Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My 1st HM Anniversary Run - Putrajaya Night Marathon 2012... EPIC!

Hello there fellow followers and hard core blog hoppers... Welcome to my humble simply me blog. Fyi, this is my 1st pilot blog entry. Hopefully I`ll be more consistent and `istiqamah` in blogging too as I`m sooo passionate in running, eating and travelling too.. Hahhaa... It`s perfect title for a new coming movie "Eat, Travel, Run..." Ok2, enough of goofing around. 

My We Are Runners (WARs) Circle companions and I posing before the 10km and  21km  PNM 2012.  Caiyukk2
(From left, Din, yours truly, Dr Fong`s sister, Dr Fong & Rashid)  
I`m gonna share with you guys about my recent Anniversary HM Run for Putrajaya Night Marathon (PNM) 2012. Did expect it will be a wet, blistering wild run as the dark stormy cloud approaching Putrajaya around 6.30pm. Miraculously, after Maghrib prayer, the weather was awesome, I even can see the moon some more. Thank goodness as I intended to wear some Halloween Pirate skull cap n eye patch... Just for fun and to ease the super jittery due to lack of training and mileage lately...  Wuaaaa... =D

Me and my Halloween Pirate Skull Cap & Eye Patch... Me likey gold!!! LOL
Still feeling nervous although it was my 8th HM, see I`ve been bitten with a running bug n so obsessed in running HMs n FM (soon). Can`t help much about it as it keeps me fit and lose more weight too. We were flagged off 8.20 pm sharp. I`ve targeted my PB of 2 hr 20 min since my last HM run in Taiping International Marathon I managed to clock in 2 hr 23 min.. Huhuu...  I`m sooo not into night running event, especially in Putrajaya. Super duper humid and so not comfy. I can do my LSDs in Putrajaya, but not running competitively there... I rather run at dawn or early morning, where my body at its top conditions too.  [Banyak songeh kan aku nih hehee...] *chuckles*

Well, all I can say, it was a very well organized night run, lots of entertainment to kill the boredom of running at a very long straight silent route with marching bands, traditional 1Malaysia drums and several superheroes along the route (Superman, Spiderman, Darth Vader, Batman) to give support and high fives... Hehee... Oh plus, lots of water stations and refreshments too along the way as it was my first time running without bringing a water bottle (too heavy! hehee) The banana was super yummy too hehee... 

The first 10km, I clocked 1 hr 07 mins, Not that good as I`ve targeted at least 1 hr 02 min but since it`s a night run, it was pretty hard u know... hehe.. In my mind, I calculated that if I maintained my current pace, I `ll finish strong with 2 hrs 20 min ngam2.. Haha... poyo sangat kan... I almost gave up around 3km before the finishing line. It felt like forever to reach the finishing line and I was having some serious chaffing at my inner thigh area. Guessed my 2XU tight was too loose and soggy with sweats. I even didn`t dare to take a bath that night to avoid the unnecessary screaming in pain and agony... *yikes kantoi*

Conquered 21km Putrajaya route at night... The killer inclines were awesomely tormenting... Hahaa

Anyway I managed to finish the run in 2hour30min (I did stop my Nike+ apps early on purpose as it already shows 21.12km before the finishing line with time of 2:29:40 kekekek). That timing would do just fine for me compared to my maiden Half Marathon run last year with the timing of 3 hours 11 min, I think... 40 minutes better.. *Yayyy*

Arrr... Me and my finisher tee and medal... I do looked more like Tom Cruise in Valkyrie... *Martylarr vrangan!!!
The finisher tee was awesome, compared to last year, it was more fiercely striking RED in colour... But this year it showed the `FINISHER` at the front, more obvious I think... Hehee... Whatever, I had enuff of doing HM for PNM 2012... Doing FM for PNM next year, perhaps... Maybe if I`m insane and fast enough... LOL! Can`t afford to finish after 1am... Hahaha.... Creepy lot!!!

My precious medal... Very nice design indeed...
Just had my legs massaged today, whole body actually... Really need to prep up for this coming Pacesetters Back to Basic 30km run cum LSD event that will be held at Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur... It will be my 1st 30km run, the furthest so far... Nervous wrecked like hell... Wish me luck to persevere those nasty 30km route. Respect the distance as always.... My left knee is still in pain. Hope my legs will be at their best behave this coming Sunday, 28 October 2012. =)

We are 21km Finishers... Yeahhh... Rashid did his PB as predicted... Congratzz buddy!!!


  1. First thing first....wohooo on the new blog! Update selalu tau! :)

  2. Thanx Kak Lina for the support.. This is just a beginning for more to come... Can`t wait to share my running experience... Plus eating n travelling too... hehee... =D

  3. Terbaek2!!...dah 8 HM tuh...perghh..jauh lagi perjalanan nih nk smpi that number..hehe

  4. Khairul: 8 HM baru bole dapat timing 2.30, fuhhh... tuh pon da separuh nyawa da... kurang training n mileage terkumpul pon cukup2 makan je, LSD suma kelaut xcukup jauh... hahaa... kena train harder pasnih demi mu PB...