Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Jangan Say Bo Jio! ehh =P

After reading Sis Lina's race review on this unique family oriented relay run last year (you can read all about it HERE) I was intrigued to participate in this kind of run too. Fyi, my 1st relay run was Chap Ayam Relay Run in 2013. It was so much fun too running a 3km loop around Padang Merbok KL. Once this event was open for registration, Rashid, Abu Bakr and I formed a trio and registered instantly. Speaking on being kiasu even though it was a non competitive relay run. We picked PisangPawerr as our team name. Hohoho...

As the date was getting closer and closer, I've decided to do a fun fun run. I was thinking to wear a banana inspired beanie cap along with all Yellow Mellow apparel. Thanks to Mr Azmi @ Gme Divah for lending me his Brooks striking yellow lime arm warmer. Lucky me coz my yellowish running shoes was still in a good condition (barely actually). Hewhewhew... I've requested Mis Fyd, my regular headgear designer to draft the design and we had several discussions via Whatsapp. It came out way beyond my imagination actually. It was very creative of her. She even made an oversized Banana Ami as a complementary. Love it very very much... It looked surreal too, I must say..

Banana viking Beanie Hat.... Woot2! Arrrrrr.....
[ Pic courtesy of Mis Fyd's fb ]
Not many people know that my first fun run in a costume was during Rock 2 Rock Run 2011. I wore a Japanese inspired kimono bathrobe with a tall spiky red half mask and ran 4.5km. It was not that easy to run with a mask, I tell you. Thank goodness I was one of the 8 best dressed runners (the only Malay too).  Back then the finisher medals were only awarded to the Top 10 finishers of each categories and Top 10 best dressed category runners. I felt so grateful to be chosen as one of the best dressed like a STAR themed costume. Ho-yeahh =D

Reminiscing those good old days back in  Rock 2 Rock Run 2011... Lucky me! Hehee... 
Ok ok, enough with the flashback of those glory lorry days. Hehee... All of my team mates agreed to wear a yellow running vest. I didn't  train much on tempo or interval run because I was still having some sores on my soles and knees after the treacherous GBM in Kampar, Perak on the previous week. Just did some easy recovery loop run on the UPM Stadium track. ;)

On the event day, me and Rashid woke up early and rushed to the starting venue because we haven't collect our racekit just yet. Fortunately Bac arrived there early and collected on behalf of the team. There was a aerobic session before the run conducted by FF trainers. More like a Zumba, I guess. Mr. Ben Swee, the race director gave some brief about the run after that.

PisangPawerr Team in Selfie... Forgive me for my extra protruding hairy chest hohoho! 
We Are Runners Group Selfie Time!
At 7.30 am sharp, the 1st runners were flagged off. For the 1st round,  Rashid was our 1st runner, followed by Abu Bakr as the 2nd runner and I as the last runner. We had to run a 2.6km loop with a banana as our baton for the 1st round. Rashid sped off like a hurricane along with Ridwan his arch nemesis... Truly elusive elite runners in action wooo! Hohoho!

Tudiah Rashid Run Like Wind or Stallion hohoho...
[ Pic by Kak Lina & Abg Zaini ]
The transition was very smooth as only the 2nd runners were waiting for the 1st runner to reach the finish line. Although it might get a bit crowded due to the increase of participants this year.

When it was my turn to standby for the passing baton, I was getting a lil bit of jitters. As soon as I saw Bac was getting near towards the FL, I went towards the transition area and prepared to receive the banana baton. I went off as quickly as I could. I had to overcome the 1st hilly route and redeemed myself by running downhill as fast as I could. I saw several lady runners were avoiding the left running path on that hilly stretch because they feared that the monkeys might come and snatch away the banana baton from them. I too was scared too hahaa!

Muka pancit n suffer giler after 1st loop!!! Huhu... Bro Bac Sado maintained cool sajo
It took me almost 13 min to complete the 1st loop. Huhu... Some of the participants were very supportive and they even gave me a high 5 around the loop. It was not that comfortable to run with the Banana Viking Hat. I was sweating buckets load and my beanie cap was totally drench in sweats! Yoshhh...

Going for the first loop... Looking sexy back much ehhh =P
Tackling the notorious hill in style!
[ Pic courtesy of Mr ET Tey ]
For the second round, the participants were asked to run with two banana batons. This time around, Bac was the 1st runner, I'm the 2nd person while Rashid became the final runner.

Slow transition for the second round... Took it easy this time hahaa... 
Finished the second loop.... Syukur sangat2... Pokcik Viking somput dah!
[ Pics by Bro Bac Sadodo ] 
It was fun to see some of the young children were running with their siblings and family. They looked so adorable too. Some of them ran really fast too and overtook me along the way... Awesome! =D

Gme + Gorgeous Runners + PisangPawerr = Vavavoom!
[ Pic by Mr ET Tey ]
Awwww this is sooo cute moment....
[ Pic courtesy of Cruz Adimanda ]
Happiness was having some runners and non-runners to take a picture together with us. In this case, there was this sweet cute little girl wanted to take a picture with us and I stayed "menempel" only... hohoho... She loved that fuzzy bunny ear of Fazly's hehee... 

After the fun fun run, it's time for the most anticipated lucky draw session. There were many interesting prizes waiting for those lucky winners from the sponsors like Doof Industries, Bike Elementz, 2nd Skin, K Tape and Fitness First. Those who were the DOOFiest Pisang who run in costume on that day could stand a chance to take home the humongous DOOF light blue bean bag, worth RM499! 

(From Left) Ironman, Captain America, Batgirl, Me, Tarzan Guy, Superman, Afro Dude and Pink Fuzzy Bunny
Final two best dressed contestants... And the winner is....
[ Pics courtesy of Mr GME Divah ]
So once the emcee announced the candidates for those costume runners to come to the front, there were Top 8 of us. After the first round based on the crowd's applause and cheers, it was then down to Final 2 costume runners, yours truly and Fazly aka Harimau Ganas Makan Darah the famous costume runner ever. I had the loudest cheers and won that monstrous DOOF bean bag.. It was quite heavy to bring it back to the carpark. Quite a great workout for me and Rashid hahaa... Many thanks to all the people of the crowd, fellow runners for your support and loud cheer... 

Thank goodness I won at last! Never be any happier than this... Felt like a Banana King on the throne =D
Later on, I won a lucky draw from Bike Elementz. I just could not believe it how lucky I was on that day! Double pure happiness, I believe... The green dri fit tee from 2nd Skin and the drinking bike bottle too were super awesome! I think I should join this event again next year... Kihkihkihh...

Thank you Ben Swee for giving the lucky draw prize... I was still shocked at this time!
[ Pic by  Mr. GME Divah]
Overall, it was a well organised event, plenty of drinking water, isotonics, bananas, good breakfast pack. The finisher medal was heavy, golden bling-bling and super nice design. Could not ask for more, definitely... Congrats to the organizer, the volunteers and participants for a memorable event. I really recommend it to all the newbies and fellow comrades to join this fun non competitive run  once in a while and have lots of  fun with family and friends.  

Last but not least, it was time for post race photo ops with all my frenzy fabulous gorgeous running buddies... hohohoo!
Kami dah FINISHED, moh kita pulang yaw!
Tiga Suara, Tiga Divah? Divah Kepantasan Elite, Divah Marathona Internationalle & Divah Pisang LOL! Ehh...
Kodak Moment with fellow runners and Sis Lina
[ Pic by Sis Lina & Zaini ]
Light goofy moments with Eugene and Sis Suzie... Hahaha

Catch of the day... Never thought I would be so extra lucky like this as I never won any lucky draw prizes before... Syukur Alhamdulillah... #vikingbananamonster hahaa

Syukur Alhamdulillah.... I`m officially a #DOOFSTER! =P