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BDB Triple Challenge 2016 brings triple excitement for adventure sports seekers.

Langkawi, 24 May 2016 - A breath-taking scenery along a journey filled with 160 types of herbs, 80 types of timber trees, 73 species of birds and 169 species of butterfly await adventure sport seekers at the upcoming BDB Langkawi Climb and Run 2016 occurring this June. 
I was at the press conference for BDB Triple Challenge 2016...
Taking place on 4 June 2016, the BDB Langkawi Climb and Run will see participants climb up a 3.1km journey up the Tangga Helang Seribu Kenangan (Steps of Thousand Memories) to a maximum elevation of 781 meters high while being mesmerized by the lush greenery of the Hutan Lipur Sungai Sembilang located in Gunung Raya which is the highest point in Langkawi, Kedah. The BDB Langkawi Climb and Run is arguably one of the most unique physical fitness in Malaysia as participants will experience climbing up 4,287 steps stair climb combined with a 15km downhill run towards the finishing line. Organised by Minds@work with Bina Darulaman Berhad (BDB) as title sponsor and Brooks as a main sponsor, with support from Kedah Tourism in conjunction with Discover Kedah 2016. 
"The BDB Langkawi Climb and Run is possibly one of the most unusual and challenging event in the world as climbing a route consisting of 4,287 steps at an altitude is not an easy feat not to mention the additional downhill run after the climb. But the breath-taking view as well as the pristine flora and fauna available at Langkawi coupled with the uniqueness of the challenge will definitely be a motivational boost for the participants, " stated Dato' Izham Bin Yusoff, BDB Group Managing Director.

Dato' Izham was giving the press conference accompanied by Datuk Zulkifli Bin Mohamad, CEO of Kedah Aman Makmur
It is the first in a series of events under the BDB Triple Challenge 2016. The BDB Triple Challenge 2016 aims to attract running, climbing and fitness enthusiasts both locally and internationally to experience the lush attractions Kedah has to offer while partaking in a world class event. In addition to the BDB Langkawi Climb and Run, the BDB Extreme Jitra and BDB Marathon Jitra will see participants running, climbing and going through obstacles in the heart of Kedah.

"We are truly excited with the BDB Triple Challenge 2016 as we want to showcase the splendours of Kedah to both the local and international community with our world class event. Many might not know the gems hidden in Kedah and the BDB Triple Challenge 2016 will give visitors the perfect opportunity to discover and explore Kedah," added Dato' Izham.

Also were present, Mr Damian Cheah from Brooks Running Malaysia. 
The BDB Extreme Jitra 2016, occurring on 10 September 2016, will have participants go through a 7km obstacles challenge course that are both man-made and natural at Darul Aman Park in the serene town of Jitra while the inaugural BDB Marathon Jitra will complete the BDB Triple Challenge 2016 set to take place on 26 November 2016. The Marathon is divided into four categories, 42km, 21km, 10km and 5km, expects to attract more than 5000 runners, features a combination of flat road and rolling hills with runners experiencing scenery of paddy fields and discovering the beautiful rural ambiance of Jitra as well as other parts of Kedah.
Mesmerizing Gunung Keriang
Unique Paddy Museum in Keriang surrounded by the serene paddy fields...
Known as the "rice bowl of Malaysia", Kedah Darul Aman offers a kaleidoscope of natural beauty ranging from amazing limestone mountains to luscious rainforest to serene paddy fields for tourists and visitors alike. And in line with the Discover Kedah 2016 campaign, a plethora of activities has been planned throughout the year in addition to the BDB Triple Challenge 2016. Several local fruits festivals, arts and cultural outreach programme and festivals, motorsports events and traditionalgames festival are just amongst the activities that will surely attract visitors and tourists from both locally and internationally. 

"Kedah has a rich culture and a very prominent history as one of the oldest civilization in Southeast Asia. Combines with the challenges and thrills that we have concocted for the participants, the BDB Triple Challenge 2016will not only benefit the communities in Jitra and Langkawi but the whole of Kedah in general as the BDB Triple Challenge 2016 will seea continuous flow of tourists and visitors to Kedah. They will experience the vibrant culture and attractive sceneries Kedah has to offer while engaging in healthy activities at the same time," commented Kedah Aman Makmur CEO, Datuk Zulkifli Bin Mohamad. 

The BDB Triple Challenge 2016is expected to boost Kedah's tourism, economic growth, and provide further opportunities for local businesses as well as the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Kedah. It is the first event organized by Minds@work, with Bina Darulaman as the title sponsor. 
Bina Darulaman Berhad (BDB) is an investment holding company responsible for the development of township, construction, road works, quarry, gold and leisure via its subsidiaries in Kedah. Incorporated on 7 February 1995, BDB has been a key player in Kedah's development contributing to many landmark achievements such as Bandar Darulaman, Trans Eastern Kedah Interland Highway (TEKIH), Langkawi International Airport, and Darulaman Golf and Country Club.

For more information on the BDB Triple Challenge 2016 is available at and for full list of activities for Discover Kedah 2016 is available at

P/S: You can also log on to for more details and registration for all three events. 

It was a great experience to be able to join the route review session before will all 15 running and lifesyle bloggers last month. Feel free to read all about my unique breathless experience HERE.
Let's counting the stair (Read: STARS) together shall we.. huhuhu....
After the press conference, Astro Arena interviewed me for sharing my experience climbing up all 4,287 steps of Tangga Helang Seribu Kenangan to the top of Gunung Raya and ran the downhill tarmac part not even half way hehee... Boy I was a bit nervous.... It's been a long time since my last media interview hohoho... Main hantam sajala eh! Hopefuly I've answered her questions correctly huhu...
My interview session with Astro ARENA....Fuhhh cuak bin neves woo...
So, I'll see you guys in Langkawi next week yaa.... Langkawi Aku Datang Lagik! =D

Thank you Ms Lotfi from Minds@work for inviting me to this Press conference session...