Friday, November 11, 2016


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Believe it or not, these days, almost everybody has a smartphone. Most of us can’t imagine life without one, so hasn’t it become more of a need? No doubt, it's a necessity for most of us, especially in this gadget era, where all the information is just at the tip of our fingers.

Good news to all the smartphone enthusiasts out there. Now you can own a new smarthphone every 12 months! Can you believe it?

Who would not be happy to be able to purchase a brand new smartphone like iPhone 7 with an installment of up to two years and can upgrade some more after the two yeas plan?

 With the maiden launch of ‘ReNew+’ today, CompAsia has just made buying a new smartphone every year more affordable. Yayyy...

 “ReNew+ is launched to initially offer upgrades for iPhones because there is always a great demand for them in the resale market as these cherished premium-priced iOS devices are still unaffordable by many in the developing Asian markets. Additionally, iPhone users tend to upgrade more frequently than other smartphone owners,” said Julius Lim, CEO of CompAsia.
Mr Julius Lim, CEO CompAsia was giving his simple yet compact speech on the advantages of choosing ReNew+
He added CompAsia’s aim was to be able to offer more choices and flexibilities than current traditional consumer OEMs and local mobile carriers because majority customers just wanted a hassle-free and good early upgrade deal. With ReNew+, he said customers have now become aware that there is a different way they can actually buy and sell their smartphones.

Here are the SIX reasons why you should choose "ReNew+" programme:

1)  New Smartphone Every 12 Months

 2) Low Monthly Payments 

With a low monthly payments as low as RM160 per month for iPhone 7 and RM190 per month for iPhone 7 Plus through Maybank's EzyPay. How cool is that? =D

3) No UpGrade Fee..

 Yes, you heard it right. There is no upgrade fee for the customer to upgrade their smartphones after 12 months of installment. 

4) Brand Independent 

 The customers are free to choose any kinds of smartphone brands as they wished... 

 As for a start, this smarter upgrade programme unleashes its first product offering - it allows customers in Malaysia to pay only a low monthly fee for a new iPhone 7 or 7+ and also allows them to trade them in after 12 months of payments to get the next generation iPhone without the hassle of any upgrading or termination fees. 

5) One Year FREE Phone Guard

 Every smartphone that has been purchased through this "ReNew+" programme is entitled for a FREE one year cracked screen protection. Meaning that if your smartphone fell down of flew away and you cracked your screen regardless of how many times, CompAsia will guarantee you to fix it free of charge within the 12 months. This one is soooo suitable for a clumsy person like me. Hahahaa... I cracked my smartphone's screen twice and I had to spend almost RM700++ to replace them back! Oh my money... What a great price to pay for... Hohohi....

6) Don't Be Tied Down By Any Carrier... It's Carrier Independent!

 Yup, the users are free to choose any Carrier or Telco as their favourite Carrier for the smartphones for up to two years. Easy and so flexible, right? 

Interested? Customers can purchase the latest iPhones from CompAsia‘s online store ( or from the participating stores of its collaborating partners. Tied to MayBank’s EzyPay that offers an interest-free instalment plan of up to 24 months, this robust upgrade programme allows eligible customers purchase the new iPhones using Maybank’s credit cards. With low monthly payments and no upfront payment, ‘ReNew+’ also comes bundled with ‘Phone Guard’ that provides a one-year free protection for cracked screens.
Summary of all the perks by choosing ReNew+ Smart Programme.... =D
Well, that's all for today, folks.... Come and upgrade your smartphone and join ReNew+ Revolution today! =D


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