Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Me & Gme, My New Substitute Partner In Crime Ehh... =P
Hello there to all my fellow followers (silent) and loud ones.... My dearest brothers and sisters in the running community... It's already Chinese New Year in the year of Wooden Horse... May this year will bring lots of huat and prosperity to all of us...  Gong Xi Fa Chai! Huatt arrr... Hopefully... =D

Without further ado, I would like to share with you guys out there on my not so recent hike to Mount Nuang (4 January 2014). This is a revisited trip after my debut hike there. All the previous details is right HERE. This was kinda an impromptu plan for me and Gme Azmi. I invited him to feel the wrath and beauty offered by the forever Majestic Nuang.

Both of us had a scrumptious sinful nasi lemak with a bull's eye egg for our breakfast before our trip. It's a must based on my previous Nuang hike. It was still a cold cloudy and windy weather that fateful Saturday morning. I was worried about the uncertain weather so I've decided to bring along my jacket. So circa 8.30 am, we started our hike at the Nuang base camp. I've learnt from my previous mistakes in underestimating the right amount of hydration before so this time around I brought along 1.5L of water and 1 bottle of Gatorade for the hike, while Gme brought along 3L of plain water and 1 bottle of Gatorade too.

At first, all we wanted to do was to hike until Kem Lolo. Just want to test the water for Nuang newbie hiker like Gme but somehow I failed to recognize the changes around the Kem Lolo (all the new safety ropes and such) and we accidentally realized it after we asked a fellow hiker that was descending from the peak. We actually had passed the Kem Lolo and almost reached Kem Pacat.

Pose2 running along the mystical bamboo forest... Priceless!!!
The first 5km of trail route from the base camp was quite challenging and the bamboo jungle was gorgeous as always. These bamboo jungle reminded me of the stunning scenes from Hollywood film like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.
Us with the mysterious tortoise... Kura2 bunian kah? Shhh... jangan tegur bukan2...
One of the most mysterious and mystical entity that we encountered on our way up Mount Nuang was we found that there was this BIG tortoise was eating a mushroom in the middle of nowhere up there. It was Gme who was shouted in shock once he saw the mysterious tortoise. How on earth did this creature managed to find its way through the rugged muddy steep terrain? We took some pictures with as the proof... Just as we predicted it was long gone once we passed by the same spot on our way down. Creepy... much...

 We reached the famous Kem Pacat after 2 hours and 44 minutes of hike/rest. There were many hikers chillaxing around the camp while eating their meals. It was almost 12 noon and we started to feel a bit hungry as it was a bit chilly and misty. Feared of the heavy downpour along the descent, we decided to cut the break short and quickly made our move immediately after we took some picture around Kem Pacat, including the famous must snap picture of this unique entangled roots/branch.

We took a breather once we reached back to Kem Lolo. I took this opportunity to wash my face and cool off my drinking water with the icy cold river. The  river looks tempting for a quick badak berendam session but we have to descend asap. Looks like I have to revisit this nice river for the third time soon. Hohoho....

Took a quick break at Kem Lolo... The water was sooo tempting and icy cold! 
Met with Syed Ali, Ayumi and their hiking friends once we reached the beginning of the steep route to Kem Lolo. They were taking their lunch/cigarette break. Took some pictures together with them and off we go, still fearing the possibility of the heavy downpour along our way back. My instincts was damn right. It started to drizzle at first and the first wave was bearable. We decided to run in the rain to avoid the drench. We were pretending as if we are the Ultra Runners who were running on a trail in a heavy rain. Bila lagi kan nak feeling2 Ultra Trail Runner... LOL!

Me, Gme, Syed, Ayumi n her friend at the last wakaf before Kem Lolo
When we thought that it has stopped to rain, we were dead wrong. The second wave of downpour was even heavier! The torrential rain changed the landscapes where there were puddles of mud and streaming mini rivers along the way down. We had to be extra careful running/jogging the decline as there were many slippery stones and trail route. I had enough of tripping down incidents along my way down from Kem Lolo.

Finally, safely reached the base camp drenched wet!!!
Finally we reached the base camp after 2 hours and 18 minutes. We were so relieved as we were super tired and hungry by that time. That's 15km of good LSD hill + trail run workout. The maximum elevation was 3,392 feet from the sea level. It took us 5:03:12 for our hike/jog/run trip overall. We had our scrumptious late lunch at Dusun Tua warung as we were starving and fatigue like hell. Kihkihh... Oh, thank goodness I escaped the viscious itchy leech bites while Gme had 2 bite marks at his feet... Thanks to my Compressport Calves Sleeves... =D

The starting line of the venue with a stunning view of Putrajaya at night
I reached home circa 5.30 pm and rest a bit before I dashed to Tmn Seri Empangan, Putrajaya to witness the flagoff/honk-off the participants of Water Gate 16Hours Ultra event. I was just in the nick of time to had some photo ops before this Awesome Ultra event. It was an inaugural Ultra event organized by PACat Adventures Team, supported by Le Sabuns Ultra Malaysia team. At first I did registered by this event. But somehow I didn't proceed with the payment and I wasn't mentally prepared for it... Hewhew... Banyak je alasanku kan... hehee... Oh well, WG 16h 2015 perhaps? =D

One for the album guys... Everybody looks sooo happy2 jolly..
I offered my help and became the accidental volunteer for Check Point aka WS 2. It was really a great experience to see these relentless Ultra runners doing their loops nonstop. Some of them were already in a league of their own. Names like Auntie Shine Teh, Yimster, Ultra Maman, Rayzeef, Madame Karen Loh were no stranger to the Ultra running community. They were my Living Legend and very down to earth too. I was totally inspired seeing them in action.

Ultra Yimster still looked so fresh...
We Love Our Giyomi Pose With Maman!

Rashid, Sis Suzie and I - Extra Volunteer for WS2
Me & Rashid, The Dynamic Duo of Le Sabuns Ultra Team.... hohoho... Like Batman n 

Abg Zaini and Sis Lina, the ultra running couple in the making on that very night. Razinah, my team mate for TNF100 Thailand managed to clock in 67km++ too Well done guys... Woot2...  =D

Me goofying around with Arman's foldie bicycle... Felt so good to cycle around the WS... Hihii... Dah terima hidayah nih xlama lagik nih... =D

After keypoh-ing here and there untill almost 12am, I went back home to catch some sleep and had to DNS my 1st run of 2014, MPIB Run due to the sore muscles, injured knees and lack of sleep after the Nuang hike/run.... So sad but that's reality hehee.... Suck it up and move on yaaa... However this WG 16H was an awesome Ultra events. It was a really well organised event by runners for runners. The weather at that night was cooling and windy too due to the heavy downpour all day long before. Lots of food and drinks for them,  cheap registration fees too. Would love to give it a try next year... =D

Till then... Toodles!

P/S: Wish me luck for my debut TNF 100 Thailand this coming Saturday, 8 Feb 2014. Really nervous as I'll be running along Razinah as we took the TNF 100 Duo challenge. Let's run in the wilderness of Khao Yai National Park! =D


  1. Nice post. But sorry, me & hubby aren't comfortable to be called as an Ultra runner/walker yet. ;)

    Bila nak summit Nuang ni? ;)

    1. I dah edit that part, Sis... Much better I think... =D

      Owhh rasanya bila timing sesuai, memang nak naik Summit Nuang tuh, dengar2 agak mencabar gak nih... Yang pawerr2 naik 5jam rasanya... Kecut perut dibuatnya... kena naik seawal 5-6am la camnih... Care to join us soon? =D