Friday, September 26, 2014


Kami Bersama Baginda Ratoo Klang Bandar Diraja.... Oh terharunya patik =P
Happy Thursday peeps! Have a great day ahead ya you guys....

I would like to share with you guys on my not so recent run, which was Larian Bandar Diraja Oren Sport Day 2014. It was normally held on 16 September every year in Klang City. There were only two categories for this run. 10km and 5.5km. I registered for the 10km as I haven't run any 10km run for this year, since I've DNSed so many short distance run due to some inevitable reasons.

On  the day of the racekit collection, I could not collect it because I had to work on those weekends (SYMP...). Many thanks to k.Romzy Liu for collecting our racekits ( Rashid and I).

Fast forward to the event day, I woke up around 4.30 am and straight away took a shower and wore my running apparel. Rashid and I reached the venue around 5.40 am. It was still dark and the tarmac was already wet due to rain. I need to hurry up because 10km will be flagged off by 6 am sharp. As I entered the Sultan Suleiman Stadium, I was looking for Rashid who was holding my running bib. It chaotic as it was already started to drizzle again. Some of the 5.5km runners were running towards the shelter. Luckily I managed to spot him among the huge crowd and off I go running to catch up with the 10km runners after 2 minutes of flag off.

It was drizzling along the way. From the stadium, I took left and ran along Jalan Istana. Went past Kelab Diraja Kelang. After the roundabout, I was being directed to Jalan Raya Barat and ran towards Lorong Perbandaran. This was the only incline part of the route. Pretty steep too but nothing can beat the steep incline of Bukit Jalil Recreational Park. It was already 3KM and my throat felt dry. Really need some liquid.

Luckily as I ran towards Jalan Jambatan Kota and into Jalan Kapar, there was one WS. The volunteers provided me with a cup of drinking water. Felt alive once again. hehe... I tried to maintain pace 7 throughout the run as my knees were not bugging me at all and I just want to finish it asap because of the cold drizzle. Hehee...

From there I ran into Jalan Sireh and Jalan Limau Gedong. It was still raining ya... Luckily I wore a thick Santai running vest, a Reebok visor and arm warmers. Did not fully drenched because it was just a drizzle. Right before the next roundabout, I was required to make a U-turn towards Jalan Batu Tiga Lama. It was a long stretch along the Persiaran Sultan Ibrahim. It was getting bright but still cloudy though. Circa 8KM, there was the second WS. Grabbed a cup and off I go.

With only 2 km to go, I tried to push on and I ran across Sungai Kelang via Jalan Tengku Kelana and went towards Jalan Tengku Diauddin. It was already 9KM when I ran into Jalan Stesen. I knew the finishing line was so near when I ran towards Jalan Besar where 5.5km runners merged with the 10km. Once I entered Jalan Dato' Hamzah and ran towards the stadium, I clocked 1:13:14 (pace 7:13) for 10.11km. Actually it was around 10.5km but I stopped my Garmin watch once I reached 10km huhu.. Not bad lah for a recovery run after the dreaded Bukit Jalil Park Marathon huhu... =D

Bambam Me sedang cuba memecut mengejar Azni hohoho...

  Me And The Podium Duo... hohoho... Serap aura Podium sat!

Bumped into Nyun and Azni as I ran towards the stadium. They kept on sprinting towards the FL while I just tried to finish strong in one piece hehee... I really felt good and went to take my goodie bag and finisher medal. There was no isotonic being provided at the venue. Just slices of juicy watermelon and Gardenia buns.
Congrats to all finishers!
Bergambar bersama k.Romz, Lani and da Gang... hoho...
We and Uncle Tan BF... Salute la uncle!


Later on, took some pictures with some familiar faces after the race. Congratulations to Rashid Mat Rani (RMR) for his first elusive podium finisher (10th placing) for 5.5km and Epito (7th placing) for 10km. You guys were awesomely fast and well deserved it! What a great way to celebrate Malaysia Day this year.
Congrats Rashid Yosh! Podium at last! Hohoho...

Dynamic Duo Podium Finishers! Pawerrr woo korang nih... 
Overall it was a very well organized event. Good traffic control, cheap registration fees, sufficient WS and the running tee looks striking bold and the design was nice too. It's a good platform for any newbie to start taking up running as a hobby. As for me, I`ll definitely will be running this race next year, Insya Allah... I bet RMR will be aiming for Top 10 in 10km next year... hohoho... Elite runner la katakoan... =P

My GARMIN data is HERE =)


  1. Larian yg best! Podium at last huhuhu. Syukur rezeki, tak sia2 buat speedwork bagai. Look forward next year ��

    1. Congrats Rashid! X sia2 aku racun ko register race nih.. hohoh.... U still owed me BIG time hohoho... =P #janjidicapati