Thursday, April 21, 2016

100PLUS OUTRUNNER 2016 - Running Garmin-Less! Hohohi...

Awesome looking finisher medal with distance at the back.... Love this Golden Nugget hehee!
 At first this running event was not on my running calendar. However luck was on my side when one my running friend could not make it due to some work over the weekend. So this fellow just gave the bib to me, foc. Thanks a lot babe! You know who you are hehee... Plus I kinda need to do a so-called "recovery" run after Route 68 Challenge. So, 10km was a decent distance for plus sized runner like me.... Hohohi.... #nomeraih2justrun

Ok, after the Ultron 5F Running Movement, I went back to prepare for the running attire etc. Had lunch & went for a movie in D'Pulze Cyberjaya with my partner in crime by using the two free tickets that I won in a Petron lucky draw contest during Men's Health Women's Health Night Run in Penang. So jimat uols!

Later on I went back to my house & changed into my running attire. It was raining cats & dogs by that time. Thus I was hoping it would be a cooling night run later on. Boy I was dead wrong... As always...

I reached Putrajaya around 7.15 pm & was momentarily deceived when I parked in Precint 6. The event was being shifted back to Monumen Alaf Baru in Precint 2! Damn... I rushed quickly to the venue. Luckily I managed to get a decent parking space & off I go joining the crowd.

It's Like Going To A Carnival! So Happening!

Photo session before the humid run with Ku Irman.... Thanks for the pic bro!
 There were so many runners thronged the race village. I could see majority of them were 10km & 6km Fun Run participants.

I watched 15km runners were being flagged off by 8pm sharp. There were mini fireworks show upon the flagoff. I could see some of them started late too. Then it's time for the flagoff of the 10km runners at 8.20pm. They also put up some fireworks for the 10km flagoff.

Here we go guys!

I just start running slowly & tried to weave through the crowd. The first 3km was so bloody humid & hot. That's totally predictable as we were running along the famous Putrajaya stretch towards Palace of Justice, surrounded by lots of buildings. I was sweating bucket loads & tend to walk but I soldiered on. Keep on huffing and puffing.

Stopped at the first WS and quickly poured some of the drinking water on my head hahaa... At the 2nd WS (KM6) I even poured the cold 100Plus on my head too. Luckily it was a bit cooler when I ran along the green stretches.

When there's another 4km to go, I bumped into Nast Najib & Shamroslee. They were running 15km. Amazingly fast hehee! I just had to stop at one of the thick bush to do business no.1 hehee... Cannot tahan lah! =P

After that I bumped into Hazman, my training running partner and asked him to run with me. 3km to go, I think. He was waiting for his colleague to finish their run together. Three of us were running together towards the FL. My official time was 1h23m. Hahaa... I really enjoyed the run eventhough without my Garmin watch. No need to check the average pace from time to time. Just run by feel hehee... Stress free gituh...

Me & Hazman...
Me & Nast Najib from Melaka

 Post race hospitality was great. We were given cool golden finisher medal, drinking bottle, fried beehoon snack pack, banana & bottomless 100Plus. They also gave away small 100Plus bottle. There were some cultural shows like Bhangra Dance but I didn't wait long. Did not take many pic too... Need to head back & have a nice sleep for tomorrow KL Car Free Morning with Marathonbaker lady bosses... Till then...


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