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I Ran JAKARTA Central During CNY 2013... Dreams Came True... Woot2!!! =D

Hello there fellow readers, followers, my beloved brothers and sistas of Runninghood. Have a splendid Tuesday to all. After struggling with my old and new knee injuries crawling back at me recently, I've decided to rest a bit more after the recent Brooks Halfie Marathon 2013. However, I intend to do a back-to-back-to-back race report and running diary. So here we go...

The two lanes was designated for pedestrians (runners) on left, while cyclists on the right side.  Although I ran on the right lane sometimes coz it was shadier than the left as  it was almost 9 am T..T
I would love to share my 1st Runcation ever in Jakarta during my recent CNY loooong break. (martylarrr citer dah basi... dah bole wat tapai dah.. LOL!) At first, I only planned to run in Bandung, whenever I had chances. However, I realised that running in the crowded city was impossible. The road around the city was less runners friendly and we have to go further to the countryside to do so. Until my friend aka tourist guide, Mas Irwansyah told me that there would be Car-Free Day every weekend in Jakarta. I was like super yayyyy! I would never imagine being able to run on the most busiest roads in the heart of Jakarta City (JKT). Super excited indeed...  After all the makanthon in BDO - JKT (Read: Nasi Uduk & Batagor), at least I could burn off all those sinful indulgence. Hahaaa! Finally after 3rd time I went to JKT for holidays, I did my runcation there... =)
Bike To Work Concept. How I wish it would be that easy to be implemented here in Klang Valley... Sigh

Sunday mornings between 6 am and 11 am is designated as a " Car-Free Day" in JKT, Indonesia where the city closes off Jalan Sudirman and Jalan MH Thamrin so that the urban dwellers can enjoy a stroll, run or bike their way across town. Since then Car Free Day became a monthly event in JKT, held every last Sunday of the month. However every other Sundays these main avenues were closed for cars for a shorter period.  
Me camwhored in front of Selamat Datang Monument... Awesome!

I started out a bit late that glorious morning, around 7.45 am. Had to blame for the late night "activities" on the previous night. LOL. It was already bright that morning. The air was still crispily fresh. I started running from my Thamrin Condotel Residences. It wasn't that far from Grand Indonesia and Thamrin City. Around 2KM, I reached the famous Selamat Datang monument located in the centre of Hotel Indonesia Roundabout (Bundaran HI). Couldn't resist to camwhore myself there. LOL... There were many people were seen taking pictures and chillaxing while listening to the mini gigs performed by the street buskers nearby. I could see some of the street hawkers were also selling their food and kuehs on carts along the closed roads.

Awesome architecture along JL. Thamrin

Cyclists waiting at the main junction. 

Almost there at Monas...

I decided to run along Jalan MH Thamrin towards all the way north to National Monument (Monas), Central JKT and went back towards Jalan Sudirman. Along the way, I could see many cyclists enthusiasts and runners were flocking the streets care free. The atmosphere was electric! =D Some of the tourists too took the opportunity to take pictures along the closed street. Me too couldn't resist to take some pictures along the way too... Typical tourist cum runner, huh? LOL... 

Love the water fountain and the background picture too... Thanx to a  kind JKT Cyclist Guy for taking my picture .
Ondel - Ondel, the Indonesia Mascot and  a must take picture with... =D
Fancy horse cart to go around the Monas Park, anyone? Hehee...
Me and my running pose in front of MONAS.. Thanx to a friendly by-passer  for taking this picture... =D 
The weather was getting warmer by the time I reached Monas, it was around 5KM there. I immediately snap more and more pictures as the weather was awesome. There were many people running around the Monas Park, while others thronged the morning market. I witnessed there was an event being held in Monas too. Some novel campaign being launched. 

Monas and Perwira Monument...
Then it was time for me to head home as I don't wanna miss my breakfast by 10 am. It was getting hotter by 9.30 am. I headed home and went back towards Jl. Thamrin and running into Jl. Sudirman. From there onwards, more and more cyclists were seen conquering the road. I noticed a mother cycled with her daughter,  while a father encouraged his son to tackle the incline. I saw there were several ala car boot sales  were held by the road, selling some bike accessories and bike wear with a reasonable price. Even the policemen and policewomen were patrolling the road in bicycles. Super cool!

Headed towards Selamat Datang monument and Bundaran HI again

Bapak Sudirman Monument, The Historian of Indonesia.
 Overall, I managed to do 14.5 km on that lovely morning. How I wish we could have a Car Free Day in KL as well. It would so cool for us cyclists and runners to exercise around Dataran Merdeka and Padang Merbuk once in a while, at least once a month. Well, in the meantime I`m sooo looking forward to do another runcation during my travel trip in the near future... =)

Before I go, I would like to serve you guys with my makanthon galore in BDO & JKT. See how guilty I felt after walloping all those scrumptious delicacies.. Cheers and happy running fellas! 


Nasi timbel ayam bakar sama sup asin                               Pisang bakar sama susu pekat, keju & cokelat

Nasi Padang Ayam Bakar


Tupat Tahu                                                           Nasi uduk wangi sama lauk2 heaven

Nasik timbel ayam bakar manis


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  1. I've never been to Jakarta. Bestnyaaaaa tengok. Esp the car-free day part. Good mileage jugak you dapat hari tu...kena tahan panas je la ye..
    I have friends there tapi dah lama tak keep in touch. Masa I study kat US dulu I hang out dgn Indonesians je. I think I speak more Indonesian than BM masa tu :P
    (takpelah cerita basi pun, I have a few blog entries in mind that is probably turning into tapai now...)