Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BROOKS HILLY HALF MARATHON 2013 - A Refreshing 9th HM Run!!!

My Precious Mini Golden Trophy =)
Oh why hello, hi there, hope I`m not too late to update my recent Brooks Half Marathon 2013 race report. Better update asap or else I might left some important points along the way. Hehee... So forgetful of me... hahaa...
Red Left Foot... Sigh
Earlier on we pick our racekit along with our  runner friends at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara and did a quick gait analysis at the Brooks store nearby. It turns out that my left feet bear a higher weight than my right feet. Obviously I`m a left handed person... Hehee... Fyi, we did break it the running vest during my 21K LSD Run with the Le Sabuns Ultra LSD organized by Ultra Ray n Ultra Arman the week before the event. It was super comfy!

On the event day itself, I woke up around 3 am... Soooo damn early coz I have to pick Zen, my running buddy who lives in Taman Maluri. Rashid as usual my accomplice went along with me coz he`s not feeling well. As soon as we started fetching Zen, Rashid started to vomit. Goshh, that`s not a good start for doing his anniversary HM for him... Poor creature...

We arrived at the event venue around 4.35 am. The traffic was still not congested yet as I parked at my usual parking spot. A bit far but at least it wont be congested to go out once the event has finished.

I've finished my 9th HM so far.... Ho Yeah!!!
Around 5.25 am, the HM runners were flagged off with a gun thingy, a honk I think. Hehee... I was running in a zombie mode the 1st  two kilos as it was still dark. We went through a different route this time around, unlike last year. I noticed we were running in the dark most of the time and were forced to tackle all the deadly inclines while it was still dark. At least it was not that mentally challenging like last year as it was already bright when I ran along the back to back inclines hehee.... Lucky us!

Brooks HM 2013 Route... Nike+ spotted 22KM... I think It`s just 21.7KM only... 
As I ran towards KM13.5 I saw a fallen runner was being treated with a CPR by a kind hearted selfless running doctor and the ambulance came to bring the poor runner to the nearest hospital. Later on it appears that the runner in his early 50s has died due to heart failure. RIP and my deepest condolence to his beloved family and friends. Bless your soul, doctor  for trying your best to revive him.  It was a sad day for us in running community. =(

Me running in motion... LOL!
I noticed that I could smell the green fresh grass cut fragrance all the way. It was so refreshing for me instead of inhaling the diesel and petrol from the non moving vehicles. I didn`t get the honks from the impatient drivers so I was all content. During the run, my right knee started to get very painful and sore. i stopped at the medic for a spray. Then my leg knee started to acting up too. I did felt that the decision to merge the 5KM and 10KM runners with 21KM runners was not cool at all. It was a bad call. If they want to merge all the runners, they should close the road completely. It`s for the sake of the runners' safety.

Almost hit the wall... My body started to shut down... Getting fatigue already... Sob2!! T..T
The last 2KM was the hardest part of all. I almost hit the wall because i screwed up my hydration plan. The water stations was not the same as last year. I was having a bad time as I was sooo thirsty and I decided to take my energy gel without the water. Around 1KM I decided to walk a bit, 300 meter until I finally saw the finishing line. I reached the finishing line in 2:40... Syukur Alhamdulillah... I managed to shave off 18 minutes from my last year`s Brooks HM. (2:58)

Kak Nannoor: "Wah muntah2 20x pon dapat abeskan HM ... Gile ar!!! Macam xcaye je... " LOL!
We Are Runners "Winning" Pose!
We Did It!!! 10km n 21km Finishers.... 
Rashid, YoursTruly, Razinah n Dr Fong... 
Yours Truly, the legendary Aini Kassim, Rashid n Fong....
Congratz Zen for your Virgin HM.... Laju gak tuh mamat nih, 2jam 28min tuh...  Kalah senior2... 
Next, it`s time to have a post event photoshoots... Congratz to all WARs for finishing strong, especially Rashid for finishing his HM with a PW despite had to vomit 21 times along the way... Poor him... Anything for a finisher tee...  Congratz to Zen and Fong, WARs for their Virgin HM run... They were even faster than I... Wuuaaa T..T Labi2 pace sangat aku nih... The design, just so-so, but that will do. At least they should put the 21KM FINISHER at the back, instead of only FINISHER.... Sighed!

Ogling over 3 cute distinctive finisher trophies 5KM (Bronze), 10KM (Silver) and 21KM (Gold)
After a hard long run, it`s time to self reward myself... Apa lagik, balun nasik goreng Thai la... LOL!!! Larekksss...


I Ran JAKARTA Central During CNY 2013... Dreams Came True... Woot2!!! =D

Hello there fellow readers, followers, my beloved brothers and sistas of Runninghood. Have a splendid Tuesday to all. After struggling with my old and new knee injuries crawling back at me recently, I've decided to rest a bit more after the recent Brooks Halfie Marathon 2013. However, I intend to do a back-to-back-to-back race report and running diary. So here we go...

The two lanes was designated for pedestrians (runners) on left, while cyclists on the right side.  Although I ran on the right lane sometimes coz it was shadier than the left as  it was almost 9 am T..T
I would love to share my 1st Runcation ever in Jakarta during my recent CNY loooong break. (martylarrr citer dah basi... dah bole wat tapai dah.. LOL!) At first, I only planned to run in Bandung, whenever I had chances. However, I realised that running in the crowded city was impossible. The road around the city was less runners friendly and we have to go further to the countryside to do so. Until my friend aka tourist guide, Mas Irwansyah told me that there would be Car-Free Day every weekend in Jakarta. I was like super yayyyy! I would never imagine being able to run on the most busiest roads in the heart of Jakarta City (JKT). Super excited indeed...  After all the makanthon in BDO - JKT (Read: Nasi Uduk & Batagor), at least I could burn off all those sinful indulgence. Hahaaa! Finally after 3rd time I went to JKT for holidays, I did my runcation there... =)
Bike To Work Concept. How I wish it would be that easy to be implemented here in Klang Valley... Sigh

Sunday mornings between 6 am and 11 am is designated as a " Car-Free Day" in JKT, Indonesia where the city closes off Jalan Sudirman and Jalan MH Thamrin so that the urban dwellers can enjoy a stroll, run or bike their way across town. Since then Car Free Day became a monthly event in JKT, held every last Sunday of the month. However every other Sundays these main avenues were closed for cars for a shorter period.  
Me camwhored in front of Selamat Datang Monument... Awesome!

I started out a bit late that glorious morning, around 7.45 am. Had to blame for the late night "activities" on the previous night. LOL. It was already bright that morning. The air was still crispily fresh. I started running from my Thamrin Condotel Residences. It wasn't that far from Grand Indonesia and Thamrin City. Around 2KM, I reached the famous Selamat Datang monument located in the centre of Hotel Indonesia Roundabout (Bundaran HI). Couldn't resist to camwhore myself there. LOL... There were many people were seen taking pictures and chillaxing while listening to the mini gigs performed by the street buskers nearby. I could see some of the street hawkers were also selling their food and kuehs on carts along the closed roads.

Awesome architecture along JL. Thamrin

Cyclists waiting at the main junction. 

Almost there at Monas...

I decided to run along Jalan MH Thamrin towards all the way north to National Monument (Monas), Central JKT and went back towards Jalan Sudirman. Along the way, I could see many cyclists enthusiasts and runners were flocking the streets care free. The atmosphere was electric! =D Some of the tourists too took the opportunity to take pictures along the closed street. Me too couldn't resist to take some pictures along the way too... Typical tourist cum runner, huh? LOL... 

Love the water fountain and the background picture too... Thanx to a  kind JKT Cyclist Guy for taking my picture .
Ondel - Ondel, the Indonesia Mascot and  a must take picture with... =D
Fancy horse cart to go around the Monas Park, anyone? Hehee...
Me and my running pose in front of MONAS.. Thanx to a friendly by-passer  for taking this picture... =D 
The weather was getting warmer by the time I reached Monas, it was around 5KM there. I immediately snap more and more pictures as the weather was awesome. There were many people running around the Monas Park, while others thronged the morning market. I witnessed there was an event being held in Monas too. Some novel campaign being launched. 

Monas and Perwira Monument...
Then it was time for me to head home as I don't wanna miss my breakfast by 10 am. It was getting hotter by 9.30 am. I headed home and went back towards Jl. Thamrin and running into Jl. Sudirman. From there onwards, more and more cyclists were seen conquering the road. I noticed a mother cycled with her daughter,  while a father encouraged his son to tackle the incline. I saw there were several ala car boot sales  were held by the road, selling some bike accessories and bike wear with a reasonable price. Even the policemen and policewomen were patrolling the road in bicycles. Super cool!

Headed towards Selamat Datang monument and Bundaran HI again

Bapak Sudirman Monument, The Historian of Indonesia.
 Overall, I managed to do 14.5 km on that lovely morning. How I wish we could have a Car Free Day in KL as well. It would so cool for us cyclists and runners to exercise around Dataran Merdeka and Padang Merbuk once in a while, at least once a month. Well, in the meantime I`m sooo looking forward to do another runcation during my travel trip in the near future... =)

Before I go, I would like to serve you guys with my makanthon galore in BDO & JKT. See how guilty I felt after walloping all those scrumptious delicacies.. Cheers and happy running fellas! 


Nasi timbel ayam bakar sama sup asin                               Pisang bakar sama susu pekat, keju & cokelat

Nasi Padang Ayam Bakar


Tupat Tahu                                                           Nasi uduk wangi sama lauk2 heaven

Nasik timbel ayam bakar manis


Friday, March 1, 2013


Run For Your Soul.... Grrrrr!!!!
Hello there, happy barakah holy Friday to all my fellow readers and followers, my respected brothers and sisters of Runninghood. Hope it`s not too late for me to share with ya my several running activities. So sorry for not being able to update my blog regularely due to some inevitable circumstances. (Under the weather, sore legs and old injury creeping back, lazy much etc. LOL...) Well, better late than never, right...
Cool Finisher Tee to all runners and volunteers too... Luv the design too!!!  I`m  part of the club already... =D
So let me get str8 to the point, cerita basi pon basi lah janji sempat document in my Diva Runner blog... Hahaha... How narcissistic of me... LOL... I`ve been volunteering myself as one of the Zombie Runner for Zombie Run Malaysia 2013. It was held in Canyon Paintball Pak, Bukit Utama, Damansara on 2nd February 2013. I immediately signed up without a doubt once I read about it in Penonton. It`s about time for me to become one of the volunteer for this inaugural Zombie Run, the 1st in South East Asia as being depicted by Bangkok Post. Later on, I managed to "poison" Rashid to be one of the Zombie volunteer too, especially it will be held on his 31st Birthday... Yayyy, it`s gonna be a Zombie celebrating his undead day... The day he has turned.. LOL!

Before the D day, we were required to pick our character and request for our wardrobe. We`ve met Lord Chacha, our Lord Zombie (although he didn`t dressed up as one on the event day) and Ms. Sonyah, our wardrobe adviser aka person in charge. I chose to be a Fashionista Zombie (Read: Lady Gaga aka Ah Gua) while Rashid chose to be a Saree Auntie (Read: Minah Estet Mati Masa Menoreh). Both of us chose to be the Chaser Zombies as we would love to chase the runners for their brains life straps. Besides chaser, there were also stumbler and tank zombies. It`s gonna be hilarious and full of EPIC as I was told there`s will be Hooker Zombie and Beauty Pageant Zombie involved too... Sooo excited! The Rise of Tranny Zombies... LOL!
The "bootcamp" character building training session... Credits to Felicia Zoe
Afterwards, we had to undergo 2 - 3 sessions of training during the weekend consecutively for us to truly feel our characters, to be one with it too. It was so much like a military bootcamp, a glimpse of it I guessed. These 2 training sessions conducted by a famous well known actress Ms. Nicole Anne Thomas really "broke" our bones, just like an undead zombie. It was tough and gruelsome too... We were rewarded with sore muscles all over our body... Goshh, thank goodness we`ve survived...  Fuhhh...Hahaha... ;D

(Disclaimer: The following pictures might make you feel nauseous, jaw dropping and eye popping. Pretty not decent for pregnant ladies and those with faint hearted. You've been warned.... Mwahahaa...)

Rashid the model of the day... Eerie much? Hahaha...
My masterpiece after the make up hands on session... Thanx to Rashid too... Gruelsome much!
Another stunning masterpiece.... Freaking real, man!!! Good job....
So now we are ready. Next we must learn on how to make up ourselves and transformed into a very real Walking Dead Brainiac fellas.. Hehee.... The make up lesson by Ms. Felicia Zoe, a rising make up artist, well known for her awesome masterpiece was very informative and the hands-on was cool too. It`s very easy to become an eerie Zombie with some simple tools, bloody real blood and make up. Rashid, as usual, volunteered himself to be the model of the day. Later on, he was featured in The Star. Glam abess hehee!

Luv the title, The Running Dead!!! 
Moving forward to D day. We reached the venue around 6am after being lost for a while coz the venue was pretty much secluded and cant find it directly, even with a map. Talking about fashionably late... LOL... I immediately try on my wig and  dress while Rashid tried his turquoise saree... Soooo hilarious... Hahaha.. Unfortunately he lost his bangles during the fitting session, so 'tingtong' of him...

      My before and after Zombie makeover.... Grotesque indeed... Exclusively only on this blog... Muahaha..

Final touch ups by Felicia Zoe. She`s a Zombie too... 
Fashionista aka Lady Gaga aka Ah Gua Zombie with Saree Auntie Zombie in action..... Grrrrrr!!!
Even Beauty Queen Zombie must eat bihun too... Hahaaa... Not just brains!!!
All bloody drenched school kids zombies.... Arrrrrr!!!!!
Since we were a tad late, we dicided to went for the 2nd - 5th (final) waves. I`m not ready to go for the 1st wave coz I really need more final touch up, thus I would like to know the feedback from the pioneer Zombies. The first two waves were like a warm up for me. I couldn`t able to snatch any of the life strap from the runners as most of them were fast and full of dramas, especially the ladies. (God!). Later on, I learned to be more fearless, merciless and managed to grab 5 straps from them. Yayyy...

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Moment & Victorious Zombies!

Rashid, Yours Truly and WAR friends... Great job guys!!! So sorry for your swollen ankle Fadhil... X sengaja k! 
I witnessed so many runners fell down, tripped over, hurt themselves up while running for their lives as the course surface was not even (semi dried mud holes) and full of potential hazzards too , i.e. sharp twigs, dead trees, rusty car and drums. Creepy much. It was getting hotter during the 3rd wave. Even the zombies were dehydrated. Luckily our Miss Beauty Pageant Zombie was the Miss Congeniality of the day. "She" offered us his 100 Plus isotonic drink. Blessed you.  Oh I did managed to scare the socks out of them and made one of my runner friend from WARs, Fadhil sprained his ankle while in the Zone 4. Guessed that my Zombie make up was picture purrfect, even my running buddies couldn`t recognised me at all... Ngeh2... Martylarr masuk bakul angkat sendiri!!!
Keeping up with the marshalls, including our gengkakilari friends, Idot and Izwan.... Korang memang sempoi!!!

Scout Gurl, Harajuku, Saree Auntie, Bride and Clown Zombie....
Minus the Clown Zombie... Ahahaaa...
Yours truly with our Wardrobe Adviser, Sonyah aka Harajuku Zombie... Luv yur scissors! 
Saree Auntie, Chucky aka Gymnast Zombie and Budak Sekolah Zomba....  Awesome!!! 

Saree Auntie and Bahia... Zombies Rule!!!

After all the excitement, it was time for camwhoring and photoshoots with my fellow Zombiemates and the organizers, our unsung heroes and heroins. Overall, it was truly a new experience for us. It was one of a kind running event where the Zombies rule in the end... Hahaa... I really had so much fun  chasing runners around. Would I do it again next year? Hell yeahh... Hahahaa.. Just wait for Auntie Cheongsam Zombie then... Kihkihkihh... Oh we were featured in Chera Miche`s blog " Leave Your Own Track" and Felicia Zoe`s too. Check it out y`all... Hehee!!!

Yours Truly and Lord Zombie Chacha... Love thy leader!!! 


Friendly smiling ever Vinnie and Zack (Team C Leader), the iron people behind the scene.... Kudos peeps! Last but not least, it`s time for group photos guys!!!!