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TEVA KENABOI ADVENTURE RACE 2014 - Love At The First Sight... =P

Miss Marea Shinoda and Moi... Partner In Crime...
Happy Friday ladies and gentlemen... Welcome to my just recently dusted blog once again... Hope you have such a wonderful blessed Friday and awesome weekend ahead yaaa....

I really need to share with you guys out there about my not so recent Teva Kenaboi Adventure Race. It was held on 30 March 2014 at Kg Chennah, Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan. All the participants (duo team) were required to do 6 tasks along the 22 km route and expected to finish within 5 hours cut off time. For the record, it was my first ever duo adventure race. At first, I did not plan to participate in this event because I need to have a female partner to run with. Some how, along the way Mrs Page Khas introduced me to Miss Marea. It happened that Marea was also one of Mummy Idot's dear friend... What a small small world our running community in Malaysia is. =)

We started our journey to Jolobu on Saturday afternoon, circa 3-4 pm. It was raining continuously all day long along the route. I've decided to take the TITI 100 Ultra route since it was way easier and felt nearer than the Seremban - Kuala Kelawang route. Plus I got the chance to reminisce my TITI 50 sweet and sour moments while driving along the same super nasty incline and rolling hills too.

Finally we reached the camp site around 7 pm. It was drizzled by that time. We went to check in and collect our race pack. Our team name was KatakGeboo. Hahaa... Cute right? I've already booked in advance a tent for only RM30. It has been years since my last camping out experience in Perhentian Island. We were already starving by then. Luckily some of the villagers were selling some food in front of their houses. After that, we went straight away for the OWA BBQ Night and ditched the race briefing.

Makan - makan time memang thorbaekk especially time kebuloq! Lapaq nasik nih weh
Jemput makan semua... Jagung bakar yang dibawa dari rumah tuh hehee... Omnomnomm

Mr Sali Labu sedang tekun membakar jagung, ayam dan kambing woo!
Most of our friends were already there, having their BBQ dinner. Mrs Page Khas and her hubby, Budin, Poji, Syed, Ayu, Ben etc... We had a scrumptious grilled lamb, chicken, sausages and mashed potatoes with a lovely black pepper gravy. Although the sausages was a lil bit salty, the lamb was delicious. It was a nice get together even though it was still pouring rain outside the canopy. As it was almost midnight, we headed back to the camp site and get ready to doze off. Miss Marea decided to sleep in the car while I slept soundly in my tent. I awakened circa 3 am because it was so freaking cold! Tried to get some sleep until the organizer played some music around 5.30 am.

Race Day - Let's Have Some Fun!
Once both of us were ready, we went for the body numbering. The crew had to write down our team number on our arm/hand since they did not provide any bib number due to some of the extreme challenges like tubing and caving. Many thanks to Mis Nurul AH for being a Volunteer for Kenaboi. Before the race, it was time for selfie and group photo session. Yeahh!
Best Selfie Of The Day!

Big happy family! Fresh faces everyone

Abam Syed Jambang, Dayat, Aie, Poji, Khai, Moi, Partner Khai and Marea
We were being flagged off around 8.20 am. It was already late by then. Both of us were decided to take this race easy because Marea was still having some issues with both of her ankles while I was having my ankle issues too. Plus, I was breaking in my new trail shoes, Cascadia 8. Could not afford to get any more unwanted injuries yeah. After 1 km or so, we just did some speed walk on the road and also through the trail in someone's orchard, I think. The weather was still overcast, which was a relief too.
Off We Go! Go Go KatakGeboo Merah.. Credits to  the photog
Love the misty foggy jungle back there... Took this opportunity to strike a pose before the 1st CP
#1 Tying Raffia Ropes
After 3 km of walking/slow jogging, we reached this checkpoint. I had to admit, I sucked at this tying stuffs... You had to braid the raffia rope to the equal length and present it to the person in charge in order to receive the first ribbon. We were among the last team to complete this task. Hahaa... #dushdush #facepalm

Miss Marea was doing just fine braiding the ropes, unlike me.. Hopeless haha!
#2 Rubber Band Tossing
After the miserable first task, we arrived at the second one. Each of us were required to toss 5 rubber bands into the wood sticks. Once again we sucked at this task too... Hahaa.. Marea and I could only managed to toss 3 rubber bands each and we were among the last 3 teams at this CP. Layan jelah labu... It was getting bright and the scenery was awesome too. we could not resist to snap each other pictures. Kihkihkih...

Our background was Gunung Besar Hantu... Creepy name, right?
#3 Slingshot Challenge
At this CP, the male participants were asked to make a slingshot, while their partner need to hit the hanging can with the slingshot. Tying the rubber band on the slingshot was easy peasy but poor Marea. She tried so damn hard to hit any of the can with the slingshot that she had a cut on her thumb. We thought she managed to hit a can but with a tiny pebble but we could hardly hear the sound. After several attempts, they allowed us to pass to the next CP. Fuhhh... Even I did not think that I could hit any of the can with the slingshot. Nampak sangat budak bandar... Jarang main lastik2 nih... Huwaaa... (T_T)

On our way to CP 3... Jom main lastik-lastik jom.!
#4 Carrying 20 Kg Sand Bag.
Since tubing had to be cancelled due to safety because it was raining so heavy the day before and the water level was pretty high on that morning, I believed they resorted to this task. We were required to collect 20 kg or more of sands from the river and carry it over the hill for the weighing in. This was one of the most enjoyable task ever. We got to dip ourselves in the soothing cold river on a hot day. Hahaa... We took our sweet time taking photos while filling the sack. It did not feel like running an adventure race at all at that time. Slumber sajer konsepnya... It turned out that we filled too much sands + rocks in the sack and it was so difficult to carry it together. The sand bag weight was 30kg! No wonder lah it was so freaking heavy at first. I assumed that the initial weight was 40kg++ hehehe...

Umpama kekanak Ribena... Pantang betol bila jumpa air... Mesti nak main air lama2 sambil berendam... Hahahaa
# 5 Coconut Bowling
This CP was held at Kenaboi Camp. It looks quite easy at first but it was pretty daunting too. You really need to aim correctly and roll your coconut towards the Milo Tin. After several trials, I knocked one of the tin. Yayyy.. Without wasting any time, we headed our way towards the final CP.

#6 Caving - My Favourite Challenge Ever!
On our way towards the finishing line, we had to make a detour to the final CP of the day. Before we could get to the entrance of the Batu Pala Cave, we had to make our way through the muddy mushy trails. The route was really muddy and slippery, thanks to the generous downpour the day before. We had to be extra careful wading through the mud pool. The fear of leeches? It did crossed my mind several times but who cares... Hahaha... The trail heading towards the cave was quite steep, muddy and slippery too. Seriously they should provide us with a proper safety rope for us to climb the incline. The raffia rope was so thin, it could have snapped any time soon.

Cavewoman and Caveman Sudah Siap Sedia! Bring it on!
At last we reached the entrance of Batu Pala Cave and took some pictures first before going into it. It was pretty dark with so many sharp edges. I bang my head several times to the cave ceiling. Luckily I wore my safet helmet. The helmet was too big and it was pretty uncomfy. Marea aced the caving so effortlessly, as if as she was very familiar with the cave. Hehee... We reached to a bottleneck where we had to wait for our turn to go in as the entrance of this section was very narrow. I need to lie on my tummy and slide my way down. The rest of the caving activities was history. I did not realised that I had a small cut on my lower left calf once I made my way towards the stream and mud pools.

The crews told us that we were already exceeded the cut off time and they offered us a ride home on their Hilux. Knowing both of us were stubborn runners, we declined their offer politely and decided to walk all the way back to FL. It was already 1 pm and scorching hot. The sky was so clear with not so many clouds. The long straight highway was mental! It felt like forever to complete the final 3-4km. Finally we reached the FL in 6 hours and 11 minutes y'all! My goodness... Lega tak terkata rasanya.... =)

Roasted To Perfection, Safe and Sound! Syukur sangat2...
Once we reached the FL, we took our finisher medals and cert. Went straight away to have our Chicken Rice for lunch and cooled ourselves down. Before we went back home, a group finisher photos was a must!

From left (clockwise): Marea, Zana, Moi, Izman, Idot and Acid

Jumping Jelly Beans!

Overall, it was a very exciting adventure race. Plenty of drinking bottles at every CP. Friendly marshalls and volunteers. I had a blast enduring the 6 hours 23 km race. Most important of all, we were glad to complete this game injury and chafing free. My utmost gratitude to Miss Marea for willing to be my race partner.. Running this adventure race was truly one of a kind experience. Congratulations to all Totisthoner Runners, podium winners and everyone else who manage to complete this race within the cutoff time.I really wished to participate this race again next year, hoping that I could get the tubing down the river experience. Ngeee....

Till we meet again.... Chao!

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