Friday, December 23, 2016


Hi there fellow readers & my beloved followers! Well well well... Christmas & a long holidays are just around the corner! In this  joyous and holidays seasons, I would love to give one special NEW YEAR gift to my lucky loyal blog reader out there. Just to show my appreciation and thank you so much to all Marathon Baker die hard fans out there for all your neverending and utmost support for our brand all year long. This is one of your chance to get your hands on this Limited Edition Marathon Baker 2017 Calendar. Let's get hyped over 2017 folks!

The unique features of this awesome calendar 2017 are:

🎯 includes race dates for you to plan ahead.

It also comes with this unique multipurpose Marathon Baker logo pendant/book mark/key chain.... Hontouni Kawaiii!

🎯 our booth dates so you can get your MB fuel ups.

🎯 variety of colourful peel off stickers to suit your sports and rest needs.

🎯 our energy bars info so you can choose the right bar suitable for your need & palate.

Wohooo.... Only the best premium ingredients in our homemade energy bars.... Just for you guys! Credits to Cikgu Ling Mat

🎯 this is a Limited Edition calendar.

🎯 suitable as a New Year gift!

🎯 Most important of all, this is a Marathon Baker product! ❤️❤️❤️

Yup, Yup....Still available at

All you have to do is just answer these simple questions @
Mini Quiz and win yourself a MARATHON BAKER 2017 CALENDAR and a RunBananaz worth RM90.

1) How many product ambassadors of Marathon Baker?

2) Name two of the flavours of Marathon Baker homemade energy bars.

3) Complete this slogan in the most creative & catchy way, "I LOVE MARATHON BAKER 2017 CALENDAR BECAUSE..." (Not More Than 23 Words)

4) Don't forget to follow us @marathonbaker25 on Instagram and Facebook.

- This contest will start from 23 - 30 December 2016.

- The winner will be announced and contacted on 31 December 2016.

- Send your answers via email to with the title "MB 2017 DIBANA CONTEST"

- Don't forget to include your Full Name, Contact Number and Email.

- You can send in as many answers as you wish. After all, the sky is the limit! Just go crazy and blow our mind away with your creative slogan.... Wuhoo...

- The winner results is final. Muktamad occay... 

- So all the best guys & thanks for reading my old humble blog folks! I promised I will update my blog more often before this year ends! Hahaaaa...

Enjoy your long holidays guys! Be merry and jolly! Stay active and run/ride/swim/hike safe where ever you are...

Even Ultra Runners love this cute awesome limited edition MB 2017 Calendar....
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