Friday, June 14, 2013

16KM Mizuno Wave Run 2013 - My Dreadful "Zombie" Moments... Blerghh!

Mission Accomplished.... Zomba pon zomba lah... Hehee... My Lemau Run Ever!!!
Hello there, Happy blessed Friday to all of you, my fellow readers and followers, my beloved brothers and sisters in this Running community. Thank you so much for reading my humble shabby so-so blog. I just wan to share with all of you out there on my recent running event. So, here is my chronology, as usual... Just bear with me ya!
Running vest for the day... Super comfy totally! Nice lucky number too... =D
Announcing my new Baby GOrgeous Mellow... Matchy2 sangat! Papa loike... The review will be coming up real soon
I went to Port Dickson to attend my cousin's solemnisation and wedding reception on Saturday, the day before the event. Afterwards, I rushed back to collect my racekit along with Rashid and Azim's at POJ, Putrajaya. It was a bloody scorching hot Saturday evening. The racekit collection was a breeze, in and out in less than 3 minutes, since it was already 3pm. Love the flouro Yellow running vest, matched with my new Yellow Mellow GoRun 2 from Skechers too.. =D  I got dehydrated easily even though I was there for a while only. Had to blame the hot sunny weather in Putrajaya. Went home to rest my feet after the long day in the sun.

Fast forward to the Sunday's morning. Woke up circa 5am, getting prepared and get ready to go to Putrajaya with my usual accomplice, The Speedy Demon of Mizuno Wave himself, Rashid. Must highlight the Mizuno Wave shoes thingy here ya, huhu... We went to perform our Subuh prayer at the Iron Mosque, Sultan Mizan Mosque and managed to hand over Azim's racekit to him after the prayer. Fuhhh...

It was already 6.20 am when we reached the starting point. Deposited our bag safely just in time. I managed to do some light warm up and stretching only before we were honked off on time, 6.30 am. At first I tried to target to finish this 16k run within 1 hour and 45 minutes only. Little did I know that I'll be having this lemau blergh moments later on in my run.

The first incline on the bridge... Oh dear I looked slouching while running... Not a good posture!  I`m struggling ... 
The first 4 km route seemed new to me as I've never ran along this route before. As I entered the bridge, suddenly I felt the urge to do both businesses and forced me to stop at the Taman Sri Empangan toilet. i decided to do no.1 business only since I was running out of time already... Had to soldier up and tahan sajala... LOL!

The route afterwards felt familiar to me since it was the Putrajaya Night Marathon HM route. The only difference was this was a Day version of it. Hehee... The weather was overcast throughout the day. Looked like it's gonna be raining later on. Circa 8KM, I took one energy gel since I started to feel the hunger pang. Normally I took a bite on my Gardenia bread before any running event. But on that day, I refused to eat anything because it might stimulate my bowel movement during the run.

The only picture of me running HAPPILY and CHEERFULLY... Hohoho... This was because I noticed the camera...

After 10 KM, I started to slow my pace not because of my old injuries strike back, but I became sooo freaking tired mentally and started to run it halfheartedly. To add salt to the wound, there was NO more isotonic drinks provided after 10KM onwards... Gosh! It shattered my motivation even more... The only thing that was on my mind at that moment which kept me driven to finish this race asap was the MILO Van at the finishing line. Like seriously... LOL! T..T

My Precious Zombie Moment - My legs wanna run but my mind said NO! T..T 
Almost there, almost home! (Credits to Baman)
There I was running like a Lemau Zombie, especially the last 2 KM... Could not muster any strength in the tank and the urge to do no.2 business kept on bugging me still. Urghhh! You should see my pictures during that stretch towards the finishing line. It was windy and cooling but it didn't help much to boost my spirits. Finally I crossed the finishing mat in 1:52:37 (net time), 1:55:00 (gun time), got the 740th place out of 1438 runners in the Men's Open category. Not that bad lah kan... =)

Sequences of me running towards the Finishing Arch - Xpandang kiri kanan dah, just wanna finish it so badly! 
Then it was time to pick up my goodies bag, Oh my I could already see the rendition of Energizer Nightmare Run 2011 in the making already... O.O Not enough manpower of volunteers perhaps to cater the huge number of 16km finishers this year. But we runners were a very patient bunch, I must say. So we kept on waiting patiently for our turn to get the goodies bag sequentially, plastic bag < finisher medal < Nestle Fitnesse < Perskindol < Tous le Jous pastries.
Waiting for the goodies bag, looks like we were waiting for the 2nd flag off in the pen... @..@ (Credits to Khairi Muin)
Catch of the day... Pretty awesome possum! Timing pon ok la kan... Sub 2.. Syukur, Alhamdulillah...
Met with the superb Marathon Mommas aka KraziRunners (Kak Lina, Kak Hanim, Kak Nannoor and Kak Millie) after I took my icy cold sinfully sweet MILO drink. Managed to took some picture with them too... Then I had several slices of juicy watermelon and skipped the taufufah counter. It's time to take some pictures with my running buddies while relaxing around Palace of Justice and Putrajaya Holding area.

I`m the only thorn among these lovely roses... Kak Lina aka Femes Bunny, Kak Nannoor  aka Famous Marathon Mom, Kak Millie and Kak Hanim, our Sukan G Ambassadors to be... =D (Credits to Abang Zaini)
Rashid, Azim n Yours Truly - The Terrific Threesome of the day... Wished Faiez were there too...
We Are Runners buddies - Fadhil, Speedy Aafong, Me, Meg and Rashid...  

Savouring my must pose near the Finish Arch... =D
Izman Hawk and Me, We were sponsored by Garmin and Skechers, NOT! LOL... Hanya mampoo berangan sat... =P
Having light moments with the Ladies... Congratz to all of us ok... (Credits to Kak Betty)
Overall, it was a good running event, could be organized better, esp more isotonis drinks, lots of marshalls along the route, perfect weather to run, looking forward for the next year event... Change venue to UPM please ;D Until then, wish me luck for my inaugural Kedah International Mount Jerai Challenge this coming Saturday (Gosh, tomorrow occay!) @..@ Ttyl.. Adios amigos!

Ayam Goreng Mamak dilupa jangan... Self reward so-called... LMAO! 



  1. Whoa, nice striking shoe :D How was the GR2? Congrats by the way.

    1. GR2 was awesome possum indeed! Luv the light weight, soft comfy sockliner feel... But unfortunately the sole started to worn out easily, even after my 3rd run in it... Suitable to be a racing shoes, rather than a training shoes... Maybe because I'm too heavy so the impact is greater on the sole ;)

    2. I saw so many Skechers shoes lately and they all are running in front of me. Hmph :P

  2. Eh got my picture also heeeeee :D
    I think almost all of us walked at that last 400m stretch. Walaupun berangin. Walaupun incline sikittt je tapi dah rasa macam bukit.
    I also had that halfhearted feeling a bit. Mesti ada hampir setiap kali race.

  3. Ehh.. akak pun dlm pic. sorry x say hi hi pun hr tu. nnt perodua lari gak kan? see ya

    1. Samala kita lupa nak say hi hi kat Kak Has... Nanti saya link nama akak ye.. Hehee.. Yup, join Perodua Run, arap2 xkena pospon sebab Haze macam McD Run tuh... Thanks for stopping by to my shabby blog ye, Sis.. ;D