Wednesday, January 2, 2013



Assalamualaikum and a very splendid 2nd of January 2013. to all my dearest readers, followers and visitors, my beloved brothers and sisters of runninghood (got meh that definition? lol!). I hope it is not too late for me to wish all of you guys  HAPPY JOYOUS NEW YEAR 2013. I'm pretty sure all of us have already prepared our own new year resolutions. Mine is simple, to get more and more PBs for every running event I'll participate this year around and to pursue my ultimate dream to become the Ultramarathoner just like my Sifu Ultra Ray and Ultra Yim, be it in an Ultra Trail or Ultra Road distance of 50KM and above...  Insha Allah... =D 

My Finisher Medals and Tees Collection for 2012 (excluding SCKLM's M.I.A. T..T)

Ok then, without further ado, I would like to share with you guys and gurls out there about the highlights of my running events last year 2012. I have joined 22 running events last year, compared to only 7 events in 2011, which means 3 fold time more. Goshh! I've just realised!!! LOL

Overall, I've done... my Maiden Full Marathon in Allianz Penang Bridge International Marathon (Virgin no more... T..T), did  6 Half Marathons (Brooks Half Marathon, PJ Dawn Marathon, SCKLM, MPSP Green Run, Taiping "International" Marathon and BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon), one 30KM Pacesetters Back To Basic Run aka LSD, one 25KM Newton Challenge Run, one 17KM Malakoff Penang Run, one 16.8KM Adidas KOTR, one 11.8KM Men's Health & Shape Night Run, three 12KM (Salomon X-Trail Run, Malakoff KL Run and Great Eastern Live Great Run),3 10KM (Mizuno Wave Run, Kajang Jogathon & Nike We Run KL), one 8KM StandChart Fun Run, two 7KM (World Kidney Run and ntv7 Feel Good Fun Run) and finally a 5KM (3.5KM) MARDI KSSM Run. 
Rashid, Yours Truly, Idot, Idot's Friend, Izman during my 1st Nike We Run KL 10KM
My 1st Running Event for 2012, 10KM Mizuno Wave Run... Woot2!!!
Kak Lina Bunny Lady and I during Salomon X-Trail 12KM , my 1st trail run... So excited n best!!!
Me And My Purrplelicous Cat Ears Pose
Run run die die lorr during my 1st Adidas KOTR 2012
Yours Truly, Azim and Faiez Buer during SCKLM 2012
My Must Do WW Post-Race Pose for Brooks HM  
During Standard Chartered Fun Run in Putrajaya... So blazing hot full of fun! @..@
My Maiden Full Marathon in 2012... Virgin no more... It was totally unforgettable experience of a lifetime!!!
I won't go further into the details on my timing for each running events because this is just a recap. Hehee... Suffice to say, my HM timings improved under Sub2.30 at this moment (TIM - 2hr24min PB) while my debut 1st FM was done within 6hr15min. Therefore I've signed up for several Full Marathons in 2013 in order to pursue my Marathon Maniac title (MM) and  to improve my timing for each of the marathon events. Wish me best of luck guys... Your moral support are most welcomed. After all, our running community is a small small world indeed, easy for us to bump into each other... Ngeh2... 

Best Of The Best Moments for WARs and GengKakiLari In 2012... More to come, Insha Allah... =D
So, just wait for my appearance in several debut FMs this year including Island Ocean Marathon, River Jungle Marathon and Borneo International Marathon just to name a few. As for now, let`s get back to our training and diet regime because the game has just begun... =D

P/S: Welcome to Blogging World, my dearest BFF, Mr Rashid aka roar_shade, a super speedy STAR Runner and Podium Finisher in the making. He's well known for his endless dramas and dramatic finishing time, as always. Expect for more of us this prosperous 2013, ok fellas! Cheers....
Senyum Sokmo... =D


  1. banyak dowh bro nyer event 2012, aku kene selective sikit, kalau sign up byk, karang wife bising pulak, bila masa aku nak beli ikan dgn sayur. another constrain is ongkos ler, maybe join yang near kl jer. since aku baru start jer, so xde la nak rushing sangat, dpt complete hm pun dah baguih utk 2013.

    Apapun tahniah in 2012 achievement. dan all the best utk 2013 punya plan. mpib ko join kn? aku dah amik race kit sebentar tadi. agak girlie skit la shirt dia, ada kaler purple. udahlah malakoff yg lepas kaler pink

    1. MatJoe: yupp btol tuh, tahun nih banyak je event larian area KL nih, mcm MPIB, Brooks Half Marathon, Putrajaya Night Marathon, SCKLM, Malakoff KL, Larian Bomba, Larian Kidney konpom ada lagi, Nike Run, Adidas Run pon suma area KL je, so pilih jgn x pilih... ajak orang umah join lari skali lagik chantek bro... sama2 kekal sihat n langsing hehe...

      MPIB aku sempat daftar ar, kena let go la nampaknya, 13hb ada Chap Ayam Relay Fun Run tuh aku join dgn kaki2 lari kitorg... 3km saja kena pecut wooo hehee..

  2. All the best in your quest for running this!

    1. Thanks Nick! Sorry for the super duper late reply... Oopsies... My bad... hehee

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  4. Pulun saja in 2013! hahaha

    All the best for all your FMs endeavours. :)

    Jangan lupa proper training and enough mileage this year. Lagipun nak aim for Ultran kan? Doing an Ultra is no way a walk in the park.

    Baca buku pasal Ultra running pun I penat taw...

    1. Thanks kak lina for the wishes and advises... Agreed, buat Ultra memang tough, x semudah yang disangkakan... hehe... Pasnih kena banyak baca articles dan buku tentang ultra n marathon

      Adei, lambat reply nih... Sorry sorry, my bad...

  5. Wow, MM ya *thumbs up*. Banyak betul races in 2013 ni full full semua ya? All the best!

    1. Yuppp kak Millie, cubaan untuk bergelar MM (running vest kuning MM yang sungguh memukau dan menggoda habis tuh) hehe... so setakat ini yang konpom Bulan April - Jun memang akan masuk 3 FM lagi untuk tahun ini... Neves gile sebab tuh kena train giler2 gak nih... Xmo rentung lama2 d Langkawi nanti... Cukupla 5jam 30min target masa untuk abes nanti... =D

      All the best for your running events in 2013 too, Kak Millie, esp MWM 2013 April nanti... Nanti saya datang bagi sokongan sambil pegang pom2 and healer... #Eh! Hehehe... ;D

  6. hello there

    2013 da nak abis.. mesti lagi meletup wrapped up for this year kan..keep blogging ya!!

    i'm back!! :)