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This first picture says it all.... Save the date folks! It's a great event for kick start your new year 2016 too! 
Like they always say, two are better than one. Some even called it the Dynamic Duo, 2-in-1, Sehati Sejiwa thingy. Just like this amazing inaugural Compressport Combo Challenge 2016 (KL Series). I was truly honoured to be invited to such auspicious occasion. All thanks to Compressport Asia Pacific , Compressport Malaysia and My Triathlon Shop (MTS).

Let's take a selfie first with Ezuan Arshad =P
Kemain lagik bersemangat selfie dengan Abam As Bha demi blog yang merries ini...Hmmm =D
The world's leading compression apparel manufacturer from Switzerland has launched a new COMBO CHALLENGE series of exciting running events for passionate avid runners, both trails and road.

In collaboration with the experienced Event Organiser, My Triathlon Shop, Compressport will be staging TWO races with TWO distances on TWO different terrains for the first time ever in Malaysia.

The first part will be a Trail Run (6KM & 12KM) that will be held in the picturesque stunning surroundings of Wetland Park, Putrajaya. Meanwhile the second part will be a Road Run (6KM & 12KM) that is to be held among the modern landscape  of Cyberjaya City, Selangor. This Combo Challenge Series will give trail and road runners a chance to enjoy the best of both worlds under the single international Compressport marque. It's like killing two birds with one stone, how cool is that? =D

This debut join forces between Compressport, the experts in high-quality performance sportwear and My Triathlon Shop, a popular race organiser will offer to the runners a new running experiences of the highest calibre. This Combo Challenge Series will definitely offer something special for both elite runners, as well as the novice runners. There is something for everyone, and I can assure you that no one will be left behind nor left out!

There are so many Combo with promotional prices to choose from for this inaugural Combo Challenge. I must say that you will save more than the actual prices when you signed up for this Combo Challenge. Figures won't lie, folks! Check it out all the info below here yaa... =D

The press conference for the launch of Compressport Combo Challenge 2016 was held on 13 October 2015 at Xero Gravity, Level 9, PJX-HM Shah Tower, Petaling Jaya. Many reknowned distinguished runners from several running groups, bloggers, media were invited to witness such amazing event.

Ms Karen Loh with all the new appointed Compressport Ambassadors
Welcoming Address by Ms Karen Geh herself.
Speech by Mr. Kishen from Compressport Asia Pacific

Among the lucky draw winners... Congrats to all of you lucky peeps!
Welcoming address was given by Ms. Karen Geh, the Director of My Triathlon Shop and later on, Mr. Eric and Mr Kishen of Compressport Asia Pacific gave their speeches.

To mark this special occasion, 5 Compressport Ambassadors have been appointed but only four were present on that day in recognition of their passion for running and their positive contributions to the running society. They wore Compressport High Performance Compression Apparel which is fully made in Europe and is designed to give multi-sports athlete optimum performance.

Announcing four newly appointed Compressport Ambassadors. Truly inspiring!
Later on, we had lots of fun taking photos together with other guests and the great people from Compressport Malaysia and My Triathlon Shop. The group photos with so many friendly runners from all walks of life was the most unforgettable moments.

One Huge Group Photo - Credits to Uncle Chan W.K.
Another Group Photo - Credits to Action Pix.

 It was also the grand premier of the finisher medals for Compressport Combo Challenge 2016. We were allowed to get the feel with the super nice finisher medals and went crazy about it. For me, it's definitely a Combo that's worth signing up for. To top it out, I just donning it with my funky Tropical Fruity Beanie Cap... =D

 Penulis #abambuah sempat posing2 vogue bersama medal penamat yang sangat menarik tertarik lagi unique ini hohoho.... Best2....
A Closer Look of The Finisher Medals... Super Awesome, Right? =D
Thank you for having us there and for those runners who are very interested in signing-up for the events, feel free to save the date 3 January 2016 for the Trail Run and 24 April 2016 for the Road Run.

Here's the link for register such one of a kind combo challenge. => https://liv3ly.com/registration/event/ccc2016  Check it out yeah!

These are some recommended links, for more information and latest updates on the event itself :-

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join us.... Don't forget to inform all your running buddies and running group to join this Combo Challenge. It's definitely a must join events in 2016. I just can't wait to sign it up asap (P/S: Still have to wait for this month Gaji Day to sign it up laaa then) =P

I'll see you happy fun runners there yaa... Till then....


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