Friday, December 14, 2012

LSD Run Around UKM 11/12/12 - Mission Accomplished!! and Makanthon too... LOL!

Helo there to all my fellow followers, especially my running brothers and sisters in this unique community. Happy Friday and happy weekend ahead for all of us. Before this report reaches its due date, i.e. this weekend, let me share with you guys out there on my recent mission. I have always longing to do a LSD Run all over UKM Bangi campus and to conquer all those 4 "Awesome" Lung busting hills too... Syukur, Alhamdulillah, I've made it at last. Fot your information, this is my recent LSD Run after my maiden marathon in APBIM. Tudiah lama sungguh berehat akibat kemalasan terlampau ditambah pula dengan serangan flu, sore throat and demam panas back-to-back. T..T Therefore I decided to do a LSD Run just to prep myself up for this coming Malakoff KL Run 2012 and Newton Challenge 25KM Run 2012. Creepy much!

Wish me luck guys... Go for the PB!!! Oh NO, my 1st ever pinky running tee... Shockingly excited!!! @..@
It was done on this auspicious day where it was the Birthday of Sultan Selangor, DYMM Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Al-Haj. Daulat Tuanku. It was such a lovely Tuesday morning. The weather was cold and the sky was overcast most of the time, perfect time to do a very long run. It was already around 8.10am when I was started running. At first, I was trying to do a 20KM LSD Run. I started my LSD Run from UKM Stadium all the the way towards the first hilly route by running through Keris Mas Residential College, Rashid's college before. After that i reached CGAT Hill, where we could see INBIOSIS and PERMATApintar Negara building along the way. The place was packed with cars and there was an event too, I guessed.  I've covered 5KM so far.

Later on, I went towards the 2nd hill, Makmal Bioteknologi Tumbuhan (MBT) hill. I just ran downhill towards this rolling hills and managed to reach the enormous water tank uphill near Kolej Aminuddin Baki. I used to go to MBT by motorcycle before during my undergrad and postgrad studies. Some old memories started flashing back in my mind while I was running along this route. I saw some fallen trees along the way down the hill. Some of them were already being chopped to pieces. 

Beware of the fallen tree by the road.... 
Next destination was the most famous and awesomest lung busting hill, the reknowned FST Hill. This hill was pretty challenging and really2 suitable for us to do a hill training due to its long winding inclines. If you still have guts you can try to run uphill towards Kolej Ibrahim Yaakub (KIY), oh my old residential college during my undergrads studies. Super cool I tell you... Hehee...
Me camwhoring in front of the Law Faculty of UKM (FUU) ... Hehehe... 
After that I ran downhill, passing through Pendeta Za'ba Residential College. I ran towards the fourth hill, The FUU Hill. By that time it was already around 9.30am. The weather was still being gentle on me on that wonderful morning. No microwave heat yet so far. I took a risk for not bringing any water bottle or Gatorade during my LSD which I really regretted it the most. Kamikaze sgt time nih... Gilo ko hapo... I was soooo thirsty upon reaching the summit of FUU Hill that I was willing to drink any tap water from any washroom also. Thank goodness I found this box of mineral water 'Bleu' to quench my thirst, located just beside the vending machine for the Law students to purchase. I still haven't paid the bottle at this moment because I didn't bring any money on that LSD day. *yikes*  
This was my saviour of that time! Water... Syukur Alhamdulillah sgt2... =D
I ran down through the concrete stairs towards Engineering Lake (Tasik Kejut). I managed to clock in 12KM within 1:44:31 with pace 12'14'' (Labi2 pace ke sloth pace dah nih... LOL!!!). As I ran towards Fakulti Pendidikan and Burhanuddin Helmi Residential College, I've decided to accumulate more mileage by running towards FST along the route towards ATMA and FPI. I passed the famous DECTAR on my right side and ran further towards Tun Hussein Onn Residential College to tackle the small yet steep hill to reach the Stadium. It was around 16KM as I could see Stadium UKM from far. So I diverted my route by moving towards the last but not least IPS Hill for my last hill training just to collect more mileage. 
My LSD Route Around UKM... Serata pelusuk telah ku terokai... =D

As I ran downhill towards Dewan Gemilang and Keris Mas, it was started to get really hot. I ran back through the first route in front of UKM Danau Golf Club in order to reach the Stadium. Ngam2 je 18KM and it was time to call it off because the sun shining bright and it was getting hotter and hotter. My LSD Run was done under 2:39:08. My longest time and furthest distance for LSD so far. @..@ The time was almost 11am. OMG... Very late already, my car was the only car left at the stadium's parking lots. After stretching a bit and cooling down for a while, I have to rush back home because I was so hungry, thirsty and sooo tired loh. Lack of sugar I think.  

The good thing of doing a very loooooong run was that U don't have to feel guilty for having a scrumptious lunch spread afterwards. Hahahaa.... I just ate several Gardenia buns for my late breakfast and small box of  dutch Lady's full cream milk. What do you expect? So an early lunch was a must! Me and Rashid went to Miyagi Japanese Restaurant in Bandar Baru Bangi for our lunch. It was my 1st time being there and I was impressed with the speedy and friendly waitress. I intended to belanja Rashid as I've promised to him previously. Hehee...
Hot green tea to quench my thirst 
Ebi Tempura as our starter... Yummeh to the MAX!!!

Salmon Maki Lunch Set, Got Cawan Mushi and Miso Soup. Grilled Salmon nya sangat heaven wehhh!!!!
Eat Till You Drop... LOL... Ittadakimasu!!!! Bab nih paling syiok... =D
We both had Salmon Maki Lunch set with Ebi Tempura and Unagi Sushi. Very very very filling and sooo delicious too. Value for your money I tell you. Next time i must try the lamb meal... Hahaaa....We were soooo kenyang after that and went home to rest and dozed off... Macam ular sawa sangat tidoq time tuh.. hahaa...
I also had this Ayam Goreng Masala Mamak Style for dinner along with my chapati... Super yummeh!!!
So, wish me best of luck to improve my previous timing for this coming Malakoff Run on Sunday. Let's flatten the rolling hills with my plumpy buttock, shall we? LOL! Mental strength is a must... That's why I love rolling killer hills so much... Hahahaa.... Oh, btw, ,many thanks to Tristupe for the tips to conquer the uphill inclines and downhill too... Yoshhh!!! Cuak mode activated already...  Gambatte kudasai!!!! 


  1. Did I deleted my comment? La, ingatkan keluar double tadi.
    I was saying that I ni dah 11 tahun tinggal kat Kajang tapi belum pernah pun pergi Miyagi yang tak jauh dari rumah I tu :(
    Satu hari nak join jugaklah LSD UKM ni. Boleh kann :)
    Flatten those hills this Sunday!

    1. Jangan pergi! Hahaha

      My favourite Japanese restaurant now dah ramai orang yang tak pandai makan jepun dah serbu. huhuhu sedey tau...

      But go lah. Very nice. Cheap and big portion. Service good too. Takde govt tax. Jimat sikit.

    2. Kak Millie: Sure, why not bole buat LSD tawaf UKM pepagi buta demi mengelakkan dari kena microwave heat... Hehee... Afdhal buat lepas Suboh, around 6.15am... Mula awal, abes awal hehe...

    3. Kak Lina: Ada la gambar chawan moshi tuh kat tengah2 pic Salmon Maki tuh, dalam cawan porselin tuh, steamed tauhu with shiitake mushroom inside... Yummeh!

    4. Chawan mushi lain dari mochi dik oiii.... ;)

      Mochi - kuih pulut bentuk bulat Jepun... Miyagi bagi free lepas your meal. Mochi salut dengan kacang hancur.

    5. And sebab I can be really anal about things esp pronounciation, here goes :

      Mushi = steam
      Mochi = kuih betas pulut
      Moshi = sebut kali I.e. Moshi moshi, it means hello. ^_^

    6. Mochi balls tuh? Yang tuh ada diorg bagi as a desert, xda dalam pic la coz hp low bat, huhu... jenuh nak abeskan mochi tuh... kacang banyak sgt, i xbole makan, mmg bloated lepas tuh... kuikui...

  2. Good job on LSD...mak aii!! makan tak hengat! hehe

    1. Ultra Ray: Thanx Sifuu... kena amik berkat banyak2 nih untuk wat Ultra tahun 2013.. Baru nak mula berjinak2 nih bro... =D

  3. wah2.. lari dalam UKM xajak.. tu territory aku tu.. hahahaha..

    Anyway.. hoi2 kat malakof nanti..

    1. Hehee... Bro kalau nak redah hutan simpan kekal UKM Bangi tuh lagi, roger2 la aku skali ek? Suka gak jungle hiking n trail running nih... Berazam nak masuk TMBT 50K 2013 Sept nanti nih... =D

      Arman, next time aku ajak ko n team PACat adventure ko skali kita tawaf satu UKM... Even dalam area MARDI pon ada trek running trail utk MTB yang sgt ohsem untuk training hehee... dalam 6-7KM...

  4. tq bro terjah blog aku. terbaik, satu lagi running blog ditemui dan dibookmark. hope one day boleh helo2 kt running event

    1. No problemo bro... sesama runners memang saling sapot nyapot... like-minded kan... hehee... Insya Allah helo2 la saya bila terjumpa nanti... saya nih payah nak cam org sgt hehe...