Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Titisan embun segar di pagi hari menuju ke puncak Bukit Datuk  =D
Why, Hello there fellow followers and hardcore brothers and sisters fellow running bloggers.... First of all my utmost apologies for unable to update my latest running event review asap due to my ups and downs of health conditions due to the packed underground secret trainings (so-called LOL!) regime lately for this coming inaugural one of a kind running event in February... So stay tuned for more updates... Freaking excited totally... LOL!!! Oh before I almost forgot, Happy Thaipusam to all my Hindu friends and Salam Maulidur Rasul to all my Muslim brothers and sisters worldwide.

Okay then, let`s cut the chase and just straight to the point. Before this entry reached its 'due date' by next month (1st February 2013 - basi already!), I would like to share with all of you guys out there that what Bukit Datuk has to offer to all the tree huggers, trail runners and nature enthusiasts. On the very fine peaceful morning of 19 January 2013, I've joined my fellow KSSM members on our fun hiking activities to Bukit Datuk, Serdang.

Bukit Datuk route and its elevation. GARMIN Data from Rashid . Thanx Yosh!!! 
Bukit Datuk is situated in the heart of MARDI Headquarters in Serdang, Selangor and is the highest peak in MARDI (144m from the sea level). Formerly known as Bukit Botak, it has been renamed after our Director General of MARDI aka Datuk KP. Nonetheless it provided us with all the excitement and jungle tracking experiences.

Warm up stretching is a must folks! Yeahhh... 
Even before start hiking, must pose and look stunning too.. Hahaa...

Rashid, Yours Truly and Bro Bac, MARDI Runners United... Ho yeahhh.... 
Started our morning hiking around 8am with some stretching exercises as a warm-up to avoid any unpleasant cramps among the mini expedition members during the hike. After the prayer had been recited, off we went! There were 50 participants all together on that lovely journey, most of us were young and new officers and staffs (including me LOL!) It took us 2.62km and about 1 and a half hour journey to reach the summit with two break to catch a breather. We went through some magnificent jungle track ever in MARDI Jungle and noticed some precious timber trees such as Nyatoh and Petaling too. Totally awesome... =D

Precious timber for conservation....
Love Thy Forest... Be one with Mother Nature... Hehee ;D
My fellow compatriots includes Rashid, Bro Bac, Hazrul Amry and our gorgeous MARDI's sweat heart Miss Nadia Nuramina. We could not resist the temptation to camwhore and took as many photos as we could along the hike, especially in the wilderness. We faced many inclines along the way. Pretty challenging for some of us especially those who were hiking without wearing proper trail shoes.

MARDI Hikers tackling the inclines...
Rashid, Yours Truly and Hazrul goofing around... Hohoho... Credits to Bro Bac!
Stunning trail road, suitable for MTB track and trail running in MARDI 
Let's stretch some more here, Funtastic Four... Almost there... I could feel it already... =)

Even Rashid the Speedster Demon slipped several times too. LOL! See, you have to buy a decent trail running shoes asap buddy! It's a good investment and will be very handy for trail running too... Good for cross training ok!
Almost there... We can see the final peak from this point.... Awesome shot and editing by Bro Bac...
Awesome view from the top. We could see MEX Highway not that far from here... 
From the other side of the peak, we could see UPM Mosque and UPM campus too. 

I just wanna fly...  Fly far far away... LOL

Superb view from here, I was amazed!!! Subhanallah... =D Credits to Bro Bac
Well, as we were about to reach the end of our journey, the view was getting more and more awesome and breathtaking indeed. Once again, we could not resist to keep on snapping some pictures and posed like Top Super Models  (berangan xhengat punya LOL, al-maklumlah first timers!) The weather was slightly overcast and as me and my fellow colleagues ran towards the summit, it was pretty chilly and cooling too. It was totally unbelievable and unexpected too. I would never ever thought there is such place like this at the backyard of my office.
My Asics Enduro 7 still holding on tough... Need more trails to test your limit.... Kihkihh...
 Hence I shall come here again for my secret trail training ground... Ngeh2, anybody wanna join me running here too? *Raise your hands please... =) I`m sure Kak Lina Bunny aka Mak Rempinator and her Boss Sifu Ultra Ray and Team PACat Adventures (Abg Arman and Co.) would not mind getting all dirty and muddy here too... Kihkih..
Sinfully indulgence Nasik Lemak Sambal Sotong and Ayam Goreng... Rezeki jangan ditolak bro!  
Chempedak Goreng yang sinfully manis dan sangat sedapppp... Rasa macam nak tapau jer... @.@
MARDI rare fruits for desserts... Anyone? Hehee
After the hard workout, what else, makanthon time lah!!! It`s time for our late breakfast (10am++). At the peak, we were served with a scrumptious food galore, consisted of nasik lemak, crispy fried chicken, sambal sotong, sardine sandwhiches, chempedak and banana fritters. We were very fortunate to taste the underutilised rare fruits such as Kuning Telur, Mentega and Rambai fruits from our Gene bank farm in MARDI (although I`m not a big fan of these fruits, so I just took their pictures only... Too tired to eat fruits for dessert huhu...Plus I really need to catch some sleep and decent rest before dashing off to PJ for my character training at 2pm. @..@
Group photo of all the participants, happy faces after having our breakfast overlooking the Serdang Valley... 
Overall, we enjoyed ourselves along this fun hiking in group, making this hike so much fun and effortless too. Let's do it all over again in the near future, shall we guys? Hehee...


  1. I tak pernah cuba trail running. Must try la, after I get one FM out of the way. Hehe
    Cantik2 la gambar. Gambar you fly tu macam I takut tengok...macam nak terjatuh. Oh gambar Funtastic Four tu cun. Memang macam superheroes :D.
    I'm kinda afraid of wonder I tak suka nak hiking2 macam anak2 I hehe

    1. Kak Millie: trail running is pretty much enjoyable one too, especially when we run in the wilderness. Sambil hiking sambil blari hirup udara segar, oksigen banyak tuh.. Fuhh...
      Macam kat area FRIM Kepong tuh, macam besh je kan.. kalo suka nature ok la kan, kalo yang jenis takut pacat tuh xleh nak buat apa la kan hehe...

      Eh, arituh kan ada pic Kak Millie hiking Broga dengan satu family kan, saya nampak ok je kak millie naik Broga... boleh punya tuh, bukit2 are harmless hehee