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Helo there folks... It's me again... Please forgive me for my long hiatus... Hiks... Could not help it...

First of all I would like to share with u guys about Skyhawk Nature Run 2014. I've been longing to run anywhere outside Klang Valley, especially in Malacca, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malaysia. It was my first running event of 2014 since I DNSed MPIB Run 2014 due to extreme fatique and lack of sleep. What a great way to kick start 2014 actually. It's gonna be my 15th Half Marathon and the first HM in Malacca too. 

I asked Ms. Shyamala to collect the race kits for me and Fard Jill because I didn't feel like going to Malacca early since I'll b driving there solo. Thanks a lot Jothi! You were such a darling... More over I cancelled my room reservation in Malacca since my best friend offered his family villa for the night. It was a last minute thingy... I was so exhausted after the long drive that I dozed off after I had my dinner.

I woke up around 4.00 am and prepared myself for the race. I was still sleep deprived by that time. I reached the starting venue 15min before the flag off. By 5.45 am, all the runners were flagged off! From Pusat Sukan MBMB-MSN Ayer Keroh, we were running towards Seri Negeri and stopped by the first WS at Tiara Resort. It looked like a golf club house with elite housing area inside the compound. The route was a bit undulating at that moment. The weather was still overcast, cooling with thick clouds. So nice! However my right knee started to give me a hard time every time I ran downhill... Huhuu... Sabar jelah...

Around KM6, we started to enter the tarmac leading towards Kampung Gapam. I believed we have reached Bemban. The route was a bit hilly and all the sudden I was running across a rubber estate. I really need to pee and I stopped for a while to relieve myself. Running through a classic Malay Village was totally an unforgettable experience. I could see some rambutan trees along the route. 

Later on around KM8.5, I reached the second WS. The route along this stretch was a breathtaking! It reminded me of Broga Hills with all the tall golden lalangs. But still you have to beware of the cow dungs along the route too. The natural "landmines" were spotted along this stretch. Dah nama pun jalan kampong kan... Hohoho!

Afterwards, I ran towards Jalan Kampung Parit Lampong. Some of the villagers were standing at the road sides while others were just sitting in the front of their porch. I saw one of the village kid was snapping the runners pictures too. The makciks and pakciks were so supportive I tell you... It really uplifted my spirits to continue running as the sun started to shine bright. 

Dapat gak pose2 dengan kepala naga cumil nih... Hohoho!
[ Credits to Andrew Viking ]
At the third WS (KM13), I saw there were these two dragon heads and the drums. Did not get the chance to goof around but it sure is a good entertainment to motivate us runners to keep on running strong. After that I was running towards Taman Bukit Katil Damai. From there I knew I had to run on an incline and went through the housing area. My legs were still ok and good to go at KM16. So 5KM to go. Come on Aizat, you can finish this!

Lucky Mohan n his friend fancying the dragon heads... Me jelly hehee...
[ Pics by EuGene ]
It was already shining bright but not that microwave hot yet. Thank goodness as I did not have to run facing the morning sun. Hehee... Ran through Taman Ozana Impian (KM17) and now I was running back on Jalan Seri Negeri. Upon entering Jalan Tasik, I knew I was not that far from the finishing line. I tried to give my all and want to finish strong. I was freaking tired by then. Managed to cross the finishing line in 2:27:32. Not bad for a fat plumply runner like me... hahaaa! =D

Almost there... Almost became a Zombie runner already...
[ Pic courtesy of Abg Zaini & Marlina ]
Thanks to Victor, Elaine & Dexter Koo for these lovely shots!  
After the race, the participants were pampered like a king! They were provided with free flow bananas and ice-creams (Yum!), MILO and 100 plus drinks, Fitness cereal and Mamee instant noodles too.Merasa minum MILO sampai lebam y'all... LOL!  Love the camaraderie at the finishing line so I decided to stay and kept on cheering the other runners. As usual, the most anticipated person was the famous whistling ICON himself, Mohan Marathon and his fellow disciples. Great job Sir Mo! 

Forever inspiring Sir Mohan Marathon hands in hands with his fellow disciples... 
Overall, it was a very well organized "boutique" event. Good traffic control, plenty of marshals along the route, sufficient drinking water and isotonic at the WSs, perfect weather to run, the view was worth running for, the goodie bag was very generousheavy filled with lots of stuffs and an excellent post race treatments. I survived this run with no severe chafings and cramps. Really enjoyed the run to the fullest! Love the petite super nice medal design... Love anything shiny... Hahahaa... Silly me! 

Yayyy Berjaya Habess Jua Akhirnya...
[ Pic by Andrew Viking ]

Me, Sis Marlina and Andrew posing for a we-fie... Well done guys! 
Catch of the day... Lots of MAMEE products, cute finisher medal and some sweet stuffs... Delicious! 

So, I am so looking forward for Skyhawk Nature Run 2015. Wished to run the same beautiful route twice someday. Hahaha! Safe this date ya you guys 18 January 2015! Till we meet again SNR...=D

Had a good recovery Badak Berendam in the refreshing pool at my bff's place. Had some durians too afterwards... Sedap giler baq ang! Thank you buddy for you and your family generous hospitality... #lavits! 

Sebelum sesi mendugongkan diri, dan 18 SX rated  kita amik gambar dulu... hohoho! 

For more of my GARMIN data, please refer HERE =)

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  1. I'm fr Sgp n just signed up for d 2015 run. Looking fwd as your sharing entices me a city dweller to go explore d kumpong life n off d beaten tracks.