Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Man Of Action - Ultra Ray aka Razif Yahya
Why helo there my fellow followers, silent readers, my running brothers and sisters. Raya (Eid ul Fitr) is just around the corner in three days time. How's your preparation then? Let's put the Raya thingy aside, shall we? From the title above, it looks like we, fellows Malaysians are about to witness another history in the making in this auspicious August. We've heard about Ng Seow Kong's glorious Badwater 135Miles success, being the first Malaysian to be able to finish the most gruesome toughest hottest ultramarathon of its kind with 48 hours cutoff time. We also witnessed a Malaysian Ultra Lady Marathoner, Charlotte Teoh who had crossed the finishing line of Tour De Taiwan - 14 Days Round Island 1100KM run with our Jalur Gemilang. Now, it's time for us, fellow Malaysians to give our full support and prayers to our home grown, Ultra athlere, Mr Razif Yahya for his LT100 (160km) quest this coming 17-18 August, 2013. To make it even sweeter, he will be running during our Independence Month, August. Merdeka! =D

Frankly speaking, I've been his loyal silent reader and followed his running blog religiously ever since late 2010/2011. The way he wrote about all his FM and Ultra Marathon journeys were perfectly captured and awesomely inspiring othernewbie runners including me back then. Even until now, he kept on pushing his limits and really really inspired me a lot. Because of him and the relentless support and encouragement from his Ultra buddies, I've agreed to do my debut Ultra trail event, The North Face Thailand 100km Duo category by next year. Goshh, kuatnya racun mamat Ultra ini... Must train like a madman for this Ultra event from now on, I tell you... Just by looking at the training regime, I could sense the huge commitment in preparing myself for it... Train hard or else must embrace for the ugly consequences... Ngeh-ngeh... =P

Posing with my Ultra Idol/Sifu... I was starstruck back then... Jaw dropped mode... 
I first met him personally after Newton Challenge 25KM Run in Kinrara December last year. He was looking for me and I've never thought I would be meeting and had a light conversation with my idol up close and personal. I was in awed and starstruck. He did 50km run (2 loops)  from the route. Super insane! hehee... And it was history from there onwards. I was being invited to join Le Sabuns Ultra Malaysia team's LSD run every month. It was good to make more new running friends and it felt much much better and safer to run LSD in group in the night. 

Le Sabuns Ultra Support Station... Genius idea!
Le Sabuns Ultra MALAYSIA Team in Hat Yai, Thailand...
The bond between Le Sabuns Ultra Malaysia runners was reinforced when all 12 of us went to Hat Yai for the Hatyai International Marathon 2013. For the first time ever I felt like I was part of the family. A happy running family. We were very close and kept in touch with each other even after the Marathon. It's true that great minds think alike... Recently Le Sabuns Ultra M'sia organized our first bowling so-called match. Let's sabun all the alley... There were 7 of us, the man himself Sifu Ultra Ray, Ultra Arman, Azri, Kak Suzie, Kak Lily (the Birthday Gal), Razinah and I. Both of us were the organizer of this friendly event. 

Kak Lily (Ratu Longkang Sabuns) and Azri (Raja Bowling Sabuns) Well done guys!!! 
After three games, Azri won the Raja Bowling title, while Kak Lily won the Ratu Longkang title. Both of them were awarded with "Sabuns" and NUTRIMA cordials. It was super fun!!! We had a scrumptious iftar session together with Rashid joining in at The Oldtown White Coffee, Alamanda afterwards.   =D

Le Sabuns ULTRA Bowling Team... Who said we cant play bowling while fasting... Mihmihmihh...
Oops, enough with the throwback recap. Let's show our unconditional support and love to our Malay version of Man of Steel, my dearest Sifu Ultra Ray.... Together we will witness another unforgettable moments all the way from Colorado, United States. 

Just a brief info on LT100. The Leadville Trail 100 Run (The Race Across The Sky or the LT100) is one of the prestigious Ultra Marathon in North America, it held annually on trails and dirt roads near Leadville, Colorado, through the heart of the Rocky Mountains. First run in 1983, runners in the race climb and descend 15,600 feet (4,800 m), with elevations ranging between 9,200-12,620 feet. In most years, less than half the starters complete the race within the 30-hour time limit. The course is a 50-mile (80 km) out-and-back (from Leadville town to Winfield town then return back Leadville town), starting at 10,200 feet (3,100 m). The centre piece of the course is the climb up to Hope Pass at 12,620 feet (3,850 m) – the highest point in the race, which added more difficulties in completing the race due to the thin air and high altitude. You can follow his progress via the official website of the Leadville Trail 100 Mile on this coming 17-18 August 2013

For your info, he will be running LT100 for a cause, in supporting "Relentless" Anti-Human Trafficking. RELENTLESS is a cutting edge project at the intersection of health and justice. As a global health consultant to organizations that work with trafficked people, Dr. Katherine Welch (the founder of Relentless) helps to build their capacity in addressing their health needs as whole people. A diverse cross-cultural experience identifies various cultural nuances, gaps, and needs; as well as good models in providing care for trafficked people. Furthermore, she is involved in training American health care professionals about the health consequences of human trafficking, presenting at symposiums, workshops, grand rounds, and other medical conferences. Katherine also speaks at various venues and events advocating for the cause and challenging others to join the movement. For more info, please feel free to visit their website gorelentless.wordpress.com

In my humble opinion, I'm 140% super duper confident that he'll nail it down easy peasy, by looking at his Ultra mileage 2,421KM that he managed to clock in day in day out throughout 12 months of his training period, with average mileage of 201KM a month. We all know that all the Malaysian runners out there will be rooting for him. So there might be a wee bit of pressure on him then. Hopefully the pressure will be put into a good use then... So best of luck, dear distinguished Sifu Ultra Ray. Unleash your inner RayMau (Auummm!) and let your two boys picture be your lucky charm and strength as usual =D

Till then, I'm so super excited for you, Ray! Malaysia Boleh! Can't wait to see Jalur Gemilang soaring high and proud in Colorado soon!!! 

For more info and updates on the man himself, do click Stupe's entry HERE and up close and in person interview with Jamie Pang HERE too ;D

Ultra Ray upon finishing his recent Ultra TNF Phillipines 100km ... Super inspired!!! 

Till then, hasta la vista bebeh! Souvenirs from CO, please Sifu... Running magnet pon jadila, ye.. Hehee... =P


  1. Replies
    1. Ya lor Mamarazzi, everyone else were bz celebrating Hari Raya and openhouses... Thanks for your Raya wishes... Happy holidays! ;D

    2. Ya lor Mamarazzi, everyone else were bz celebrating Hari Raya and openhouses... Thanks for your Raya wishes... Happy holidays! ;D

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