2016
Despite the hiccups, will I be back? Hell yeah, I will.... Every body deserves a second chance, after all... This time around I'll be ready with extra hydration plan hohohi... Just to be more ready for any mishaps hehee! =D

Till then, toodles!

Friday, December 23, 2016


Hi there fellow readers & my beloved followers! Well well well... Christmas & a long holidays are just around the corner! In this  joyous and holidays seasons, I would love to give one special NEW YEAR gift to my lucky loyal blog reader out there. Just to show my appreciation and thank you so much to all Marathon Baker die hard fans out there for all your neverending and utmost support for our brand all year long. This is one of your chance to get your hands on this Limited Edition Marathon Baker 2017 Calendar. Let's get hyped over 2017 folks!

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- So all the best guys & thanks for reading my old humble blog folks! I promised I will update my blog more often before this year ends! Hahaaaa...

Enjoy your long holidays guys! Be merry and jolly! Stay active and run/ride/swim/hike safe where ever you are...

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2016 - IT'S REDEMPTION TIME!

Voila! The best finisher medal for SCKLM 2016 edition...

This is the most anticipated running event in Malaysia. Especially after it had to be cancelled last year due to the extremely bad horrible haze. It was a good call by the organizer for the sake of runners' health and well being. I was there last year. It was really really bad on that early morning. Felt so suffocating and totally hazardous to run in these condition. Unless if you wanted to run with your N95 face mask on keke... You can read all about it HERE... :)

However things were different this year although it was reported that the weather was slightly hazy on that SCKLM week due to the hot and dry season. Thank goodness the haze went away just in time for SCKLM after several rainy thunderstorm days. 

Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2016, or more known as SCKLM @ KL Marathon was like a Mecca for all Malaysian runners. Runners from all over Malaysia will come and join this event. It was more like a reunion of Malaysian runners regardless of their running groups. This was my 4th edition running in SCKLM after I did my HM in 2012 and FM (2013, 2014, 2015). Even running SCKLM was like a dream comes true for most of us Malaysian runners. Not everyday you can run along the AKLEH and DUKE highway that was closed completely on that  day only. For us runners ONLY... hehee... Plus they have generously extended the cutoff time to 7 hours with 4 checkpoints this year. Double yayyy for me slow runners. Hehee 

Collected my racekit in a jiffy...Smooth like a silk!
Went to the Race Expo that was held in Kenanga Wholesale Centre. Not a strategic venue due to the heavy traffic congestion going there. I wish they did it in the Merdeka Square underground or PWTC just like previous years. Thankfully I collected my racekit smoothly on that Friday lunch break and met several runners there. So many booths around. Stopped by to purchase my energy gels and a Rock Tape. 
Thank you Mis Fyd for this spectacular masterpiece... KLCC Twin Towers beanie!
Later after work, I rushed to collect my unique out of the world beanie hat from Ms. Rafidah Anum aka Mis Fid. It was my idea and wishlist to wear something so iconic, so close to our heart as a Malaysian. Looks like she nailed it again by designing the KLCC Twin Towers beanie hat, the tallest beanie that she had ever made so far. I could it swaying around as I tried wearing and running with it... Hahahaa.... It was an epic beanie ever! Thank you so much babe! Do check her Facebook (MisFydKrafts) for more of her creative masterpiece... 
Jadi Bidan Terjun wakil Marathon Baker untuk soft launch Semenyih Eco-Trail 2016 keke...
Fast forward to the Saturday. I drove to Semenyih to collect some homemade energy bars for my Marathon Bakers customers. Managed to represent Marathon Baker during the soft launch before I went to KL for the check in. The customers wanted to collect their energy bars in KL since they were in town for SCKLM. One of them came all the way from Sarawak to collect his order. Finallly I managed to deliver to all the loyal MB customers on Saturday. Thank you folks for your endless support.
Happy satisfied Marathon Baker loyal customers #MBbuddies... Thanks guys!
Last customer of the day... Thank you buddy!
After the last happy customer that came on that night, it's time for my early sleep. Thank goodness I slept like a baby on that night. Woke up. Felt a lil bit sluggish to wake early. Took a quick shower and prepped myself up for the race. Dashed to the starting line not far from my hotel to drop my bag. 

So disappointed with the bag deposit system for this year. Super duper slow. Note to myself - next time don't waste your time with the drop bag if not for the Marathon Baker energy bars ordered by my customers. Once everything was settled, went to the portaloo first before I entered the Pent 4 for sub 7 participants. Luckily I made it in time for the flagoff.
Credits to Se7en Chiam for this pic.... Super cool!
There were so many runners even from the last pent. I just took it easy and ran with the flow. It was a not so humid early morning. I bumped into Hisham along the way and sticked together like a Super Glu literally. Hohohi... I came across 6h30min pacers Evelyn and Irwan Anuar and intended to follow their balloons of course as far as I could. No harm trying, right? At least got some buffer time before the cutoff time right?

My plan was simple and easy. Just target to cross all four checkpoints before their respective cut-off time. Plus the most crucial part will be at KM31 (9.15am) where we had to receive the compulsory blue rubber band in order to collect the finisher medal and tee. So let the fun run began...

The first 10km was ok. Still manageable although there were times that my gastro system gave some upset signals. Oh man! I kept on going and hoped that was a false alarm and no 2nd poopy wave came along. please. Ran along the rolling AKLEH at wee hours was awesome. Felt like ages to reach the first u-turn point at the end of the AKLEH highway...

After KM16/17 it was getting stuffier, so I decided to ditch my KLCC Twin Towers beanie and turned it into my man purse to stuff in my handphone and RunBananaz and Mocha energy bites. Upon entering the dreadful DUKE we came across the 6h30min pacers again. A lot of the runners were following them actually. They did a great job by motivating and encouraging the runners. At some of the stretch they just walked especially going uphill and started running when we went downhill or flat road. 

KM21 was a success when we crossed it before 7.40am. Next we aimed to cross the KM31. Felt a bit mental running along the rolling DUKE. At some parts it felt like forever to reach KM31 and exit the DUKE. Finally felt so relieved to reach KM31 before the cutoff (9.15am) and received the rubber band. Yatta! Took a breather and posed here happily lah...
Muka manyak sinyum.. Thanks to Abam Hisham for taking this shot..
When we were running towards Jln Kuching and went up towards Bukit Tunku route, the two 6.30 pacers were increasing their paces up and I could not keep up with them... Hahaa, blame it on my lack of trainings....

We kept on moving whenever we saw the usual incline along Bukit Tunku and ran downhills too ao that we could reach the final CP at KM37 within the cut-off time. I just ran my heart out and pushed my limit too... Hahhaa... Felt like dying and we finally managed to cross the CP4 before 10.10am hohohi....
Happy faces despite the tormenting incline near Taman Botani Perdana hahaa... Credits to Rany Tan
The suffer fest was not over yet... I was running out of steam after KM37 and the final 5KM felt like 15KM to me... I felt like hitting the wall already as we had to endure the nasty incline towards Jalan Parlimen and when down towards Jalan Damansara. It was getting hot by then and steep route was not helping at all.... hahaa garing sude....
Suffering faces with the bloody heat & neverending route hahaa... Almost there!
Sikit lagik nih... Bertabahla jiwa raga kaki ku!

Yeahhh sikit lagik nak sampai nih... Credits to Amin Jaafar for this pic!
Very mental to reach the KTM Station building and the final 2KM felt like forever... Somehow I was freaking out when I saw 7hours pacer overtook me during the final 400m stretch. And I looked at my watch ans found out I was still within the cutoff time. Saw so many of my running friends were already waiting for us along this final stretch... Exchanged some high fives with them and deep down inside I knew I managed to cross the FL in 6h41min (nett time)... Thank goodness! Syukur, Alhamdulillah...
Finally... Syukur Alhamdulillah... Credits to SCKLM Official Photos...

The video of us during the final 400m or so towards the FL... Check it out the ambiance!

This year they've started to implement SCKLM Live Tracking Updates apps to keep track of all the participants. That's how some of my friends knew that I finished my run through the apps. It was so easy and convenient too.

After the run, it was nice meeting so many running friends, new and old... Took some selfies with them... Thanks folks!

Group Photo with all the runners... Congrats to all! Credits to Khidir Nordin for the pic!
Met Benz, Shahril Abd Rani and Izme Azzam after the run.... Many more actually... Hehee...
Yayyy I was being interviewed by my awesome running friend Izme Azzam... You can catch the FULL here
Overall, it was a very well organized event. Still the best Marathon event in Malaysia, by far. Plenty of drinking water and isotonic drinks, bananas and energy gels for all the runners. Excellent traffic control at all the critical points. Portaloos were available along the course. Two mobile surau were provided for the Muslim runners. Love the event running vest and finisher tee too. Not forgetting the lovely finisher medal design with different lanyard colours for different distance.

 So, save your date for SCKLM 2017 folks! See you there on 21 May 2017... Let's training hard and smart! =D
 For more info, just log on to
Toodles chuols!