Friday, April 26, 2013


My precious Finisher Medal
Mesmerizing sun rise view from World Resort Langkawi. Credits to Lydia, Azim's wifey.
Hello there fellow readers and followers, my brothers and sisters of runninghood (if only there's such word =D). Happy lovely Thursday to all. I'm still couldn't forget my recent 2nd Full Marathon journey aka runcation aka island escapade. It was still fresh in my mind, as if it was being held yesterday. Guessed that everybody will have to agree with me on that department. I'm pretty sure many of us, runners had such a great time and sweet moments before, during and after IOM 2013. So here I am, would love to share my EPIC, so-called Dramatic journey... LOL!

Pre-Run Journey
Got myself my lucky number 14 on my running bib and a awesome Runner's Guide... Cool!
I took our racekits from The Marathon Shop after I was temporarily lost my way (silly me) a week before the event. Rashid, my personal supporter cum photographer and I took our flight from LCCT at 6.55 pm on Saturday, 20 April 2013. Our flight has been rescheduled from 5.20 pm to 6.55 pm. See, we wasted some time here already. Sigh. As soon as we touched down at the Langkawi International Airport, immediately I drove the rental car to find for a decent "carbo-loading" dinner nearby. We had a heavy Thai seafood for dinner. It was delicious nonetheless. After that, it was time to check in to our motel. We've decided to stay at Desa Motel, located just opposite the Fave Hotel, the official accommodation for most of the runners too. I never knew I would be running in front of the motel on the very next day. Gosh! Hahaaa... 

Running gears - Checked! We are good to go!!! 
Next, it was time for us to assemble all the running related gears and put it aside all the prepared stuffs on the table. I've prepared three 250 ml hydration bottles, one was for drinking water, one was for isotonic drink and last but not least, one was for Hammer FIZZ Endurolytes drink. Just in case we might woke up late tomorrow morning. Must have some contingency plan, based on my previous late start experience during MWM 2013... LOL! Around 11 pm, it was time to hit the sack and called it a day, although I hardly could sleep at first. Super jittery feelings, I guessed. 

Around 3.25 am, Rashid woke me up after he had his shower. I was so freaking tired and still pretty much in a sleepy zombie mode at that time. So I dragged myself for a hot shower and prepping up. We were already late when our fellow running friend, Azim and his wifey, Lydia were waiting for us. Goshhh! Luckily the starting venue was not that far from my motel, circa 3 km. 

Here We Go! 

We arrived at Resort World Langkawi around 4 am. There were already many runners at the starting line, approximately 1,000 in total. After we observed the moment of silence for the victims of  the horrific Boston Marathon bombings incident, we were horned off  at 4.30 am with the majestic firework display.  I decided to start the run easy since I didn't warm up properly and I haven't done my no.2 business. Hahaaa.... 
Happy chirpy faces before the tormenting run begins... Hey I had the Cat's Eye literally.. LOL!!!
After 3.5 km, we were ushered into the dark Cenang Beach. Since it was still dark, all I could hear was the crashing waves. It was difficult to run on the beach since it was really dark. I had to follow a runner who was wearing his headlamp and keep up with his pace too. I was surprised to see that there was a couple who were sitting in the middle of the beach route. Some runners might bump into them if they were not alert.  

Once I exited the beach section, I ran towards the road along the airport area. Before that, I had to do a quick pit stop for my no. 2 business first since there's not porta-loo around the route. Sigh! We were running under the shining stars and it was pitch dark. Although some parts of the road were visible with the blinking signals light from the safety VW cars, but I almost tripped after I stepped on the reflective square thingy in middle of the road. Thank goodness I didn't fall down. 

Before I hit the 12 km u-turn, I came upon Mr Yahya Iskandar, one of my running blogger buddy. Looks like he was running strong in front of me on that time. Keep it up dude! Oh I almost forgot, I had my 5.30 pace band as I aimed to do 5.30 for this IOM after came upon Yvonne's blog. A tad bit ambitious? Maybe, but there's no harm to aim high because that would be my buffer time to achieve Sub 6 at least. Hehee... I took my 1st gel after 10k (1:17:09, 7'32"). I was still within my pace band after KM15 (1:56:58, 8'58") when my pace started to decrease once I reached the 20KM marker (2:39:25 and 7'49"). I was getting slower by 3 minutes and then 6 minutes after 25 KM... Sigh T..T 

We ate hills for breakfast, lunch and dinner too...  Hell yeah!!! LOL!!!
From KM17 onwards we were served with a variety of rolling hills. Some of them were mild, some of the inclines were continuously long and some of them were tormenting, especially in Bukit Malut Hahaha... I gulped down my 2nd energy gel circa KM18. I had to say that I ate hills for breakfast and brunch too. LOL... Definitely an awesome experience. I reached KM25 marker after 3:22:07 and 8'16" pace. I ate my banana like hell here as I was so hungry. I also took my 3rd energy gel after my pee stop even though my throat felt funny after gulping down several energy gels. Urghhh... Later on, as I reached KM29 water station, I was surprised to be served with a cold coconut drink. Totally felt like heaven sent for me, although my coconut drink tasted a bit sour-ish. Not that I complained. Hahaa.. One of the cheerful volunteer wished me good luck before I continued my journey. Later on I found out she was Ms. Farah. I first met her during my FMV in PBIM 2012 after KM33, I think so... 
May God bless this coconut opener guy for giving us the most refreshing cold coconut drink on Earth ever... =D
All seemed to be running pretty well even though I stopped at every water station to get both of my knees and calves sprayed. Suddenly all hell broke loose after KM32 when my iPhone aka mp3 player was out of battery. I was running music-less and with no mile indicator while tackling the vicious relentless killer hills during my last 10 km . T..T Plus it was super scorching hot with less shades along the route. I kept on chanting some zikr for my mantra to keep my rhythm and to avoid any mental breakdown. =(
As you can see, my Nike+ Apps stopped at 32.6km... Still a long way to go before I reached the finishing line... T..T
I would love to run with the Force all the time... How I wish!!! =D
 It was sooo hard to run in this blazing hot condition that I gave up and resorted to walk and it took me forever to reach the next WS in KM35. It was the highest point of the route. I was very very happy as all my water bottles were almost empty. After refuelling and soaked some icy cold sponge onto my head and face, I kept on running towards KM38 WS. Once I reached KM40 WS, I was taken by surprise when my personal photographer took my picture as I was already felt super tired. It was almost 6hour at that moment. Moreover, the Fave Hotel served me an icy cold Coke. Another heaven sent on a super hot day. I poured more Coke into my water bottle and kept on running towards the final 3 km. 



Mr Tey caught all my epic moments during the final 2 KM going the final uphill... Almost gave up already... That's the power of a camera... LOL! Thanx a lot Mr Tey... Awesome pic of a Kitty Guy.

The photographers were very clever to encourage us to keep on running even on an uphill by taking our pictures at the top of the final hill. Must stay strong and looked happy in picture liao. Hahaa... As I dashed towards the finishing line, another lovely ice-cream was being offered at me. I couldn't resist that offer, hell no! Hahaha.. Finally I could see the finishing arch and ran like hell towards it despite all the chaffings 
around my thigh area. @..@ I managed to finish the run in 6 hour 08 minutes nonetheless... 

Almost there, almost home!

My 1st picture after finishing the awful hot run... Catching my breath! Thanx Rashid...
After being handed the precious finisher medal, finisher tee and a cool goodies VW bag, I went straight way to refresh and rehydrate myself. Had plenty of watermelons slices, Gatorade drink and some bananas too.  I even took away 2 packs of nasi lemak, which was very yummy indeed. Now it's time for some post session photo shoots. Hehee.... =D
My must do after run pose... So cliche of me... Hahaa 

Congratz to all of us (Me, Rashid and Azim) for finishing this super tough route... Insaf sude!!! 
Met my Twitter friend in person, Azizul Morshidi, he`s fast n finished in style...Siap catwalk ala Charlie's Angels lagik.!
Me and my new friend, Mr Yahya from Kuching, Sarawak... Sik cayak nakk bole jupa juak akhirnya tek.. =D
Well, what can I say, I was very pleased with this boutique marathon, where us the runners were their customers. We were pampered with cold coconut drinks, two extra energy gels, plenty of bananas, icy Coke and endless amount of Gatorade, Revive and cold drinking water. There was no timing chip and no cut off point as it was a non-competitive running event. I could see many runners ran in groups and took a group picture non-stop along the scenic route. They seemed to be having lots of fun too. 

Post Recovery Activities

After the event, Rashid and I went for a lunch at the nearby ikan bakar restaurant in Cenang Beach. Since Rashid achieved his PB for this 2nd FM (4.44.02 aka Sub5, shaved 35min from his previous FM!), I asked him to buy me lunch to celebrate his victory.. Thank a lot dude! Keep on getting your Sub4 dream soon ok! More PB equals more free makan-makan celebration...Hahahaa! I love the grilled squid and the giant prawn... Yummeh! We dozed off once we reached our motel. Three of us went to Tanjung Rhu in the evening for a swim and photo taking activities. It was so painful to take a dip in sea with all the chaffings... Ouch! 

The catch of the day... Definitely priceless!!!! Meowww... =P
Muhasabah diri sat setelah selesai habiskan 2nd FM in one piece... No dehydration issue afterwards... Yayyy!!!
We went to Pekan Kuah to buy some chocolates for our family and friends. Later on, we headed to Wan Thai for a scrumptious authentic Thai delicacies. I just loved their Somtam and Siakap Tiga Rasa... Definitely a mind blowing experience... =P
Totally an authentic Thai Food... Wan Thai the best... Very reasonable price too... =D
On the final day in this legendary island, we decided to take the Sky Cab to Mount Macincang. Unfortunately it was closed for their annual maintenance until 25 April 2013. Therefore we tried to have a look at Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells). I've never been there before, as far as I could remember. So the three of us climbed the stairs up and reached the highest pool in no time. It was pretty tiring especially after the grueling IOM. We took some pictures too along the way. It's goofying time for us... Hehehee!


Dipping my sore feet in a icy cool water from the mountain... Rasa nak berendam terus je... Rugi xbawak suar mandi... 
So, that's all folks for this race review aka random ramblings... Hahaa... Looking forward for my 2nd part of this Marathon Series, which is River Jungle Marathon (RJM). Can't wait to tackle the well known vicious Bukit Hantu in Hulu Langat... Bring it on, bebeh! Unleash the "hantu" inside me i never knew... ROFLOL!!! Thus i will try to improv my timing also... Ngeh2... See ya around then y'all... 


Enjoyed my last sunset moment in Pantai Tengah... I'm for sure will miss this Legendary Island... 

Thursday, April 11, 2013


My running pose during my 2nd Runcation in SG.... Sigh! 
Hi there, welcome back to my humble shabby blog... I would like to share with you guys out there, my beloved running junkies aka enthusiasts out there on my not-so-recent Half Marathon run in Singapore. Just so you know, it was my 1st time experience running outside Malaysia, my 2nd so-called "Runcation" and my 10th Half Marathon to date. Thanks to 2XU Compression Run Half Marathon 2013 which was held recently on 31st March 2013.

Cool light blue Finisher Tee... Very tempting indeed! =D
I was tempted to sign in this HM run mostly because of the famous 2XU brand name and all the "delicacies" provided, namely the cool running vest, superb finisher tee and last but not least the unique out of the world finisher medal... Besides it was my 2nd time to Singapore after my 1st traumatized road trip before. Don`t ask, don`t tell... LOL!
We stayed here during our stay in SG... Super comfy and awesome friendly running makcik!  =D
Me and my partner in crime, Rashid took a flight to SG on Friday, 29th March... Way early in the morning as it was the cheapest flight during the AirAsia promo. Arrived at Changi International Airport around 10am and made our way to our backpacker hostel in Bussorah Street. We decided to stay at The Sleepy Kiwi because it was just a stone`s throw away from the magnificent historical Sultan Mosque. Plus, there were many Cafes and restaurants near Arab Street serving scrumptious halal Singaporean food.

Welcome to Singapore!!! Martylarrr pose2 jakun bagai rusa masuk Kota Singa... 
Splendid stunning Sultan Mosque in the background... Felt like I was at the Sultan`s Palace in Aladdin... =D
Once we have checked in and had out lunch, we went to pick up our friend`s racekit for the NTUC 350 Run. The REPC was held at Orchard Central. We had some difficulties trying to locate the venue as I have never been to Orchard Road before. It is the most famous road amongst shopaholics as there were so many super massive shopping malls along the stretch. Gosh, I was blown away and my feet were killing me too LOL! Furthermore it was flooded with a very huge crowd on that day since it was Easter holiday. @_@

Just doing a favor for my running friend aka disciple katanya, Taufik... Nice goodie gym bag.. Jelezz cheq! 
Let`s just fast forward a little bit. Azim and Faiez, the other dynamic duo checked in at the same hostel as us on Saturday, 30th March. Four of us went to collect our racekit at the Lion Building. Then we've decided to explore Little India and our lunch there. I had this mouth watering Tandoori chicken briyani  while the other were having banana leaf rice. Simply sinfully yummeh! We went to Marina Bay Sand that night and were entertained by a live music from an orchestra. I was already tired and need to hit the sack asap so we went straight to our hostel and called it a day already. All of us agreed to be ready to go by 4.30am.
Me and the famous Zam Zam Singapore Murtabak... It`s huge and yummilicious... Must try one ok!
Had scrumptious lunch in Little India, super yummeh Tandoori Chicken Briyani.... =P

Collected my racekit with gusto, nice running bib number... `82 babies sgt
Now the drama began. Me and Rashid woke up pretty early that morning, around 3.00 - 3.30am. One of our roomate was annoyed by Rashid`s alarm and shouted him to turn it off. Yeah, we runners were the insane bunch, woke up at wee hours. LOL! Around 4.15am, I thought Azim and Faiez were already awake and preparing themselves. Well, think again! They were still fast asleep... OMG! I woke Azim up and he hurriedly went to the shower. I smelled disaster in the making. We might be late for the flag off as we had to walk/run for 20minutes to reach the venue, F1 Pit.

Dalam kalut ribut tuh sempat lagik amik gambar... Muka2 baru bangun tdoq sangat...  Hehee
Must give a strong cheerful face no matter how long will it take me to finish this run... =D
Lucky for us as we bumped into this Singaporean uncle, who was going to the venue as well. Once we reached the starting line, we were released as the 3rd WAVE at 5.50am... Dang! Late flag off means I`ll be finishing it quite late n toasted again LOL... I was trying to give my best when my feet weren't very co-operative after 3KM. Must be still sore and tired after the long walk around SG... Sigh! Suddenly around 6KM, I felt the urge to do no.2 business, although I`ve already done it before in the morning. OMG, I could see all the porta-loos weren't available with a very long queue. As I was running in a park near Kallang, where badly lit and very crowded too, I could see there was a public toilet. Thank goodness! After done with my business, I tried to keep up with the targetted pace. However I felt restless. Every km felt like so far away and forever to reach. T..T

I ran for a good cause, to spread the words from MISSION FOR MISSING CHILDREN... =)
To add salt to the wound, we had to slow down and walked through 2 bottlenecks along the route, due to the construction works. The pavement was in a bad condition too. Very dangerous for the runners, especially in the dark. We were running along Geylang River towards Tanjong Rhu when the jogging pavement was very small to accomodate the large crowd. Some were even walking leisurely on the right side. Haish! I had to zig zag through and even ran on the grass  and tree roots beside the pavement. Azim catching up with me here and we were like racing each other... Hahaa...

Just look at that HM route... Pretty daunting indeed... I would never choose to run in this route ever...  =( 
I was running along Kallang River and heading towards Marina Barrage (KM17) and was able to see the magnificent Marina Bay Sands from the other side of the river. It was picture perfect moment. Then we have to run towards Marina Bay Sands through Gardens by the Bay. The loop was insanely long and mental too @..@ (Almost want to do walk break here, because it`s shady and I was mentally exhausted too.. hahaa!). I managed to cross the finishing line in 2hr52min... Thank goodness, still under 3hour... I was toasted by the sun along the way although it was only 8-9am. It was already freaking scorching hot!

Almost at the finishing line, with Marina Bay Sands as the background...
To summarize my race report, here is the pros and cons.

(1) The running vest, finisher tee and finisher medal are awesomely nice and worth the fees. Catchy indeed!

(2) Love the tagline, "Unleash the you you never knew!"

(3) Racekit collection was easy peasy, done pretty fast and convenient too

(4) Plenty of Water Stations along the route, almost every 2km, providing lots of Pocari Sweat and drinking water, bananas and energy gel. I really love the

(5) Traffic control was ok with many crew manning the junction and streets

(1) The route in the park was pitch black. I could barely see the pavement and it was very dangerous. There was no source of light or blinkers at least.

(2) Two congestion moments when all the runners had to go through the bottleneck section due to the construction works near the route. When we have to walk slowly, our pace will decrease significantly and time will be wasted too.. hehe..

(3) Some parts of the pavement were in a bad condition. Runners might trip and stumble. The jogging pavement along Geylang and Kallang River was too narrow to accommodate the large number of runners.

(4) Running in this part of Singapore is damn boring. Not many stunning landmark and tourist attraction spots to see, unlike Sundown Marathon`s route. Should have study the route 1st before decide for my future running event.

After the race, it`s a must for us runners to take photo like crazy, flaunting the finisher medal and finisher tee, nonetheless. Hahaha... Because it was worth running here for. Then, we just walked ourselves home and stopped by for a self rewarding recovery drink at the Starbucks. Awesome!

Me with my finisher medal.. Luv the Singapore Flyer at the back
Me and my running accomplice, Rashid... Congratz for your Sub 2hour PB  (1.57 to be exact) 
Funtastic Four Runnin Friends, Me (The Thing), Azim (Mr. Fantastic), Faiez (Invisible Woman) & Rashid (Human Torch) LMAO... 
My finisher medal must pose at the Finishing Arch... Priceless... Hahaha!!!
Its time for celebration and self rewarding at The Starbucks Cafe... =D
After that, it`s time for us to explore the must visit tourist attraction spots in Singapore. We went to the Merlion Park and walk along the Esplanade. The weather was overcast and friendly enough for us. The view was spectacular... ;D

It`s goofying time bebeh... Boys will always be boys... LOL!
Funtastic Four Camwhoring moment at the Merlion Park... Yeah!

Savouring the mesmerizing Marina Bay Sands view from Merlion Park... =D
Feeling2 GLAMorous at Istana Kampong Gelam... LOL...

Sempat lagik pose2 di depan Universal Studio Singapore tapi xsempat masuk, Sob2... T..T
Till then, I`ll definitely be coming here again for TUC, MR25 or Sundown Ultra perhaps? Looking forward to do Ultra here in SG... Should be awesome... Cheers y`all...