Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2015 Cancelled - A Blessing In Disguise?

Oh hello there, to all my loyal followers and running friends all over Malaysia, Singapore and the whole wide world... First and foremost, forgive me for being so super duper lazy in updating my rustic cobwebbed blog.... I'll try my best to start blogging back for the sake of my own reference in the future. Documenting every aspects of my running journey... That's the most important thing.

The Dynamic Duo - Rashid and I took a photo at Adidas Booth, The Main Sponsor for Running Apparel
Yeah, yeah, yeah... Everyone is looking forward to run in this year SCKLM... It's the most anticipated running event in Malaysia. For the record, this is my 4th year joining SCKLM. I've started doing Half Marathon in SCKLM 2012, followed by Full Marathons in 2013 and 2014. Therefore I was so head over heel when I found out that I was one of the 140 lucky runners that won the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2015 Instagram contest. I was entitled a free FM slot in conjunction with the 140th Anniversary of Standard Chartered Bank in Malaysia. How cool is that?

I have to admit that I was really concerned with the haze situation that normally occurred several weeks before the Big Day. It was just like a creepy eerie curse, the same thing happened all over again in SCKLM 2013. But this time around, there's no way the organizer could postpone the race since it's already end of the year.

The cozy twin sharing beds at The Explorers Guesthouse, KL... Love the interior!
I've made the room booking in advance in KL and once I've checked in The Explorers Guesthouse on Saturday then I found out that the race was being cancelled at the eleventh hour. All my running friends spread the news via Whatsapp and Facebook. I was so relieved that the organizer has made the most wise and right decision. The haze was so bad on Saturday. The visibility was suck and the smoke smell was so awful! So I went straight away to Dataran Merdeka to collect my entitlements @ DNS "souvenirs". I bumped into some familiar friendly faces around the venue. It was so nice meeting all of you guys.

Met some friendly faces at the venue... Notice the thick haze in the background... Health hazard! Pic credits to Abg Lan
Later that night I joined them for some dinner ala picnic at the Dataran. We spent times chatting all about running events and gossiping while the haze was getting worse. It's like super thick mist or fog already. There's no wind or rain at all. Such an unpleasant condition for running a marathon, especially in the wee hours. Then off I went to the bed around 11pm for a good deep sleep and planned to wake up around 5.30-6am.

Groupfie at Pasar Malam Jalan TAR.... Credits to Abam Ishaqrudy

I was awakened by the calls from Apeng around 5.30am. As soon as I woke up, I could feel my throat was so sore and itchy. I kept on drinking more water but the dryness wont go away. even my voice changed husky. So I went to freshen up myself and put on my running gears and all sorts, as usual. I walked to the Dataran and met up with Apeng, Kak Sal and Lisa Chew. Looks like the pacers and a team of runners were already running their solidarity run. By looking at the hazy conditions, deep down I knew that running was impossible. So I just sat around and waiting for more friends to come by.
Gegeh nih show up di kala orang lain masih titon sambil menghirup udara segar jerebu.... 

Met with Nikli Nordin... So sorry for not recognising you at first.... Maklumla tak pernah bersembang sekali sebelum nih =P
While I was waiting for my friends to join me hangout at the race venue, I was being approached by 2 personnels from Standard Chartered social media. They interviewed me asking about what's my opinion on the cancellation of SCKLM 2015 and why was I wearing such a fancy headgear for the event. Even the emcee, Linora interviewed me for my unique fruity headgear. I almost laughed out loud when she asked me, "Are you from Hawaii?" Well obviously the pineapple crown was the star of the day... Hahaa... Like hello, Malaysia also have nenas too, you know... hewhew =P
A quick interview with Ms. Linora.... She's so chirpy! 
Credits to Mis Fid for this amazing 360 shots.... Splendid job Fid!

Thank you Marathonbaker for all your trust and support in me as your product Ambassador.... Love this outfit so much! =D
Oh, for your information, I've decided to wear a unique custom made headgear, inspired by our Malaysian Tropical Fruits Basket. It was made by my dear creative friend, Mis Fid. That fruits beanie cap really stood out during that event. I was truly privileged to be chosen as one of the product Ambassador for Marathonbaker homemade energy bars. It was like a dream comes true for me to wear the limited edition running tee. The logo was superbly awesome too!

Happy runners family
Ceria bersama!
Sempat snap2 bersama Cerava Running Crew came all the way from Sarawak... Thank you Gjull and the gang =D
Thanks Mieza Orchid for the groupfie! Flawless sangat chuols!

Menempel2 menyibuk di upacara potong bezday kek geng FRC....

Martylarrr kena rempuhan geng2 kengkawan runners dari kiri kanan depan belakang ehh!
Selpie bersama Idola Runner Ezuan Arshad di kala jerebu masih melanda.... 

Sempat bergambar dengan crew SCKLM 2015 Jonathan, if I`m not mistaken....
Me and Muzie Sham... thanks bro!
Bila Tiga Dibanas Bertemu ehh! #gengcharots

Our Totem Pole - inspired by Mohan Marathon ideas =P

More runners joined us afterwards.... Irresistable gituhhh hohoho

Me and My MARDI Runners Club... =D
As the day was getting brighter, more and more running crowds thronged the venue. It was like a fiesta, a huge reunion for runners. No time went wasted as we kept on taking selfies, wefies, groupfies, you name it. In the big crowd, I managed to take a group photo with all MARDI Runners. Yayyy... All the runners were enjoying the free breakfast at the Hospitality Tent. Delicious pasta, hotdogs, chicken wings, yogurts, bananas and some hot piping teh tarik drinks. It the company that matters the most, right?

TV Interview by Media Prima 
Second TV Interview by RTM
I did not expect to be interviewed by Media Prima reporter on that early morning. She asked me on what's my opinion on the organizer's decision to cancel the running event. I said that they made the right decision, since the health and safety of the runners was a priority, as well as all the volunteers manning the water stations, traffic marshalls and the medic crew. After that, a reporter from RTM interviewed me too. It didn't get any better and sweeter than this I bet... hehee... #feeling2instantretiss =D
Met my new friend, Mr John Kiwi from New Zealand... Nice to have a chat with ya sir...
Although the event was being cancelled, but I had tonnes of fun, meeting some new and old friends. Indeed, we took lots of picture together since all my running friends, near and far... That's truly a pure happiness when all runners united for a good cause... It's a social sports after all...

Later in the evening and night, all my friends told me that my interview was on air, especially on Buletin Utama TV3... Even my Dad called me... Unfortunately I was outside and not watching the live news. hahaa... Luckily Mis Fid compiled all the news from several stations, RTM1, RTM2 (English and Mandarin News), TV3 and Ntv7.... It was truly my once in a lifetime experience, being on air! hahahaa.... Forgive my poyoness hohoho... Couldn't help it... Although I sounds a bit nervous + excited towards the end... blushing much eh...

Mom, Dad, I`m on TV3! Credits to Mr Muzie Sham for the pic....
For those who haven't see my clip footage, feel free to watch it all over again... Adeiii, boleh cerita kat cucu2 di hari tua nih ehh =P Enjoy!

Till then, just can't wait to run SCKLM 2016.... This time around, haze haze please go away, come again.... NOT!



  1. seronok baca..panjangkan skit lagi hokay.haha
    all the best utk event akan datang.

    1. Hohoho.... banyak lagik nak karang ttg entry di Condura, Tokyo, RJM lagik... sabar2 hohoho