Thursday, November 22, 2012

APBIM 2012 - My Maiden Marathon Journey Completed..

Truly inspiring words of wisdom. Credits to Azim and Rashid.. =D
Hello there, Happy Thursday and welcome back to my humble simply ME blog... I would like to share my experience and the special moments with all of you, my fellow followers about my recent Maiden Marathon at Allianz Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012 aka APBIM. All the hard works and trainings plus some dramas along the way will also be highlighted before the D day. Since this is the last farewell running event on this old bridge, I would like to compare it with my previous HM run @ APBIM 2011. So bear with me along this exciting journey towards becoming a true Marathoner. (^O^)

First of all, ever since I was intrigued to sign in for this Full Marathon when I read several RBU blogs aka Otai @ Kings of Ultras, Hardcore Marathoners & Triahtletes such as Deo, Ultra Ray, Yimster, Stupe, Jamie Pang, Arman, just to name a few even my dear respected strong will lady runner, Kak Lina aka Gadis Petai. Their FM and HM journeys sounded awesome, really2 inspiring with their PBs, full of fun too. Now I know reading a FM race reports isn't the same as running one, most definitely NO. It's totally different level altogether. So I started to appreciate their experiences and some of the tips for a FMV like me  that could be handy for me to brace myself for this insane journey. 

Pre-race preparation
A week before the event, I went to Langkawi for a family vacation aka JJCM also lah. I intended to do carbo loading as well as fat loading during the trip. No running activities at all, but lots of hiking up and down stairs at Dayang Bunting Island and Langkawi Cable Car - Mt Mat Cincang. As a result, I gained 2 kg in this 4 days 3 nights trip. (O.o) As usual me and my partner in crime, Rashid, also a distinguished blooming runner (Setelah berjaya meracun dan melambong dia untuk amik FM nih, hahhaa... Syndrome taknak kalah dan collecting finisher tee... LOL!) took off to Penang on Friday, 16th Nov. We normally did the makanthon before the actual marathon, so called carbo + cholestrol loading. Started with me having Sizzling Lamb Chop with this crispy stir fried mushroom and succulent lamb + chicken satays. More like protein loading to me... Hahahaa... To top it off, I had this Sirap Bandung PMC Special, using goat milk and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. My goodness! The food served at Puncak Mutiara Cafe was super awesome and the service was super fast!!!

Super delicious Sizzling Lamb Chop.. Yummeh!
Super crispy and crunchy battered mushroom!
Sirap Bandung PMC Special

On Saturday, 17th Nov. I managed to do an effortlessly 4km morning run in Kepala Batas Stadium after feeling a bit lemau due to not being able to run accordingly during my tapering week due to rainy storms evenings.  I just wanna warm up the legs so that I could do well during my maiden marathon. After that we went to the Queensbay Mall (QB) to pick up my racekit. Knowing that tomorrow is gonna be hectic, crowded and full with runners, we took this opportunity to strike a pre-race pose at the main stage. 

Me and Rashed, still FMVs at this picture being taken... Smile while we can... =D
Later we went to enjoy watching Skyfall and having a late lunch at Kapitan Restaurant nearby. I had this heaven sent briyani ricewith Tandoori chicken. Most definitely a meal to die for. Simply delish!!!   

Collected my racekit... Lucky number for me... Hopefully =)

The super divine scrumptious Chicken Briyani Kapitan, Penang!
It was around 5pm when I reached home. Oh we stayed at my best friend's house in Telok Air Tawar, Butterworth during our running trip. I tried to get some decent sleep by wearing the running vest. It felt so comfy and the fitting was just nice. A bit sexy for me but who cares... hahaa... I dozed off a lil bit until 7.30pm, I think. We went for a dinner at Aidy's Cafe at Taman Air Tawar Indah.  We both had a sizzling grilled chicken chop each with rice. Yummilicious... 
Aidy's Sizzling Grilled Chicken Chop... Best eaten while it still bubbling hot... LOL!
After having the early dinner, all the sudden, the drama began. 

I had my tummy bloated like hell after having my lunch  as I kept passing gas from time to time. It was getting worst at the night before the event. I could not be able to breath and walk properly as I could feel my stomach was stretched to the max and it was sooo painful. I rushed off to buy Eno Halia to sooth it down asap. Alhamdulillah, it subsided just in time... Fuhhh, lega!
Not only I run for fun, I run for a reason too! =D
Since we were staying on the mainland and trying to avoid any last minute traffic congestion on the bridge, we went to the starting line around 11.30pm. Still feeling super jittery due to not having enough mileage and enough rest, I tried to calm myself down. Fyi, we did ran for a cause. We pinned up Mission For Missing Children (MfMC) bib at the back of our running vest to create awareness among us. Thank you for the lovely stickers. For sure we will spread these among my running circle members too. 
Yours truly, Rashid and Azim pre-race posed before the flag off... I could feel  moths in my stomach already .. @..@
Met several familiar faces and otai2 runners from #Gengkakilari, like Azim, Faiez, Izman, Zarul, Razinah and Idot si Siput Sedot.  Not forgetting Dr. Shah who came all the way from KK Sabah for his maiden marathon too... Cayalaa.. Ramai rupanya FMVs pada event tersebut. Lega sikit rasa debar di hati, chewahh... hehe... After took some pictures and wished each other good luck, we were flagged off right on time, 2am.

The mental 42.195km journey
During my first 10km run, I still in a dreaming mode. I could not believe I will be running a 42km marathon. My body was running but my mind was drifting far far away, still in a disbelief mode. I targetted 5.30, at least Sub 6 finish by maintaining sub 7min per km pace. Tudiah, kondifen abess. And I learned it the hard way. Running in a wee hour like this was not fun at all as my body was in a confuse state. It was supposed a time for a shutdown and sleep but my mind said, "U gotta run and run all the way". That explained why I ran so lifelessly during my first 10km... My pace dropped eventually. I clocked in 1:11:09 with 7'28'' pace for my 1st 10km.   

As I entered the bridge, it was so hot and stuffy with no wind or sea breeze at all, unlike the previous APBIM where it was a very cold and windy night. It really demotivated me at some time. Luckily as i reached the summit, a lil breeze came to the rescue. As I reached the U turn before the Toll Plaza, i still could see the 5.30 pacers balloon and tried to chase after them but still failed to do so. Pace labi2, what do you expect. Hahaha... Along the way back to  the Island, it was still sooo freaking hot. I had to drink some leftover water bottles and splash my head and body with it to cool off the heat. I even soaked my socks too. Aiyohhh... I witnessed too many wastage from the plastic water bottles and sponges and some of them went into the sea also. What a pity. So not environmental friendly at all. 

I clocked in my 21km with a timing of 2:39:40 with 8'34'' pace. Exceeded my target of 1hour and 10minutes for every 10km due to many factors. I noticed that not many distance markers were put up along the route, unlike in PNM 2012. Maybe the organizer didn't want to scare the hell out of us the FMVs out with the HUGE distance numbers. Hahaha... I started to feel like having my first cramp on the bridge island bound, luckily there was still a medic crew with the analgesic spray. Thank goodness! 

As I reached the 30km mark, I managed to clock in 4:07:58 with 9'53''. I maintained the 1hour and 28minutes for every 10km. After that the run towards the KM33 loop U-Turn felt like endless. I was sooo hungry even on the bridge and the banana treat at KM33 was my only motivation. Should remind myself to pack some raisins and nuts for my next FM. Seriously I need REAL food as I had enough with energy gels and isotonic drink. Muak already... @..@
Sunrise view from Penang... Truly magnifique!!!  Credits to Ajim... 
I stopped for a while at the musolla tent at the U-Turn for a Suboh prayer as it was already 6.50am at that time, almost a Subuh gajah for me. hehe... I took my sweet time wrinkling out my soaked socks before putting it back on. My feet kembang like an elephant already because the socks were so drenched in sweats and water.  From there on, I had my second wind after a natural toilet break around KM35. High fived with Dr Shah and lifted my spirit some more to finish this run.  Later on, my left knee started to feel sore again and I immediately apply some hot rub on it. I felt a bit relieved by then. The sun was already started to rise and shine on us, runners around 7.30am. The sunrise view was super awesome! Subhanallah... 

The FM Route... Very mental challenging especially after KM30.. Totally mind daunting!!! 
The FM runners merged with those 10k n Fun Run participants along our way back to the finishing line in QB. I had to zig zag through those walkers by running on the right lane only. I decided to slow run despite feeling very super duper tired. I clocked in my 40km with a time of 5:45:25 and 8'15'' pace. It was over distanced route, as usual. As I could see the finishing arch, I sped off to give a strong finish look pose at those photographers.  I reached the finishing line with the time of 6:15:18:22 (chip time). Finally, I`m officially a true MARATHONER!!! Syukur Alhamdulillah... 

Managed to strike a strong happy pose here... =D

Me huffing puffing in an attempt to sprint out at the finish line

Post-race must dos
And I thought I can have my finisher medal and tee in a jiffy and in ease. I was dead wrong! I had to queue up a very long queue in order to get those precious thingy. My goodness. I almost couldn't stand anymore and immediately took off my wet socks. After that I couldn't afford to get in a Q for the breakfast anymore coz I was so freaking tired and tried to have the free sport massage but it was closed already. Poor me, the late finisher... Hehee... 

Farewell APBIM 2012... Hello there APBIM 2013... Hehee
So I decided to meet the other WAR runners, Rashid, Raja Del, Azlinah and her friend for a post race photo session. It was a very happening post race event but I was too tired to stand up and queue for the MILO drink, breakfast cereal and banana treat. X larat wehhh! I gave up hahaa.... 
FM, HM, FM finishers... We Run for MARDI... Hohoho...

Full Marathon Virgin... No More... Happy Much!!!

Rear view of our finisher tees... We deserved these so much!

Yours truly, Az's friend, Azlinah, Del and Rashed - Sweet WARriors Success!

After completing my maiden marathon, now I realised that I must always respect the distance and another 21.195km after the KM21 was not just an ordinary HM distance. It was a wicked butt-kicking distance to conquer and duly respected of. 

Overall, it was a good splendid running event with so many participants. They should improvise on the water stations and quality of sponge provided. The distance markers should be put every 2km at least. Less water bottles, more paper cups please. More analgesic spray should be provided, cold ice packs didn't help much to ease the cramp and pain ok!

 On the bright side, the inspirational words of wisdom were awesome and spirit lifting. I'm looking forward for my next FM in Borneo 2013. Hopefully I'll get my PB there provided I should train super duper hard and doing 25 - 30km LSDs every weekend. It was always my dream of a lifetime to do a FM there... For now, 6.15 would be suffice enough. =D

My precious 1st FM finisher medal.... Priceless!!!



  1. First sekali... Congrats and job well done on your first FM. Jangan serik. Hehehe

    Second, Baca 1st half of this post and wei! Race recap ke, makan recap ni????? Bwahaha

    Last, we waited around at the roundabout towards that last stretch to finish line but we balik just before you sampai. Klu x leh ambik byk photo. Hehehe

    Again, clap clap to you. Lepas ni see you and we start togeder meder at BIM ek? :-)

  2. p.s. Apa citer lak duk puji I as strong will runner tu? Mali I taw... Muekeke

  3. LOL... kena puji la kak lina yg strong will nih, injured PF pon tetap gigih blari wat HM lagik tuh... Salute2 ok.. hehee..

    Kena ikut kronologi 1st nih kak lina, makanthon 1st then baru marathon.. Muahahaa... juz wanna ease the super jitters wooo.. Hahhaa...

    Xper, nanti kita gambaq sakan time Newton 25 n BIM ok... Plus Brooks 2013 also.. Ngeh2, seronok dapat lambai2 kak lina arituh... Trus naik semangat cheq... Hahaaa

  4. tu bukan strong will dek oi! Mengong je. Muahaha!!!

    Okie, jumpa kat Newton n Brooks. Jgn lupa lambai kat Zaini before finish line nnt, klu x gambar tak chantek. Kakaka

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Congrats bro, now wear your finisher tee with pride for 42 days! you earned it :)

    1. Jgn lupa basuh lak lepas pakai tu. heh heh

    2. Thanx Ray... Weared my finisher tee 4days already sudah ada bau la bro... Cannnot tahan anymore... hahaa... Hav to wash already... Ngeh2... 42 hours is doable... Kihkihh...

    3. Oh my English... just realised i shud have said WORE instead of weared... maluuuu... hide my head under the sand like an ostrich... LOL!

  7. Congratulations!! 42km, adoyai. Like I said, after both my HMs, I will always feel "macamana rasanya yang lari full marathon tu..they have to run my distance all over again!". Perghh.
    You really had a good makanthon! I tak berapa beriya-iya sangat makan (padahal I ni, when I eat, I can really eat)..sebab takut perut buat hal. I have never used the porta-loo in the middle of a race. Macam kiasu tentang masa pun ada hehe..
    Kelakar lah bila you tulis subuh gajah, kaki elephant hehe...but hey you still look good at the finish line! I dah give-up cari gambar I. Takde kot :P
    Okay, after reading your entry...after knowing Lina has registered for her FM next year...I suddenly feel this FM Itch. Oh no. Tapi bila tu, belum tahu lagi lah. :P

    Again, well done!!

    1. Kak Millie, FM itch is inevitable, sooner or later u have to do FM, at least once in your lifetime.. Savour and soaked in the experience while u still can... hehe... Once u've signed up for a FM, u have to really commited to your trainings, gain lots of mileage and LSDs... So that the FM distance wont turn kill your feet n force u to walk like a Crab the next day... LOL...

      The art of makanthon is u have to eat a lot and make sure nothing left inside your digestive system the night before your event... Force it out if u have to... Ewwww, it sounds gross but believe me, it works... hahaa.... U r forbidden to eat lots of fibre b4 D Day... or else, porta loo la jawabnya hahaa

      Jom la kak make a debut FM during SCKLM 2013... We can do it together2.. =D

    2. Seronok masuk port-a-loo. Esp atas jambatan. Hari tu kat NPE sedap melepas atas jambatan! wakaka

    3. patut-la-orang-kompplen-NPE-busuk..hehe

    4. Kak Lina: Porta-Loo b4 the race is much better... on the bridge, not comfy, coz it was too hot that humid night... LOL!

    5. Kat Penang Bridge, melepas kat jambatan jer... bagi ikan makan! Muahahah!!!!

      Ada runner yg kencing belakang jamban hari tu. Malas nak beratur kot. xD

      Dan kenapa I tau? I kepoh!

  8. BIG CONGRATS to u!!! ikut hati naaakkkk je lari FM 2013. eeiiiii... hahahha
    btw, again, job well done. *thumbs up*

  9. Congrats!! My KPI to break that 'FMV' title insyaAllah tahun 2013...tapi which race? rahsia...hehe

  10. Khairul: Insya Allah pasti tercapai punya KPI ko tuh bro... 2013 banyak event yg wajib wat FM hehe... ada BIM, SCKLM, River Jungle Marathon, APBIM lg... Pilih jangan xpilih... hehee