Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Race Report: LiveGr8 Run 2012 - Simply Rolling To The MAX!

Some where over the rainbow...  My pot of PB FMV perhaps? LOL!
Happy Wednesday to all my followers and fellow compatriot runners out there... Hope your are all just fine, stay fit and active with all your dedicated training regimes, since PBIM 2012 is just around the corner. Gosh, I can feel more and more goosebumps right now. It has been 2 days without any run, ZERO mileage still, must make it up for all those rainy evenings with morning runs, starting from tomorrow then... I`m planning to do one final LSD (18 - 21km) before the D day, since next week it will my tapering week...

Okay then, back to the main topic, I would like to give my sincere review on this recent running event I`ve participated in. This time around, the journey towards this run wasn't smooth sailing like the previous runs. It was full of dramas too. I'm sure many of us are Drama Queens and Drama Kings too, just like me... =D It's the spice of our life, right? 

I was down with sore throat at first, since last Friday. I thought it would be a normal mild sore throat. Apparently, it became worse and I suspected my tonsilitis striked again. Along with a swollen tonsil, came this burning fever and a very very dry sore throat too. My internal body system was  getting hotter. I tried to self remedy by gargling with salted warm water, Listerine some more and took lots of Dequadine to soothe my swollen tonsil. I couldn't eat properly without feeling the pain. Even yawning was very excruciating enough. 
It was raining cats and dogs that night yet the glorious KLCC looked  marvelous! hehee...
The night before the event, I went to my dearest friend's 31st birthday. I was tempted to see all the BBQ food galore at the party. Some of the food were my favourite ever, such as grilled lamb, beef, otak-otak and lots of garden salad. Yummeh... Dah lah badan tengah panas, gatal-gatal melantak kambing lagi, memang sengaja mencari bala la nih, hahaa... Stubborn old me, I guess. 
My sinful indulgence, could not help it.... The grilled lamb was sooo yummeh.. I siap tambah 2x! Got satay some more.. 
After the party, I had to run through the heavy downpour because my bestfriend was having a fever too and haven't had dinner yet. So I have to rush back. Oh dear, I was soaking wet because I didn't bring any umbrella with me that night. Tonsilitis + mild fever + soaked wet = not a good combo at all. 
Got myself a caricature sketch for free during the bash... Well done caricaturist!!!  I looked gorgeous.. =D
That night I went to bed early, around 1030 pm, I think. Around 4 am I woke up, felt so restless, my throat was burning like a furnace, dry like a Kalahari, my body ached so bad, my feet too. I went to the loo, doing no. 1, went to the down stair to drink a bottle of air cap badak, swallowed panadol and took 1 Dequadine to relief my swollen tonsil. I covered my bosy with a comforter and fell asleep like a baby. The intention of DNS passed through my mind. I texted my running buddy that I don't feel like running that morning. Miraculously, I woke up around 5.30 am, felt so fresh. The swell subsided at the moment, I sweated a bucket just in time to release all the excess body heat and off I go preparing myself up. 

I reached the Kompleks Persekutuan around 6.30 am. Parked nicely and saw many runners were already there, jamming the side parking area. I ate a bit of banana and half of a bun for my pre-running fuel. I forgot to bring my energy gel, so I have to rely on the energy drink provided along the route. I started at the back of the crowd. Around 7.15 am, we were being flagged off. 
The overall route... Lots of greenery area and awesome rolling hills... Luv it to the MAX!!! 
The route was awesome. It had so many rolling killer hills. I really like hills so much. They tested my stamina and limits and definitely a good lung bursting workout.. =D. During the first 3 km, I was struggling with my pace and discomfort of my throat. I've decided to stop at all the water stations to avoid myself from dehydration. Running when you are not feeling well wasn't a pleasant joy ride I tell ya... The experience of running near to the new Istana Negara (Gate 3) was surreal and definitely mind blowing. 

Unfortunately I didn't bring a camera to capture the moment. The inclinations around Solaris Dutamas reminded me of my 30km Pacesetters Back to Basic route the previous week. The only difference is, it was the reverse route only. I love the water barricades around 6.8 km, I almost tripped and fell when I tried to cross over the second barricade. Clumsy old me... hahaa... My timing was 45:58 for the 7 km with the pace of 7'40'' (Too much stopping by at the WS, I think...)

Once I was nearing the 10 km mark, I clocked in 1:06:48 with the pace of 6'53''. Not that shabby, considering my body condition at the moment. Mana bole DNS this auspicious running event, all my running circle friends were joining it as well. Nanti jealous tengok dalam wall FB diorang... Hahaaa...That thought was running through my mind early in the morning. Once I crossed the MATRADE finishing line, I clocked in 1:20:49 (my NIKE+ Apps), with the pace of 6'22'', while my net time is 1:22:00.25 (Tudiah detail abes habaq ang!). Not bad at all for orang sakit like me.... huhuuu... I've targetted my PB at least 1:10 but since I was not on my best condition, I'll have to satisfy with my timing. Syukur sgt2... 
Oh dear, why am I looking down? Must be the mintak nyawa mode activated already.. Panting and puffing so badly... 
Pose2 wajib feeling kurus after the run... LOL!!! This Salomon tight gave me a lot of chaffing... Urrghh!!!
The ambient at the finishing area was superb. Lots of entertainment, free hot yummeh taufufah n pastry for all runners. The medal design was chic and awesome. Plenty of isotonic drinks, MILO, mineral water, bananas for the runners too. It was time for post-run photography session for all of us, I met many otai2 runner as well, including #GengKakiLari like Azim, Faiez, Zarull, Razinah etc... Overall, the organizer should close some of the road totally, since there are like around 5,000 runners were running on that day, especially at the loop and around Gate 3 Istana Negara. Some annoying drivers were honking the runners. Typical Malaysian drivers. 

Front view... Pretty cool! 
Rear view... Nice eh?

Yours truly and Rashid, the Drama Queen aka Mami Jarum ... We are not twins, siblings perhaps? LOL
My We Are Runners Circle + Chin's Clan also... Huhu... Well done guys... Keep on running!!!
Till then, see you again LiveGreat Run 2013. Oh before I almost forget, Congratz to my fellow MARDI runner, Rashid for his accidental PB (1:02) and pace despite all his drama that had started since the day before the event. Such a true DQ... Yawned... Hopefully I`ll get my own PB next year then, I hope so... For now, let`s continue meroyan super duper jittery for my Maiden FM PBIM... I don't wanna hit the wall too soon... Uwaaa... (T..T)

Ciao bella! 


  1. Bravo to you for slugging it out, despite not feeling well.

    Make sure rest well and be in the pink of health for your virgin FM though.
    Take care. :)

  2. All the best for PBIM.. doa jgn hujan sudah.. hahaha

  3. Arman: Thanx bro, hopefully hujan la ptg, drizzle in the middle of the run is still ok, super cool with the ocean breeze some more... Insya Allah doakan aku survive my FMV nih... Ketaq lg woo sebab xpenah ketemu 42k marker lagi...

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Your timing is great, despite your condition. Wowww FM kat Penang nanti ya..! All the best :D. (I always tell myself, I'm never doing full..but then again before this I remember saying I would never do half hehe). -Millie-

  5. Millie: Thanx a lot for the best wishes, Yup, just like my friend used to say, doing a Full is a once in a lifetime experience, must try to do it once, if possible... After all, I`m so inspired reading all the other avid marathoners' blog... Plus, the Finisher Tee looks so tempting too... hehee... =)