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Starting from April 2016 onwards, ULTRON will be conducting series of free sports movements starting with a Running Movement (forthnightly) and Yoga Movement (weekly basis) to encourage more Malaysians to get fit for life! Yes, folks, you read it right. It's all FREE of charge! Zero cost... Ho-Yeah... I like it!

Since I only attended &  support the first 5F Running Movement, here goes my review on their inaugural session last Saturday, hoho... Check it out.

For your information, 5F stands for Free + Fun + Fast Moving + Fat Burning Fellowship session for all, regardless whether you are a newbie or not so newbie any more in the running scene. It's not a running clinic ya.... There's no technical stuffs about this movement. Just chill and enjoy your morning run together with other like minded runners.

I am truly honoured to have the opportunity to join their inaugural 5F Running Movement session. It was being held in MARDI Lake last Saturday, 16 April 2016. From 39 participants that have already signed up, only 22 runners attended the session on that lovely day.
Ms. Joanne Kay, the founder and CEO of ULTRON with all the Captains and Team Captain ULTRON

 It was a privilage to meet Ms. Joanne Kay, the founder and CEO of ULTRON in person on that morning. She gave her brief introduction about ULTRON and the objectives of this 5F Running Movement was all about. Then they started the session with a warming up stretching conducted by Captain Ultron Abu Bakr, followed by 5KM morning run around the beautiful pristine MARDI Lake. Captain Ultron Rashid lead the 5km run while Team Captain Ariff Blaze Merican captured all the pictures of us running and recorded the video of the session. We had to run around the lake for 5x to get that 5km distance (1 loop = 1km). I just did 4 loops since I've already feel my hamstring started to tighten & the morning was getting hotter & bright. LOL... Such a wuss... Considered it as a discount since I had to save my legs for 10km 100Plus Outrunner 2016 on that night. 😜

During the first loop hehee... Still running strong...
Ms. Joanne was running gracefully too... Congrats for your 3km run... Woot2!
Me & Sam Raymi were running our 3rd loop, I guessed so hoho... Dah mula grumpy =P
Captain Abu Bakr was running with all the participants on the final loop

After the run, they intended to play some relay games ala2 sukaneka but since everybody seems pretty much tired they decided to do an ice breaking session instead. Ideal for all the runners to share their own experiences, what's their motivation and reasons to take up running as their life changing lifestyles and we get to know each other better. I made new friends (through Facebook & Instagram) during the session too. Yayyy! How cool is that... =)

Some of the experience sharing by all the participants during the ice breaking session. 
Captain Rashid Rmr was talking about his running experience and passion too.

 Overall it was a light and easy session. This running movement was being organized to encourage new runners to participate & run in a group, regardless of your pace. It's definitely a good platform for fellow runners to run freely and leisurely while enjoying the view. No pressure at all because we ran in our conversational pace. I called it gossiping/socializing pace LOL! Sometimes it's good to loosen up once in a while and forget about our pace, stride, yada yada. hehee...

Last but not least it was time for a group photo session hoho! Our favourite part as always....

Thank You For Coming Folks!

Thanks for your support too.... Runners Unite!

MARDI Runners that attended this first 5F Running Movement since it was being held in our office backyard!

 So folks,if you haven't sign up for their 2nd session which will be held in Taman Tasik Cempaka, Bandar Baru Bangi on Saturday, 30 April 2016. Feel free to find out more and pre-register at to confirm your slot!

Oh yeah, First come first serve basis. Limited slots per session as usual. Open to both Men & Women above 16 years only.

So what are you waiting for, come and join us! We will have lots of fun running together with all the Ultron Captains along with some of the Team Ultron Ambassadors too.
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